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Colorado is a state located in the western region of the United States. It covers an area of approximately 104,185 square miles (269,600 square kilometers) and has a population of around 5.8 million people.

Colorado is bordered by Wyoming to the north, Nebraska to the northeast, Kansas to the east, Oklahoma to the southeast, New Mexico to the south, Utah to the west, and Arizona to the southwest. The state’s landscape is diverse, with the Rocky Mountains covering much of the western portion of the state and the Great Plains covering the eastern portion.

Colorado has a varied climate, with the eastern plains having a semi-arid climate, and the mountains having a cold, alpine climate. The state is known for its natural beauty, including Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, and the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

The state’s economy is driven by a range of industries, including agriculture, mining, and tourism. Colorado is a major producer of beef, dairy products, and wheat, and is also home to several major corporations, including the Coors Brewing Company and the Molson Coors Beverage Company. Denver, the state’s capital and largest city, is home to many cultural attractions, including the Denver Art Museum and the Denver Zoo.