Countries with the spiciest food

Countries with the spiciest food
Countries with the spiciest food

Masala and sizzle is a romantic combination of taste and aroma which only makes a dish more delicious! Not everyone can make a good spread of spicy food. But those who can, cannot climb on the dishes. Interestingly, a handful of countries in the world are known for their penchant for delicious food, which comes with a good mix of spices. While India is a land of spicy curries, Mexico is known for its hot peppers. Countries with the spiciest food.

Similarly, there are so many exquisite spicy foods and spicy dishes that you might not be aware of. On that note, we present to you, some of the spiciest dishes in the world that you absolutely must try if you are someone who can stomach the spice!

Countries with the spiciest food | Spiciest cuisine in the world


Should we also talk about India and her love for spicy food? The country is literally known for its increased spice. Indian cuisine is literally incomplete without chili, garlic, ginger, cardamom, and black pepper. Chilli and garlic udder along with the myriad choices of spices is what makes Indian food so famous. It is delicious and rich. From delicious Malvani seafood to Goa’s Sorpotel, Indians know how to mix delicious spices together. No wonder they fall under the category of contributing to the world’s spiciest food.


Well, if you have ever been to Thailand or tried their famous curry, green and red, you would know why they are known for their delicious, spicy, and aromatic food. Most of the food you can find here is in the form of spicy soups and fried foods. Cooked in aromatic herbs and spices that somehow manage to blend together into one delicious dish! It’s like the harmony of flavors and spices in your bowl and your stomach.


There is no doubt that Mexicans with their penchant for jalapeno, pabloan, habanero, ancho, and serrano peppers can make the world’s spiciest food. These peppers and chilies that we just listed are considered the spiciest in the world. This certainly explains hot Mexican food and why you would be stuck with a runny nose and watery eyes when you eat deliciously spicy food. There is chili in everything from soups to quesadillas to desserts and treats!


Looking for one of the world’s spiciest foods? Well, Malaysia has got you covered with its spicy dishes and a dish called Otak Otak. Dry chili mixed with chopped fish, steamed with a banana leaf, oof, makes our mouth water! What you will experience after eating this dish is the revelry of the exotic flavors packed in a banana leaf. It is incredible, and definitely one of the most delicious spicy foods to try. Maybe you can try it on your trip to Malaysia if you ever plan to do so.


The love of Koreans for the spice in their rice and broth is well known. In fact, Chicken Buldak, also known as Chicken Fire, is one of their spiciest meals. Most of their dishes with chicken as the base meat add spiciness. It’s the kind that makes the meat flavorful and delicious. You may know Kimchi, Korea’s famous condiment, a fermented cabbage prepared from hot peppers, this is actually what bread is to Europeans, a way to start a meal.


Jamaica is a paradise for spicy food lovers from all over the world. Their Jerk Chicken is world-famous for being one of the spiciest dishes ever. Jamaicans certainly know how to bring together the best goat meat-based dishes seasoned with spices and Scotch bonnet pepper. The Caribbean spice will certainly make you cry, but hey, the locals turn down the heat by adding potatoes and coconut milk! So you have nothing to worry about, especially if you have a threshold for added heat and spice.


Don’t be fooled by parts of China known for their well-balanced diet. The popular Szechuan flavor is derived from the spicy Sichuan peppercorns, which can be found in the southwestern part of the country. Add dried chili and Sichuan pepper to any food item, and you’ve got yourself one of the spiciest dishes. The spice that comes from the delicious Sichuan peppercorns will be in your memory for days and months to come!

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