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Mandalpatti is a magnificent and unique site in Coorg, Karnataka, overlooking the grasslands of Pushpagiri forests in the Western Ghats. Situated at an altitude of 1800 meters, the place is also known as ‘Muguli-peth’ (translated into English as the market of clouds). This place is famous for viewing at sunrise and sunset. If you are traveling to Coorg, then take a ride through the coffee estate in this charming pocket of nature, and add a perfect touch to your memorable journey! It is situated at an altitude of 1600 m, is located at a distance of about 18 km from Madikeri, Coorg. Slowly developing as one of the best tourist places in Coorg, this fascinating trail is situated on the way to Abbey Falls.

Mandalpatti Overview

Located at an altitude of 4050 feet, It is the famous hill of Madikeri. Being a lush, serene place, Mandalapatti has received huge appraisals from tourists visiting Madikeri recently. Since the area offers peace and solitude, residents of nearby villages often plan their weekends here. A nature lover will surely fall in love with the spectacular beauty of this place! It is a part of the natural reserve of Pushpagiri forest. Locally people call this piece of land Mugilu-peet or Mugilu-peth. Both the local names literally mean market of clouds or mist.

Abbi Falls Junction is the best way to see Mandalpatti. Be careful, as the forest department may stop you from driving the last 3 km. To avoid inconveniences, you can opt for trekking from Jungle Outpost till you reach its topmost point. Although a bit strenuous, you will surely have a thrilling trekking adventure.

As you reach the topmost point, the greenery around will inevitably make you fall in love with it. The bird’s eye view of Mandalpatti is simply astonishing. As this region is untouched by commercialization and civilization, this place remains a perfect match for tourists looking for a pleasant environment to relax. Lastly, do not miss experiencing overnight camping here. It is worth all your efforts to make it to the top by trekking.

Best Time To Visit Mandalpatti

The months of June and July are considered best for making this trip. While the climate remains favorable throughout the year, natural beauty is enhanced and enhanced most during the monsoons. The rain enhances the greenery, while the clouds give the sky a divine look.

Tips For Visiting Mandalpatti

  1. Stay close to your friends and trek-mates if you are traveling on foot.
  2. If you are choosing to trek, travel light, and dress comfortably.
  3. According to the advice of the forest department, do not take your vehicle to the hilltop and rent a jeep instead.
  4. It is advisable not to travel with infants as soon as the hilltop becomes cold and curved.
  5. If you have a professional camera, be sure to carry it – you won’t want to miss the chance to capture a gorgeous sunrise or sunset from above!

How To Reach Mandalpatti

There are two ways to reach Mandalapatti. One is from the direction of Abbi Falls and includes a relatively bumpy ride of about 20 km. The second is via Makarandaru – this route witness many waterfalls and rivers.

To travel to Coorg, it is best to take a bus from Bangalore. Many services offer overnight bus rides at affordable prices and are easily available to book online. On reaching Madikeri, the best option to travel to Mandalapatti is to hire a taxi. It is a relatively smooth 17 km car ride. Note that one also has the option of renting a 4×4 Jeep here. Finally, once you reach the base of Mandalapatti, you should continue with your jeep, when you rent it in Madikeri or hire a jeep here when you travel by taxi Do – and finally, those looking for the trek should start at a distance of 3 km. Travel here

Things to Do

The trek height is about 200 meters high, but you don’t let that small height reduce you with difficulty! Winds are fierce in these parts and you may have difficulty staying.

Jeep ride
Mandalapatti is primarily associated with 4×4 jeep riding. The forest department recommends a hilltop to all tourists. Even if you end up trekking along the way, it is recommended that you do not miss the experience of riding this jeep. The price of a jeep ride is INR 1700 per jeep.

Nature Sightseeing
Once you make your way to the top, you can see the hills away from the Watchtower, built by the Forest Department. It is a very famous landmark where the views of sunrise and sunset are breathtaking. There is an entry fee of INR 25. If you are fond of nature photography, this is your call to get your cameras out!


It is on the edge of civilization and is easily the farthest tourist destination in Coorg. After this, there are no lodges in many places. Those eager to extend the length of their stay can camp at night, although the presence of wild animals in the surrounding forests is probably unsuitable for doing so. Also, the nearest eateries from here are on the way from Madikeri, so it is best to take your food and water as well as other supplies while going to Mandapatti. Apart from this, keep in mind your travel time so that you can reach between 6 am and 6 pm. The site will remain closed at all other times of the day.

The perfect icing on the cake of your trip to Coorg, an excursion to the serene and beautiful Mandalapatti is a chance to be mesmerized by some of the most beautiful hills that Indian tourism has to offer!

