Horseback riding in NYC

Horseback riding in NYC
Horseback riding in NYC

Horseback riding in NYC: For all those budding boys and cowgirls out there, you will be thrilled to know that there are a few horse rides in NYC. Kids will love learning to ride a horse and ride a horse. They may be large, but they can be gentle and friendly, giving children good opportunities for fresh air and for animal relationships.

These NYC stables offer courses, ride times, and guided trots. There are pony rides for the youngest, horse racing programs, and birthday party options. Riding a horse can be a treat as well. Some areas offer medical ride plans, and funding from some of their services supports medical donations.

Horseback riding in NYC

  1. Jamaica Bay Riding Academy

There are many options for this family-run horse-drawn carriage in Brooklyn. Since the ’70s, the Jamaica Bay Riding Academy has offered tourists the opportunity to hop on a horse and ride the local trails. Interested visitors can choose from private courses, course packages, summer camp sessions, birthday parties, and medical rides. Best Horseback riding in NYC.

  1. Kensington Stables

Why go through Prospect Park when you can explore the green area of ​​Brooklyn on horseback? The Kensington Stables takes riders of all levels along a 3.5-mile route across the park and also offers lessons, pony rides, a youth horse program, and other great features.

  1. GallopNYC

With a special focus on treatment programs, GallopNYC offers its own travel offerings to help those with emotional, physical, developmental, and other disabilities. Ride entertainment is available but limited, and all proceeds go to medical education courses. Free horse education programs are also available.

  1. New York City Riding Academy

If you are going to Randall’s Island, be sure to enjoy the high views of the surrounding areas, with the courtesy of horses. The New York City Riding Academy is ready to turn your little horse rider into a master of the ride and summer camps, focusing on riding, grooming, judging, and more.

  1. Riverdale Stables

Pass by Van Cortlandt Park on horseback and learn to ride, jump and care for horses due to Riverdale Stable after-school programs, private lessons, summer camps culminating in informal horse racing and jumping lessons.

  1. Bronx Horse Center

English and Western boarding lessons, pony riding, and track riding are offered to children 6 years of age and older. What are you waiting for ?! Don’t forget to check out the birthday party options for the youngest rider in your life.

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