Tuy Hoa: Vietnam’s Hidden Coastal Gem

Tuy Hoa
Tuy Hoa

Tuy Hoa is a picturesque coastal town located in Phu Yen Province, Vietnam. Despite its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, it remains off the beaten path for many tourists. However, those who do visit Tuy Hoa are rewarded with an authentic Vietnamese experience, away from the hustle and bustle of more popular destinations.

Explore Tuy Hoa’s Beaches

One of Tuy Hoa’s main attractions is its beautiful beaches. Bai Xep Beach, with its golden sands and clear turquoise waters, is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. Ghenh Den Lighthouse, located on a rocky outcrop at the southern end of Bai Xep Beach, offers breathtaking views of the coastline. Additionally, Vung Ro Bay, a tranquil inlet surrounded by lush green hills, is a must-visit spot for nature lovers.

Visit the Cham Towers

The Cham Towers, also known as Thap Nhan, are an important historical and cultural site in Tuy Hoa. These ancient Hindu temples, built between the 11th and 12th centuries, are a testament to the Cham people’s architectural prowess and religious beliefs. The towers are located on a hill overlooking the town, providing visitors with a unique perspective of Tuy Hoa and its surroundings.

Enjoy Local Cuisine

Tuy Hoa is home to a variety of delicious local dishes that are sure to satisfy any foodie. Banh Canh He, a noodle soup with crab and quail eggs, is a must-try delicacy. Additionally, fresh seafood, such as grilled squid, shrimp, and fish, is readily available at local markets and restaurants. Don’t forget to try the traditional Vietnamese coffee, a strong and flavorful brew that’s perfect for starting your day.

Experience Traditional Festivals

Tuy Hoa’s traditional festivals offer a glimpse into the town’s rich cultural heritage. The Nghinh Ong Festival, held in March, celebrates the whale god and is marked by vibrant processions, traditional music, and dragon boat races. The Tet Nguyen Dan, or Vietnamese New Year, is another major celebration, featuring fireworks, lion dances, and delicious festive food.

Adventure Awaits in Tuy Hoa

For those seeking adventure, Tuy Hoa offers plenty of opportunities for exploration. Take a boat trip to the picturesque Hon Yen Island, where you can snorkel, swim, and relax on the beach. Alternatively, hike to the top of Chop Chai Mountain for panoramic views of the town and the surrounding countryside. Tuy Hoa is also a popular destination for kite surfing, thanks to its consistent winds and beautiful coastal setting.


Tuy Hoa is a hidden gem in Vietnam, offering visitors a unique and authentic experience. From its stunning beaches and historical sites to its delicious local cuisine and traditional festivals, there’s something for everyone in Tuy Hoa. So, if you’re looking for a destination that’s off the beaten path and full of adventure, Tuy Hoa is the perfect choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tuy Hoa

Q1: What is Tuy Hoa known for?

A1: Tuy Hoa is known for its picturesque beaches, rich cultural heritage, and historical sites such as the Cham Towers. It is also famous for its local cuisine and traditional festivals.

Q2: How do I get to Tuy Hoa?

A2: Tuy Hoa is accessible by air, with the nearest airport being Phu Yen Airport (TBB). It is also connected by train and bus services from major cities in Vietnam.

Q3: What are the best beaches in Tuy Hoa?

A3: Some of the best beaches in Tuy Hoa include Bai Xep Beach, Bai Mon Beach, and Bai Tram Beach. Each beach offers stunning landscapes and clear turquoise waters.

Q4: Are there any historical sites in Tuy Hoa?

A4: Yes, the Cham Towers, also known as Thap Nhan, are an important historical and cultural site in Tuy Hoa. These ancient Hindu temples date back to the 11th and 12th centuries.

Q5: What local dishes should I try in Tuy Hoa?

A5: Some must-try local dishes in Tuy Hoa include Banh Canh He (noodle soup with crab and quail eggs), fresh seafood such as grilled squid and shrimp, and traditional Vietnamese coffee.

Q6: What festivals are celebrated in Tuy Hoa?

A6: Some traditional festivals celebrated in Tuy Hoa include the Nghinh Ong Festival, which celebrates the whale god, and Tet Nguyen Dan, the Vietnamese New Year. These festivals feature vibrant processions, traditional music, and dragon boat races.

Q7: What outdoor activities can I do in Tuy Hoa?

A7: Tuy Hoa offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, snorkeling, swimming, and kite surfing. You can also take a boat trip to Hon Yen Island or hike to the top of Chop Chai Mountain for panoramic views.

Q8: Is Tuy Hoa a safe destination for tourists?

A8: Yes, Tuy Hoa is considered a safe destination for tourists. However, it’s always important to exercise common sense and take precautions to ensure your safety while traveling.

Q9: When is the best time to visit Tuy Hoa?

A9: The best time to visit Tuy Hoa is from November to April, during the dry season. The weather is pleasant, with clear skies and minimal rainfall, making it ideal for outdoor activities and beach visits.

Q10: Are there any accommodations available in Tuy Hoa?

A10: Yes, there are various accommodations available in Tuy Hoa, ranging from budget hostels to luxury resorts. Visitors can choose from hotels, guesthouses, and homestays to suit their preferences and budget.

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