Must-Visit Cafes in Mangalore

Must-Visit Cafes in Mangalore
Must-Visit Cafes in Mangalore

Must-Visit Cafes in Mangalore: Whenever you think of a hangout place, the name of a cafe definitely comes up, right? Whether you are visiting your friends, going on a date, or hosting a family, a cafe could be the perfect place for you. Talking about cafes, Mangalore over the years has come up with some amazing cafes that you must visit! So, the next time you come to explore the places to visit in Mangalore, make it a point to stop at some of the popular cafes here.

From budget cafes to theme cafes, you will find a lot of variety in Mangalore cafes. Quite a generalization, now let’s talk about them in particular! We have curated for you a list of 10 top cafes in Mangalore that you must visit when you are in the city. Read on to get a glimpse of what these cafes have to offer you!

10 Must-Visit Cafes in Mangalore

The Kaffeine Hub

Be it having breakfast, sipping a cup of coffee, or some dessert, you can come to this best cafe in Balamatta, Mangalore to have them all! When you enter, the wood and charcoal color combination and the subtle décor of the cafe will immediately draw your eyes. Ask to order some of her popular foods from the menu such as the English Breakfast, Tandoori Chicken Sandwich, Caramel Pancake, and Brownie Sunday. Don’t miss out on trying one of its many golgappa variants! For drinks, you can have its King Latte, Unicorn Shake, or Darjeeling Tea. Lemonade, pastries, juices, and cupcakes are also options available to you. Two of you are here for about Rs. can dine in. 300 from 8.30 am to 10.30 pm.

Basil Cafe

Those of you looking for the best cafes in Mangalore for couples can consider planning a date here. Located in Kapikad, this cafe provides a comfortable and less crowded space for you and your special someone to enjoy each other’s company. Choose one of the various seating arrangements here and get ready to have some delicious food. If you ask us, we say order its English Breakfast, Butter Chicken, Omelet, German Egg Combo or Italian Penne Pasta. By the way, from 7.30 am to 10.30 pm you can come here anytime and two of you can have food for Rs. 500.

Brio Cafe and Grill

Many consider it the best cafe for couples in Mangalore due to its serene atmosphere, aesthetic décor, and amazing view. So, come here with your date and sit by the window to enjoy the panoramic view of the horizon. Ask for the menu and then surf to pick some of this cafe’s top dishes.

We highly recommend you to order the Crispy Chicken Burger, Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Chicken Quesadilla, Chicken Steak, and Prawn Pasta. Pair it with mocktails, shakes, or coffee and you’re good to go. And when you eat these delicacies, you can enjoy soothing music and free WiFi the whole time! You and your date can come here between 11 am and 10 pm and have a meal for around Rs 500.

Black Sugar

For planning a group get-together, this best cafe in Mangalore in Thokkottu can be the ideal place for you. You will find a spacious seating area with large sofas and seats to comfortably accommodate your friends and family. Pick a seat and admire the contemporary and quirky decor of the cafe.

Take our advice and try its popular food items like Chicken Ginger Wrap, Supreme Chicken Pizza, Mutton Burger, Barbecue Sandwich, and Alfredo Pasta. For drinks, you can have tea, coffee, juice, or a milkshake of your choice. You and your companions here spend about Rs. can dine in. 400 anytime between 10 am to 10 pm.

MHZ Gaming Cafe

From the name you can guess that this is a cafe where you can come to grab a bite with your friends as well as play some indoor games. The dim lighting, pool tables, comfortable seats, and fun decor are sure to make you fall in love with them when you visit here. You can choose to sit both indoors and outdoors instead of sitting outside. Once you feel comfortable with yourself, order food or drink of your choice.

Crispy Wraps, Crunchy Chicken Burgers, Crispy Wings, and English Breakfast are some of its crowd-pleasing dishes that you can try. To go with it, grab a refreshing drink and you’ll be all set. The best part is that you and your friend can spend around Rs. You can have food at a reasonable cost. 300! So, come here to play and chew quickly anytime between 9 am to 10.30 pm.

Diesel Cafe

Come here to experience Christmas at any time of the year! Ornamented in red and white, this cafe in Balmatta exudes a festive ambiance that will instantly amuse you. Walk in, pick a seat, and order something delectable that you like. If you want our recommendation, we suggest you pick up the pink pasta, roasted lamb pizza, pita tacos, clay cakes, and chicken n waffles.

A cup of hot chocolate or cafe mocha would be a perfect match for your meal. If you are coming on the weekend then you will get to try the food from its weekend special menu. Two of you will spend around Rs. You can enjoy food in 1000 between 9 am to 11 am.

Cream Cafe

For a quick bite at a cheap price, Cream Café in Derlakatte can be the ideal cafe near Mangalore. Two of you here only pay Rs. You can enjoy food in 300! Apart from the food at pocket-friendly prices, this cafe also offers a beautiful view through the window. You can sit inside or outside in the seating area and enjoy the views of the city from above.

Now let’s talk about food! You can order Aloo Tikki Burger, Paneer Paneer Sandwich, Fish Cutlet or Pani Puri Chaat. Assam tea or cold coffee can be a great add-on to a meal. And while you’re here, don’t leave without tasting one of its many ice cream flavors!

Bake en Shake

Another cafe where you can taste amazing snacks and beverages at budget-friendly prices is located in Shiv Nagar. You’ll find a comfortable indoor seating area for dining. If you come here, do not miss to try the famous items like Chicken Jumbo Burger, Loaded Burger, Thin-Crust Pizza, Red Sauce Pasta, and Buffalo Wings.

For dessert, Sizzler Brownies and Nutella Crunch can be smart choices. You can also order a KitKat Shake or Irish Frappe, which can be a great side beverage to have with a meal. If two of you are coming, you will be paying around Rs. can dine in. 200. And the best part is that you will get food till 12 o’clock at night too!

The Mangalore Cafe

What if your hunger strikes after midnight? Never mind, we’ve got you covered! Come to this cafe in Marnamikatte and have food till 1.30 pm! Open from 1.30 pm onwards, this cafe has comfortable and comfortable seating for your dinner. Talking about food, you can try its unique items like Nawabi Sandwich, Afghani Burger, Ginger Wrap, and Lobster Bite. And for drinks, a KitKat shake, virgin mojito, or fresh fruit juice can be a great pick. Come here with a friend and both of you can taste the cuisine for around Rs. 350.

Cloud Shisha Cafe

Our travel guide to Mangalore Cafes the last name is Cloud Sheesha Cafe which you can visit in Kankanadi. On weekends you can come here to chill with your friends. You will surely love the dark ambiance and casual ambiance of the cafe. Now, some food recommendations! You can taste some of the most loved items at this place which include Loaded French Fries, Lamb Burger, Dragon Chicken, Garden Fresh Pizza, and Chicken Steak.

Lotus Coffee and Tiramisu Coffee are also worth trying! And if you’re not a coffee fan, you can definitely have a milkshake, mocktail, or ice cream from it. You and a friend of yours can try all of these at a cost of Rs. 400.

Hanging out at some of these cafes must have seemed like one of the most interesting things to do in Mangalore so far, right? So, wait no more! Plan a trip to Mangalore and once you are here, check out some of these must-see cafes in the city.

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