Places to Stay near Mandalpatti

  1. Coorg Tree House: Coorg Tree House offers a peaceful stay in isolation. Kitchenette, housekeeping, bathroom, Wi-Fi and parking are the essential facilities here.
  2. Thelma’s Coorg Chalet: This is a non-AC family stay for your entire family. Power backup, washing machine, free parking, housekeeping, bathroom, Wi-Fi and availability of washing machine are some of the essential amenities here.
  3. Oyo Hill View Stay: The ambiance of this homestay is friendly, and the place is neat and clean enough to accommodate itself during your stay. Kitchenette, housekeeping, attached bathroom, newspaper, power backup and parking are the essential facilities here.

Places to Eat near Mandalpatti

  1. Barbecue Bay: Delicious Indian and barbecue food is served at Barbecue Bay. This is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant with a pleasant ambiance and a cordial atmosphere.
  2. Big Cup Cafe: This cafe offers vegetarian food and varieties of coffee. The atmosphere at Big cup Café is pleasant, and the staff is quite cooperative and hardworking.
  3. Coffee Blossoms: The vegetarian options are the unique servings of this place. You can enjoy Indian-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner here.
  4. Beans & Brew Cafe: Here, you can try both Chinese and Indian style cuisine. This is a perfect eatery for your vegetarian breakfast and meal.

Mandalpatti, Coorg Trek Timings

Monday6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday6:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday6:00 am – 6:00 pm

Links: Mandalpatti Map

Essential Information

  • Location: This Place is located in the Mahadevapet area of Madikeri district (571201) of Karnataka.
  • Timings: This place is easily accessible for all 24 hours. However, it is always better to reach there between 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM as the area is surrounded by forests.
  • Entry Fee: You have to pay a nominal fee of Rs 25 per person to reach the top peak of Mandalpatti.
  • Altitude: It is situated at an altitude of 1800 meters from ground level.
  • Trek Duration: Tourist place is located at a distance of 25 to 30 km from Madikeri town. Although you can cover a significant part of this distance through driving, the last 3 km has to be covered by trekking.
  • Distance from Coorg: Mandalpatti hills are located at a distance of 20.6 km from Coorg, and it takes approx 56 minutes to cover this entire distance.
  • Transportation: Mandalpatti is located in Madikeri which is well connected by road and railways. However, for the last three kilometers, you will not be allowed to drive in your personal vehicle. You can reach the summit either by trekking or by jeep ride.
  • Medical facilities: There is no medical facility at the top. You need to carry your essential medicines with you. In emergency situations, you can contact the officials of the Mandalpatti Forest Department.
  • Network Connectivity: There is no proper network connectivity at the summit of Mandalpatti.

Tips form Travelers to visit Mandalpatti

  1. If you are hiking all the way, stay in groups, or get together with other trekking companions.
  2. Travel less on the day you are about to trek to the peak.
  3. Prefer to wear comfortable attire while trekking.
  4. As per the instructions of the Forest Department, you are not allowed to drive your private vehicle at the top spot.
  5. The top of the hill usually gets cold and windy. Hence, it is advisable to avoid bringing your babies with you.
  6. Lastly, don’t miss this opportunity to capture some gorgeous clicks around Mandalpatti.

Things to Carry for the Trek to Mandalpatti

  1. Apply and carry sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from harmful solar radiation.
  2. Always carry your UV-protected sunglasses with you.
  3. Carry a sun hat to protect you from the sun’s rays.
  4. Carry enough water with you as you may feel thirsty while trekking.
  5. Hurry up to grab snacks like biscuits and energy bars as there are no shops on your way.
  6. Prefer wearing your closed shoes (with rubber soles) for your trekking adventure.

Mandalpatti Jeep Safari

Mandalpatti Jeep Safari Highlights

  • The perfect option for everyone to see the deep green forests and their incomparable beauty.
  • Start the journey with these budget-friendly options and enjoy its memories for many years to come.
  • Sacrifice work that ends well and gives you the opportunity to make this your best journey.
  • Keep your worries aside as the package includes fuel and driver costs
  • Go on the offbeat route to feed your soul what you want to get the best out.

Mandalpatti Jeep Safari Overview

Activity Location: Mandalpatti, Coorg.

Activity Timings: 3-hour safari (06:00 AM to 06:00 PM)

Witness the natural beauty of Coorg with the twist of the new jeep safari. The beauty contained within the Coorg is incomparable and heavenly. This jeep safari in the deep forest of the emerald jungle is a sight to behold giving you a window of unique and rich plants and animals. This safari takes a difficult but attractive route to the lesser-known parts which makes the whole safari extremely productive and fun. The view from the valley is incomparable and dreamy. This is an amazing trip that you should definitely spend your time doing.

