The best amusement parks near NYC

The best amusement parks near NYC
The best amusement parks near NYC

The best amusement parks near NYC: Acting as a kid is also not a bad idea, and these amusement parks near NYC are great places to make your adrenaline pump. Good ol ‘Coney Island is behind your house with one of our favorite Ferris wheels and the famous Cyclone wood roller coaster, but it is also worth traveling to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut for a fun day. Whether you want to cool off in a water park or shout loudly in your lungs, these amusement parks have something for every type of person looking for fun. This day trip from NYC takes five hours or less, so start planning now — and get ready to move on with your life.

The best amusement parks near NYC

Deno’s Wonder Wheel Fun Park; Brooklyn

Travel time: One hour from NYC by subway

Right on the beach at Coney Island, the park has been open for more than half a century. Particularly aimed at children, there are a few adult rides and spectacular fireworks on summer weekends — and who can forget Spook-a-Rama? The indoor pitch-black ride offers a delightful experience to any awesome lover, complete with zombies and demons.

Playland; Rye, NY

Travel time: One hour from NYC by train

In Art Deco’s only world entertainment park, the masterpiece is a 1929 wooden Dragon Coaster. But Playland has five adult riders and two kids pre-1930s as well. Walkthrough the mall (as it is now) while you can: The redevelopment that will bring the park to the 21st century is expected to begin in the fall of 2017. One of The best amusement parks near NYC

Adventureland; Farmingdale, NY

Travel time: One hour from NYC by car or train

This Long Island Amusement Park has been entertaining New Yorkers since 1962. Adventureland incorporates many of its antiquities — big imaginary cars, arcade, and surfing — in addition to the unique rides such as Crocodile Run and Turbulence, on Long Island alone. spinning coaster. Click on Dippin’s face painting and dots for a full retro day.

Casino Pier; Seaside Heights, NJ

Travel time: An hour and a half from NYC by car

Despite the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, this beachfront amusement park is once again thriving and offering everything from the ancient attractions of children to ride to people looking for fun. Check out SkyCoaster, which makes you feel like you’re floating in the sky as you fly over the ocean, or relax on Sky Ride, a cruise that takes a ski lift known for its Jersey Shore look. Hydrus — a heart-pounding coaster with a drop of vertical drop — and a glossy Ferris wheel are new this year.

Splash Splash; Calverton, NY

Travel time: Two hours from NYC by car

There is nothing like an afternoon in this Long Island water park to cool off on a hot day. The little ones may prefer to cool off in the Lazy River while the adrenaline junkies drop 40 feet [30 m] below the black water slide. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror. Going with a group? Check out Bootleggers Run or Mammoth River if you would like to ride with your entire team.

Sesame Place; Langhorne, PA

Travel time: Two hours from NYC by car

Meet Elmo, Big Bird, and all your friends on Sesame Street in this fun park suitable for kids and water. Thematic rides such as Captain Cookie’s High C Adventure and Elmo’s Cloud Chaser include thrills and TV nostalgia. Don’t forget your summer suit: You’ll want to be immersed in Big Bird’s Rambling River while you’re there.

Six Flags Great Adventure; Jackson, NJ

Travel time: Two hours from NYC by bus or car

The wildest wild roller coaster here is named after Kingda Ka, a Bengal tiger that lives nearby. It is also the tallest in the world (456 feet) and the fastest in North America (128mph). It has a new rival, though: the Green Lantern, a stand-alone coaster that moves passengers through down-loops and corkscrew curls. If you prefer water on your face rather than air, hit the Hurricane Harbor water park. For fewer fun activities, drive to the Wild Safari areas of elephants, rhinos, and kangaroos.

Lake Compounce; Bristol, CT

Travel time: Two and a half hours from NYC by car

The days of Lake Compounce as an amusement park came in 1846, so it makes sense that its most famous retro ride: Boulder Dash, a wooden coaster built on the side of a mountain. (Listed 4th in the 2010 Amusement Today list of the top ten roller coasters.) Compounce is not all that old, though. For more modern fun, check out Rev-O-Lution: a spinning-platform ride that goes up and down with a pipe-shaped track, confirming severe nausea in the weak stomach. Across the lake, a seven-minute ride on the water would have visitors avoiding the waves and slipping into a dark tunnel.

Clementon Park and Splash World; Clementon, NJ

Travel time: Two hours from NYC by car or three hours by train

Included with four amazing roller coasters — Scary Fire Ring, Thunder Drop, Hellcat, and King Neptune’s Revenge — there is no shortage of fun even in the adrenaline junkie. But that is not all, folks. There is also plenty of rides for children and a local water park.

Dorney Park & ​​Wildwater Kingdom; Allentown, PA

Travel time: Two to three hours from NYC by bus or car

The park map here is dominated by the Steel Force, the next steel coaster that reaches 5,600 feet — the longest steel on the east coast — and takes passengers down 205 meters. But Dorney is not one of those entertainment parks that only focuses on coasters. As the name suggests, the Wildwater Kingdom is almost equal and includes water attractions both in length (the 70-foot Aquablast) and the larger (590,000-gallon Wave Pool). And since you’re in Pennsylvania, be sure to grab Rita’s Water Ice before you leave the park (and don’t make the mistake of calling it the Italian ice cream – you’ll sound like a tourist).

Hersheypark; Hershey, PA

Travel Time: Three hours from NYC by car

Disneyland meets Candy Land in this kitschy theme park, a celebration of all Hershey chocolate items. But that’s not all fun: The roller coasters trio – Fahrenheit, Great Bear, and Storm Runner – provide adult fun by lowering 97 degrees, hanging you down the track, or dropping you from 0 to 72mph per second two (and straight- 18 stories), respectively. If you need to rest, head to the Boardwalk to float lazily along the Intercoastal Waterway or take another ride on the water. Chocoholics may want to stop by the Hershey Story museum to check out the candy company history or check out the 1933 Hotel Hershey to apply treatments inspired at its spa venue.

Dutch Wonderland; Lancaster, PA

Travel Time: Three hours from NYC by car

Although designed with minimal riders in mind, park rangers of all ages can find their favorite in a 30-plus ride at Dutch Wonderland. Most kids will be able to manage the helix turn on Merlin’s new Mayhem coaster, while Kingdom Coaster is one of the most enjoyable rides in the park. Book a cabinet or camping area near the Old Mill Stream Campground for a weekend!

Idlewild and SoakZone; Ligonier, PA

Travel Time: Five hours from NYC by car

Yes, this is for the driver. This place is full of amazing water slides like Hydro Racers, where you compete with other riders by throwing your head down with a slide (no sweat). There are also waterless attractions, such as the classic tilt-a-whirl carnival, and the usual fireworks schedule, theme days and characters meet and greet to complete your journey.

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