Reasons to Visit Hong Kong

Reasons to Visit Hong Kong
Reasons to Visit Hong Kong

Magnificently built on over 200 islands, Hong Kong is a perfect combination of traditional and modern culture. This has undoubtedly made Hong Kong a cultural and business center of Asia. From trade and commerce to hospitality and tourism, Hong Kong has something for every visitor. Its extremely lively ambiance and lively vibe make you feel alive and inspire you to enjoy every moment of your visit to this pure cosmopolitan destination to the fullest. Reasons to Visit Hong Kong.

5 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong

Enjoying The Best Adventure And Theme Parks at Disney Land

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear about Hong Kong is Disneyland. There is public transport such as buses and train shuttles that operate at regular intervals to reach the place. Right at the entrance, you can enjoy clicking pictures and selfies with the popular Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as various cartoon characters that you grew up watching.

Space Mountain is the fastest roller coaster ride that takes you into the world of Star Wars with amazing visual and musical effects. Additionally, RC Racer rides are thrilling as you reach the edge of the tracks and start imagining all the consequences of a ride going wrong. The Paint the Night Parade is another attraction where you get the chance to meet all of Disney’s characters in neon lights, dancing to music with huge crowds.

The park is not limited to just Disney characters as you get to ride the Iron Man experience as well. For those who prefer more thrilling stuff, there exists a Mystic Manor known as the Haunted Mansion, where all the artifacts come to life scaring you throughout the journey. Overall, this place is a must-visit if you are planning a trip to Hong Kong, as the above-mentioned things about the park are just the beginning on a plate.

Ocean Park

Here, you can spot aquatic animals including seals, dolphins, sea jellies, and penguins. It is a marine park located in the Southern District of Hong Kong. It is a pleasure to watch giant pandas play on bamboo and interact with them. Additionally, dolphins look forward to live show performances. It does not stop here as you explore the thrill rides in the park along with a great dining experience surrounded by the aquarium containing a variety of aquatic species.

Admiring One of The Best Skylines In The World

If you are one of those who often get lost in the beauty of the city, Victor Peak offers a spectacular view of the skyscrapers surrounded by hills and serene harbor views where the reflection of colored lights from the skyscraper dances with the water. Apart from this, you can always enjoy the cruise ride as you encounter the natural beauty of city life.

Relishing The Best Sea Food

If you are a lover of seafood, then you must try the Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant, whose beauty magnifies at night with all the lighting and traditional palace look. This restaurant is 79 meters long and has also been featured in some Hollywood movies.

Popular foods include Dimsum (which is a steamed dumpling containing a variety of stuffing such as pork, chicken, and prawns) and Flamed Drunken Shrimp, which is flamed by the chef in front of customers and served with some vegetables. . The food is expensive but for a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience with mystic views, it is worth a visit.

Seeking Peace At-Tin Hau Temple Lam Tsuen

A visit to Hong Kong is incomplete without visiting the peaceful temples and exploring their traditional beliefs and religion. Among the many, Tin Hau Temple is known for its wishing trees where one can write their names and wishes on a yellow paper tied to an orange and if it is hung on the tree when thrown, they say that the wishes come true. is likely to occur.

Festive lights and decorations can be seen during the New Year celebrations as tourists gather to make their wishes come true. In addition, there are ten thousand Buddha statues in the Ten Thousand Buddha Monasteries located in the Sha Tin New Territories where each statue is unique with different postures and expressions as you climb 431 steps to reach the top.

Shopping… Shopping and some more Shopping!

If you’re an expert in bargaining, this is the perfect place to bring some stuff back home. Here you can buy anything from clothes, wallets, shoes, headphones to antique items and jewelery at negotiable prices. Fake branded items can be found in every corner of the market, which is difficult to differentiate from the genuine brand.

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