About the activity:

  • One jeep can accommodate a group of 5 people
  • It takes at least 2 people to book this activity.
  • It is a 3-hour safari that can be done anytime between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM.
  • Embark on a journey full of fun and fun trips with family and friends.
  • Testify of the beauty of the deep green emerald forests that bring all aspects of nature to life.
  • Feel it once in your whole life and make memories for the rest of your life.

Note – This activity is not recommended for children under 10 and children over 10 will be considered adults.

How to reach:

The exact location of the work will be transferred to the booking successfully. You can easily access it with the help of private and public transportation.

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Frequently asked questions about Mandalpatti

Q. Where is the mandalpatti viewpoint?

A – At a distance of 25 km from Madikeri, Mandalpatti is a spectacular vantage point situated in Karnataka. It is one of the popular viewpoints in Coorg and among the must-visit places for nature lovers during their Coorg Trip.

Q. How can we go for mandalpatti jeep safari?

A – To reach, you are required to go through a deviating road which is 4 km before Abbey Falls.

Q. How long is mandalpatti trek Coorg?

A – Located at a distance of 25- 30 km from Madikeri town, It is a popular tourist spot. A lush green mesmerizing place, it has recently become popular amongst tourists.

Q. Where are mandalpatti hills?

A – Location: it is situated in the Mahadevpet region of the Madikeri district of Karnataka (571201).

Q. Where is Mandalpatti?

A – Mandalpatti is a magnificent and unique site in Coorg, Karnataka, overlooking the grasslands of Pushpagiri forests in the Western Ghats. Situated at an altitude of 1800 meters, the place is also known as ‘Muguli-peth (translated into English as the market of clouds).

Q. How long does it take to hike up to Mandalpatti?

A – The trek takes 4 hrs. to hike up.

Q. How to go to Mandalpatti?

A – To reach, you are required to go through a deviating road which is 4 km before Abbey Falls. There are no buses running to the destination. Thus, it is better to hire a private vehicle.

Q. How is the road to mandalpatti?

A – Road is in good condition, for the peak, a bit off-road is there.

Q. How is the Mandalpatti trek?

A – Located at a distance of 25- 30 km from Madikeri town, It is a popular tourist destination. A mesmerizing place with lush greenery, It has recently become popular among tourists. This place is away from the hustle and bustle and offers some solitude and peace.

Q. What is the distance from Mysore to Mandalpatti?

A – Distance between Mysore and Mandalpatti is 106 KM / 66.3 miles.

Q. Which are the best resorts in Mandalpatti?

A – Resorts in Mandalpatti

Q. Which homestays are available in Mandalpati?

A – Homestays in Mandalpatti

  • Ibbani Cadu Homestay
  • Three Wooded Acres
  • Vindhyas Homestay
  • Copperhill Homestay
  • Hillview Homestay
  • Shangri La Homestay
  • Nithin Homestay
  • Ajantha Homestay

Q. What is the cost of mandalpatti jeep safari?

A – Rs 1500 for a round trip for a jeep and bargaining is allowed!

Q. How is mandalpatti weather?

A – The temperature during this season remains between 21°C -36°C

Q. What all adventure activities are available at mandalpatti?

A – The best adventure tours in Coorg include some of the best treks that commence from this region namely Tadiandamol Trek, Chelavara Falls., Trekking inside Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Kumara Parvatha Trek, Nishani Motte Trek, Trek to Abbi Falls, Brahmagiri Hill Trek, and Vote Cad.

Q. What is mandalpatti altitude?

A – Situated at an altitude of 4050 feet Mandalpatti is Madikeri’s famous hilltop. It forms a part of the natural reserves of Pushpagiri forest. Locally, people call this piece of land as Mugilu-Pete or Mugilu-Peth. The literal meaning of both the local names means Market of Cloud or Mist.

Q. Distance between mandalpatti to abbey falls?

A – Approximate driving distance between Mandalpatti and Abbey Falls is 18 km or 11.2 miles or 9.7 nautical miles.

Q. What are the mandalpatti tourist attractions?

A – Below is the list of tourist attractions –

  • Raja’s Seat.
  • Abbey Falls.
  • Mercara Gold Estate Coffee Plantation.
  • Tibetan Monastery / Golden Temple Coorg.
  • Omkareshwara Temple.
  • Kote Betta.
  • Raja’s Tomb.
  • Sri Omkareshwara Temple.

Q. What is the best time to visit mandalpatti?

A – The best time to visit Mandalpatti is during the months of November to January. The place is generally covered with mist but It promises a captivating scenic and refreshing atmosphere.

Q. How is the mandalpatti bike ride?

A – It is thrilling to ride and short climb, you will get a wonderful view of the western ghats.

