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Oregon is a state located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It covers an area of approximately 98,466 square miles (254,800 square kilometers) and has a population of around 4.2 million people.

Oregon is bordered by Washington to the north, Idaho to the east, Nevada and California to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The state’s landscape is diverse, with mountain ranges, forests, deserts, and coastline.

Oregon has a moderate climate, with mild temperatures and frequent rainfall in western parts of the state, and drier and hotter summers in eastern regions. The state is known for its outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking, skiing, fishing, and camping.

Oregon is also a major producer of timber, wood products, and paper. The state is home to several major universities, including the University of Oregon and Oregon State University.

The state capital is Salem, while the largest city is Portland. Other major cities include Eugene, Gresham, and Hillsboro. Oregon is also known for its progressive political and social policies, including environmental conservation and support for LGBTQ rights.