Cafes In Bangkok – Every Food Connoisseur’s Ultimate Dream!

Delightful nutrition, photogenic urges for social media feeds, and notable long hours of discussion; Define Bangkok’s expansion scene. Rising up now and again with new spots, Bangkok is truly emerging as the hub for cafes that have a seat for people of all generations. At this point when the world revolves around the “espresso first” maxim, it completely shocks no one that the avenues are packed with cafes where people taste delightful food, some tea, and, above all, quality. Can enjoy blends. Each Bangkok cafe brings with it its unique and delectable cuisine and brings with it an aura and vibrancy that keeps Bangkok’s café scene alive and alive.

7 Best Cafes In Bangkok

To taste the traditional and local food of Bangkok, you must visit the cafes in the city where you enjoy various cuisines and beverages. If you have trouble finding the right cafe to bother you, then keep a sneak peek at the best cafes to visit in Bangkok which are listed below:

Pooltime Café

Along with delicious dishes and even tasty drinks, Pooltime Cafe should be on every explorer’s list. Counted as one of the lovely cafes in Bangkok, the place has an interior to melt for; Pink, blue and white showers adorned with enchanting chairs add to the beauty of this cafe. Located just 25 minutes from Platinum Fashion Mall, Pooltime Cafe is a must-visit for everyone.

Location: 582 Soi Sukhumvit 63 Road, Between Soi Ekamai 26,28 (Taiping Tower), Wattana, Bangkok
Highlights: Lovely raccoons, milkshakes, neon lights, photo-worthy food items, Thai cuisine
Cost for two: INR150-750
Opening hours: Tues – Sun: 12 pm – 12 am

Sretsis Parlour

This magnificent café is a dream-like place, with floors adorned by daisies, a ceiling that looks like the wallpaper of the sky, and flowers. It is one of those unique cafes in Bangkok, which is worth seeing with its peaceful and classy walls, tea bags, cakes, and na-kya-kya!

Location: Central Embassy, Level 2 Khwaeng Lumphini, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand
Highlights: illustrations on walls, food, sofas, etc. dream-like interior, unicorn illustrated coffee.
Cost for two: INR 1200-1500
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 10 am to 8 pm

Big Dog Café

If you have not visited Big Dog Cafe then you will not be visiting Bangkok at all! The cafe includes a pool for dogs and is on its own, heartily emphasizing simply luxurious plush flowers embellished with wood and flowers. At this point when you go to the terrace, you will see an outdoor sitting area where the pixie light shines in the evening.

Location: 1111/11, Lat Phrao Road Baan Klang Muang, Bangkok 10900 Thailand
Highlights: different breeds of dogs, Solo the Alaskan Malamute, Thai cuisine, special vegan diet.
Cost for two: INR 352
Opening hours: 9 am-10 pm

Floral Café

In the midst of Bangkok’s Old Town, its blooming showcase features a charming mystery cafe that suits you with botanical bliss. In addition to being wrapped in a blooming flower, the cafe expects you to take a stroll to a bloom shop before going gaga about its grandeur – floor-to-ceiling with healthy blooms, precious stones, branches, and everything magical. Bright up to

Location: 67 Chakkraphet Rd, Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200, Thailand
Highlights: Flowery interior, mysteriously colorful, beautifully decorated
Cost for two: Varies
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10 am-10 pm

ViVi The Coffee Place

It is another cafe located in the Bungalamphu area, an old piece of Bangkok. Also, in relation to the area, there is nothing better than the area of ​​the university, as it is placed close to the Chao Phraya waterway. Even though it is one of Bangkok’s unique cafes, the drink you should order is the common household name – espresso! Grab your coffee and enjoy in the comfortable seats of this amazing bistro which has indoor and open-air seating.

Location: 394/27-29 In Front of Aurum the River Place Hotel, Maharat Road, Phra Borom Bangkok, Thailand
Highlights: Indoor as well as outdoor seating, beautiful river view, many drinks to choose from
Cost for two: INR 150-500
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10 am-8 pm

Gallery Drip Coffee is an excellent cafe in the city of Bangkok that witnesses a lot of footfalls, especially of experts and painters. Some of the employees outlining the family atmosphere at this location are inviting and accommodating, and you can also inspect the processions that set up your espresso for you. The aesthetic style of one of Bangkok’s most beautiful cafes can be seen in the ornamentation and design of the bistro, which of course depends on the use of understood espresso.

Location: 1st Floor, Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok, Thailand
Highlights: Notebooks, t-shirts, and small adorable items scattered all around the cafe
Cost for two: INR 150-500
Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

I Am Coffee

This bistro is a real shredded diamond – you must work on a piece to find it as it is located in the Siloam zone, which is usually the place of most interest in Bangkok, even though there are many cafes and bars. But still, it goes without saying much that the place is actually ideal for an afternoon date or even to chill with friends. When in the cafe, try their delicious food and of course, order coffee!

Location: S 44/1 Soi Phiphat 2, Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Highlights: efficient staff, minimalistic pretty interior, pleasurable aura
Cost for two: 150-400 INR
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

For genuine espresso sweethearts, these beautiful cafes in Bangkok have a lot to offer in terms of both qualities of food and warmth. This one-of-a-kind mix of Western and Eastern cultures can really only be experienced in these amazing cafes! So plan your trip to Bangkok today with TravelTriangle and enjoy amazing cuisine and coffee!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cafes In Bangkok

Q. What are the most popular dishes in Bangkok?

A. The most popular cuisines of Bangkok include Thai Duck Rice, Chicken and rice, Pineapple fried rice, and Thai fried rice.

Q. What is the average cost of meals in Bangkok?

A. Street food in Bangkok costs around 30 baht per plate, whereas shopping malls can cost you around 100-200 bahts.

Q. What is the minimum drinking age in Bangkok?

A. The minimum drinking age is 20 in Bangkok.

Q. Why is coffee the most favorite beverage in Bangkok?

A. Coffee is one of the beverages which is cultivated on a large scale in this country. This is the reason why the people of Bangkok prefer to have coffee over any other drink.

Q. When is the best time to visit Bangkok?

A. The best time to visit Bangkok is between November and December as it is the offset of monsoon and also less crowded.

Q. What are the most famous food items in Bangkok?

A. Some of the most famous food items in Bangkok are:
1. Gai Tod ( Fried Chicken)
2. Moo Ping ( Grilled Pork)
3. Kanom Kai Nok Krata ( Sweet potato balls)
4. Pad Thai
5. Kanom Bueang ( Crispy pancake)

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