Q. Distance between mandalpatti to Bangalore?

A – By Road: From Mangalore, the hills of Mandalpatti are at a distance of 211 km; from Bangalore, it is at 284 km distance, and from Coimbatore, it is at a distance of 351 km.

Q. How to book a jeep safari?

A – Mandalpatti Jeep Safari, Book Online on different Online travel agencies.

Q. Which are the nearby places to mandalpatti?

A – Below are the places –

  • Raja’s Seat.
  • Abbey Falls.
  • Mercara Gold Estate Coffee Plantation.
  • Tibetan Monastery / Golden Temple Coorg.
  • Omkareshwara Temple.
  • Kote Betta.
  • Raja’s Tomb.
  • Sri Omkareshwara Temple.

Q. How to reach mandalpatti from Madikeri?

A – Among all the bus stops, Shivamogga Bus Terminal is the prominent one located close to Mandalpatti Hills. It is well connected to other cities. To reach your exact location, you will have to take a local bus which will drop you at Madikeri Bus Stand (Stuart Hill).

Important Links

Q. What is Mandalpatti trek distance?

A – Mandalpatti trek is 3 Kms.

Q. Where is Coorg’s sunrise point?

A – Coorg is dotted with sunset and sunrise points that provide a splendid view of the valleys and the mountains around. Trekking up to the Mandalpatti viewpoint gives a thrilling experience and a chance to admire the beautiful landscape.

Q. What is Mandalpatti height?

A – Mandalpatti situated at a height of about 4050 feet

Q. How to go to mandalpatti from madikeri?

A – Mandalpatti is one of the best tourist places in Coorg. Mandalpatti hills are located at a distance of about 20 km from Madikeri town on the way to Abbi Falls.

Q. What is the distance between mandalpatti hills from Bangalore?

A – The distance between mandalpatti hills from Bangalore is 280 km it takes approx 6 hrs to reach.

Q. Mandalpatti places to visit?

A – Mandalpatti places to visit

Abbi Falls
Raja’s Seat
Madikeri Fort
Raja’s Tomb
Sunrise point
Mandalpatti viewpoint

Q. What does mandalpatti jeep ride cost?

A – Rs 1500 is for a round trip for a jeep and you can bargain!

Q. Mandalpatti Coorg?

A – One of the top tourist places to visit in Coorg Mandalpatti is the mountain which is situated at an altitude of about 4050 feet above sea level.

Q. What is the travel time from Bangalore to mandalpatti?

A – The distance between Mandalpatti hills from Bangalore is 280 km it takes approx 6 hrs to reach.

Q. What is madikeri to mandalpatti distance?

A – Mandalpatti is 20 km from Madikeri.

Q. Are Mandalpatti and Mugilpet the same?

A – Mugilupete (Mugilpete) is about 20-30 kms from Madikeri. This place is famous as Mandalpatti. It is called “Mugilupette” because of the Kannada film “Galipata”. Mugilupet is very cold and almost all the place is covered with mist.

Q . Where is mandalpatti?

A – Mandalpatti is located 20 km from Madikeri.

Q. What are mandalpatti timings?

A – Mandalpatti is open for visitors on all days of the week from 6 am to 6 pm. Travel Duration: Around four to five hours depending on the weather and thus road conditions.

Q. mandalpatti location

A – Mandalpatti is a magnificent and unique site in Coorg, Karnataka, overlooking the grasslands of Pushpagiri forests in the Western Ghats. Situated at an altitude of 1800 meters, the place is also known as ‘Muguli-peth (translated into English as the market of clouds)

Q. How to reach mandalpatti from Madikeri?

A – It is 20 km from Madikeri, 1st 17 km you can drive on your own than other 3 km you can trek or get on the jeep.

Q. mandalpatti best time to visit?

A – The best time to visit Mandalpatti is during the months of November to January. Throughout the place, the place is generally covered with mist but Mandalpatti promises panoramic natural and refreshing ambiance.

Q. How is mandalpatti temperature?

A – The average temperature for a significant part of the year in Mandalpatti ranges from 20 to 25 degrees.

Q. Mandalpatti which district?

A – Nestled in the lap of nature, this hill station is located near Madikeri, the headquarters of Coorg district.

Q. Which are the homestay near mandalpatti?

A – Below is the list

Ibbani Cadu Homestay (Link)
Three Wooded Acres (Link)
Vindhyas Homestay (Link)
Copperhill Homestay (Link)
Hillview Homestay (Link)
Shangri La Homestay (Link)
Nithin Homestay (Link)
Ajantha Homestay (Link)

Q. mandalpatti to abbey falls distance?

A – The distance is 10 km, it takes around 30 mins to reach.

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