Things to do In Zurich

Things to do In Zurich
Things to do In Zurich

Did you know that Zurich, a popular metropolitan city located in Switzerland, is famous for both its natural beauty and urban life? If you haven’t, then you should visit this city at the earliest and experience it firsthand. Apart from this, it gives you scope for many fascinating activities which include faraway tours, short sightseeing rides, and awesome nightlife. Things to do In Zurich.

It also has a rich cultural heritage which makes it a great destination to visit, especially if you are a passionate history lover. So, for those of you who intend to plan a trip to this beautiful metropolis, we have compiled for you a list of things to do in Zurich that will surely leave you enthralled.

10 Top Things to do In Zurich

Mount Titlis

If you are a Swiss mountain lover, this popular tourist destination is one of the few worthy places to visit in Zurich. The picturesque beauty of this destination is so much that visiting it is definitely one of the best things to do in Zurich. While the amazing panoramic view of this breathtaking mountain can be really enjoyed on a cable car ride full of joy. If you are a skiing fan, then this place full of natural beauty is a must-visit, especially during winters.

Zurich Lake

Are you a traveler who enjoys speedboat rides? If you do, then visiting this serene destination is one of the best things to do in Zurich. This magnificent lake with beautiful azure waters is also famous for other activities like sunbathing, swimming and water sports. Moreover, the speedboat packages on offer include an equally romantic sunset cruise, a full day adventure full of action, and a water ski excursion for you to choose from, making it one of the most ideal places to visit in Zurich makes. The eternal beauty of this place makes it extremely popular among honeymoon couples and families looking for a memorable and peaceful trip.

Chocolate Factory

‘Chocolate Heaven’ would be the best way to describe this wonderful factory located in this beautiful Swiss city. Now, if you are blessed with a sweet tooth then this tourist place is a must-visit. It comprises a manufacturing unit that produces a variety of delicious chocolates, and visiting it will certainly give a wonderful insight into its creation. Once here, you will have the opportunity to understand the architecture behind the creation of these wonderful chocolates. The fact that you can even tailor them as per your requirements makes this destination one of the few must-see places to visit in Zurich.

Culinary Tour

For all you ‘cheese’ lovers out there, Zurich has a special culinary tour that should not be missed. This is mainly because it gives you an opportunity to taste the world-famous ‘Swiss Cheese‘. This is a unique tour wherein you can take a small group of friends and family along to experience an amazing ‘cheesy encounter’, and hence it is considered as one of the few best things to do in Zurich.

Jungfraujoch Train Ride

Do you want to enjoy the beauty that surrounds Zurich on a train ride worth remembering? If this is your wish, you should travel in a cogwheel train that travels to the Sphinx Observatory in Jungfraujök. You will get a spectacular 360-degree view of glaciers as well as picturesque views of the mountain during this wonderful one-day trip, and hence it is a must-start as you are sure to love it.

Swiss National Museum Tour

For all, you history lovers out there, this amazing museum located in Zurich is a place that you will definitely want to visit and will not want to miss at any cost. When you enter, it is sure to take you back to ancient Switzerland and provide some invaluable historical insight. It also has a majestic architecture that will enable you to understand the blend of Swiss culture and nature through the interior decorations used, making it one of the few great places to visit in Zurich.

Zurich Pub Hopping

When it comes to partying hard, there is nothing better than the vibrant nightlife this lovely city of Zurich has to offer. There are many great pubs and bars available here which you can enjoy to the fullest. The best day to visit is Saturday as most of the joints here offer you alcoholic beverages at discounted rates. The variety here is such that you can easily jump and jump from one to the other and have a lot of fun.

Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls located in Zurich is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland. This is especially perfect for those who enjoy spending some time in the presence of beautiful waterfalls and is believed to be one of the few recommended things to do in Zurich. The ideal time for you to visit this place is from June to August, as during this period you can make use of a cruise tour to enjoy the scenic views around the waterfall which completely take your breath away.

Uetliberg Mountain

Standing at 2,858 feet above sea level is the Utliberg Mountains that provide some amazing views of Zurich as well as the surrounding Alps. If you are an adventure sports enthusiast then this is a perfect hot spot as you will find a number of trails perfectly suited for activities like hiking, biking, and sledding. Paragliding is also quite popular at this destination, and this makes Utleyberg one of the best places to visit in Zurich.


A popular tourist destination in Zurich, Lindenhof means ‘relaxation’. Situated at a distance of 0.6 km from the city center, this place will give you some spectacular views of the Old Town, the Great Minster, and the Limmat River. It was once a 4th-century fort which has now been converted into a park consisting of benches, beautiful linden trees, and huge chess sets which can be used for playing, which is why visiting this destination Should be included in the list of the best things to do in Zurich.

So, it is the presence of all these beautiful places mentioned above that makes Zurich a ‘paradise’ for tourists as well as locals. In fact, it is the word ‘perfect’ that can be used to describe this wonderful ‘Swiss’ city.

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