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Meghalaya is a state in northeastern India, known for its natural beauty, rich culture, and diverse tribes. The state capital is Shillong, which is also known as the “Scotland of the East” for its beautiful landscapes and cool climate. Meghalaya is home to many different tribes, each with their own unique customs, languages, and traditions. The state is known for its picturesque hills, caves, waterfalls, and forests. The state is also famous for its living root bridges, which are made by the Khasi tribe using the roots of the rubber tree. The economy of Meghalaya is primarily agrarian, with rice, jute, and other crops being the mainstay. The state also has a significant amount of coal, limestone and other minerals. Meghalaya is famous for its unique matrilineal society where descent is traced through the mother’s lineage and women play a significant role in the society.