Surf spots in Russia

Surf spots in Russia
Surf spots in Russia

Surf spots in Russia: Summer is in full swing, and the water has warmed up even in the coolest areas, it remains to wait for the waves and go surfing! Not in Indonesia and not in Hawaii, but in Russia. In this collection – are places where you can catch a wave.

Surf spots in Russia

  1. Vladivostok

Vladivostok is the capital of Russian surfing. Developed tourist infrastructure, beautiful nature, clear water, and the Sea of ​​Japan, which connects to the ocean – all this makes the capital of Primorye an ideal summer surfing spot.

Large groups of waves – swells, which are formed during ocean storms, “shoot” to Vladivostok. They come already without wind and bad weather, and skiing these days is quite comparable to relaxing in the world’s surf resorts. In August and September, the water becomes a comfortable temperature and you can ride without a wetsuit.

Shops and cafes will be a nice bonus, and large Khasan oysters and scallops – seafood – can be collected on the beach right during the swell. One of the most popular city spots is located in Sobol Bay. Here you can ride both the classic surf and the sap. The wave here is slow and gentle, comfortable for relaxed riding on a wide board.

Another popular spot is Cape Akhlestyshev on Russky Island. On-site there is a surf school and rental of soft tops (training boards with a rubberized top and flexible fins) and wetsuits.

  1. St. Petersburg

The Gulf of Finland and the famous resort areas in the pine forests near St. Petersburg are loved by both locals and tourists. Some people come here just to take a walk and get some air, others come here to sunbathe and swim, and there are also many surf spots.

Breaking waves are catching up with the western wind, so you need to follow the forecast. If the weather is calm, you can perfectly ride on the water surface on the Sapa. By the way, for this it is not necessary to get out of the city – you can even swim on Sapah along the canals of St. Petersburg, looking at the sights.

The most suitable place for novice surfers is in Solnechny on the Gulf of Finland. The spot is called “Atlantis” and is located at a restaurant of the same name on the coast. The beauty of this place is that you can get here by public transport, rent everything you need (board, wetsuit, boots, gloves), and hire an instructor. And in between skiing, have a bite to eat in a restaurant and take a walk in a beautiful forest.

A slightly more distant place for skiing is Cape Flotsky. Very pleasant and picturesque spot. You can get there by walking through a fragrant pine forest, picking blueberries or even mushrooms on the go. And finally, Batareinaya Bay is a secret place until recently. The bay is closed from the wind, and as a rule, smooth waves come there. One of the most interesting locations in terms of skiing.

  1. Kaliningrad

European architecture, colorful old towns, Baltic cuisine, Kant Island, the famous Curonian Spit, and incredible nature are just some of what Kaliningrad is famous for. The Baltic Sea is closed, it does not directly connect to the ocean, and the waves here are not strong, or windy. Therefore, larger boards are used here. The water warms up to 20 degrees in summer, and local surfers recommend wearing thin wetsuits.

Nevertheless, clear salty blue water, sandy beaches, and picturesque surroundings – all this more than justify a trip here just for the sake of surfing. The long sandy coastline with a variety of breakwaters is great for learning how to surf.

The main point of attraction for surfers is Zelenogradsk, which can be reached from Kaliningrad by public transport. There is a surf school with a team of instructors and a rental shop for all the necessary equipment. This is convenient for guests of the region: you can arrive light, enjoy exploring the Kaliningrad region, and in suitable weather for skiing, take all the equipment on the spot.

They also catch a wave in Baltiysk – the westernmost city of Russia was closed for a long time, but now it is available to everyone.

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