Tinder Swipe Right: Culture Of Different Countries


It seems to me that there is no urgent need to tell what Tinder is, for what purposes this application was created and how to use it. 

But still, for those who are always late to the technology parties of the XXI century, we will briefly explain. Tinder is a mobile app that acts as your search engine hoping for the best date of your life, your lost soul mate or someone near you tonight (excluding your cats and dogs). You look at the profile photos and if love at first sight, then swipe the photo to the right, to the left – if no sympathy happened. If you swiped to the right of the person who swiped you to the right, you can start texting and making a date.

In this article, alas, you will not find any secret recipes for happiness. Only the experience of those who have already been badly burned, and those who warmed themselves with love on a summer night at the Tinder campfire. 


American culture has long taught us that topics such as sex, drugs, and rock and roll are not taboo, which means that they should be treated as superficially and frivolously as Americans do. Hence the following, a very common conclusion: Tinder in the vastness of the United States is a very common toy for meetings at times, nights at times, anything at times. And there is no reason not to believe this! With the only limitation that all of the above works properly in a student environment, say, in the age range from 20 to 28 years old. Cross out this focus group and the big picture will change.

Americans are looking not only once, but forever. Seriously. Look through the forums, and you will see how many broken and disgruntled hearts, looking for and believing that “here it is – mine”! 

What you need to know about Americans and their characteristics in the world of online dating? Pragmatism. Realism. For example, if your beauty is in the five on a ten-point scale (Tinder will determine for you according to his own criteria), then look for yourself a couple in the region of 4-6. If you are a high school teacher, all you have to do is shed tears for a secretary from a large bank. Etc. There are always exceptions, but be pragmatic. Naivety breaks hearts. 

Many American men and women are looking at both Tinder and other venues for real long-term relationships, even if it all starts with a casual night out . Very soon, these same people begin to look at Tinder with completely different eyes, starting to look for a partner for life. 

In addition, serious American girls going to Tinder pay special attention to the About Me section. Men be smart, put together the letters in a sentence, and build the sentence so that it makes sense. After all, women do not just indicate what they like and why! They are looking for profiles that at least shed light on who you are and what you are.

To summarize, let’s say it again. Students 20–28 are the ones who hang out, have fun and forget, that is, the majority. Over 28 – these are those who are looking for a serious relationship. And yes, be realistic: looking for a princess means being a prince. Looking for a prince – so be a princess.

United Kingdom

Many people associate Great Britain with slush, rain, cold and dullness. Not everything is so, but not everything is so far from the truth. Apparently, all these associations have left a certain imprint on the British dating culture.

British women are a tough nut to crack. They make contact and even willingly agree to meet with you, which suggests that the case is already in the bag. And now you feel that the moment has come. You kiss. And … you don’t understand what’s going on. When you open your eyes, you see dazed fear or surprise.

What happened? Something went wrong? Experts say that the main problem is to be on her list of “nice, nice guys”, from which it is extremely difficult to get out later, if not at all possible.

Therefore, be courageous, but not rude. Play tactfully: to the best of irony, sarcasm, depth of conversation, few arguments against, a few jokes on the verge, if you feel that they will not interfere … And do not hide your interest. Not the one that is laid down by nature, but the one that is directed towards the girl on a human level. 

Maybe it’s time for a more intimate setting? But if you see that her language of movements, eyes and facial expressions speak of the opposite – take it for granted. Today is not your day.

As for the one who pays – the one who calls the tune. That is, a man. Especially if she is British, brought up according to all British fashion laws in her best royal traditions.

Therefore, it no longer seems surprising that things are not developing as fast as we would like. From here we get: first date – a kiss on the cheek (for happiness); the second is a sign that there is a chance; the third is a chance (perhaps something will happen). But if you fall into the “cute” category, then the maximum that awaits you is the friend zone.


Tinder and France are like two opposites that are completely incompatible, and therefore try to suppress each other.

For the French, love and relationships are a game that is often more important than the result. And this is indicated by many factors.

For example, the French have the utmost freedom to meet and date, even if you have a lover or sweetheart, spouse or spouse. There is no subtext, just in French culture there is nothing reprehensible in such things, given the fact that the French culture of communication is flirting. Therefore, if you are answered with smiles, ambiguous phrases and an agreement to have dinner together, then you hardly have to make plans for the next night. Hardly!

Advice: be attentive not so much to the words as to the language of movements – he is your faithful assistant, if, of course, you know how to read this “book”.If you are a man, then your job is to propose. The right to choose is always on the shoulders of a woman. In fact, it is she who chooses you, not you. These are the rules of the game.

Be a real gentleman – seek a woman, come up with and plan. In France, they take not in quantity, but in quality. In France, sex partners are neither proud nor considered. In France, they love beautiful, dramatic, comic stories. They love to be told and lived.

Agree, all this does not fit with Tinder at all, but what if Tinder is the beginning of a crazy love story for you? If so, play it. Play as if you are on stage and all the spotlights are directed exclusively at you!


Interesting in many ways, but there are a number of cultural characteristics that make Spaniards and Spanish women even more attractive.

Any call or invitation to dinner at 10 p.m. is not a kind invitation to spend the night together, but a real invitation to dinner. Never overestimate this gesture or look for subtext. However, if everything goes according to plan, then you always know that the time is late and should not be killed, and therefore wine will be the first step towards something more intimate.

We add that if you didn’t have to sleep at all, then you can always meet the sunrise together, which will make the evening / night / morning even more memorable. And on the contrary, if the plan has failed or nothing concrete is planned, the phrase “it’s too late” at dinner will save any awkward situation.Also, never be guided by the exact date of the date. Spanish culture does not have anything like this, and therefore “be on time” means “be on time” plus at least 20 minutes.

If you are a girl, the one strong and independent, who is ready to split the bill in half and pay for your order yourself, then be smarter and don’t do it. Spanish hot machos do not recognize or understand anything like this. It seems to hurt their masculinity. 

In addition, it is not customary in Spain to dress in a special way for a date. They always try to look stylish and discreet. Why? Perhaps because there is really no such thing as dating or dating culture in Spain. From this we can logically conclude that only a minority pursues such goals in Tinder as finding a partner for the night. For some reason, Tinder is a playground for finding friends. Those with whom you can always get out to a pub or bar. And then already and intimate closeness. 


Tinder in Scandinavia is gradually turning into meetings at times, and it’s not me who share my rich life experience, but they talk about it on the forums, my friend says this, who complains about the avalanche of f * ckerov that covered Sweden and Norway, about this constantly I am told by my friend Tony, who is also Swede by his passport and mindset.

But there is also something romantic about Scandinavian dating. Even in the vastness of Tinder. True, not quite close to the Russian soul, but still.

Equality, independence and self-sufficiency. These three key properties characterize the Scandinavian part of the globe best. These are three keys to everything Scandinavian. These are three golden words that must always be remembered.

Why? The answer on the surface is that dating and intimate life in the Scandinavian realities are inextricably linked to this equal, independent and self-sufficient ideology. It hides a high standard of living, a high level of state security and many more amazing things that we can only dream of.

But back to dating. The man on his first date, or perhaps his first date, is allowed to pay for both. But it is very tactful and if the heart really disposes to such a gesture. In addition, it is extremely important if the girl is from a non-Scandinavian country (and not from Germany).

Otherwise, there is nothing suspicious and reprehensible if the man allows the woman to pay her own bill. Not even that. Such a gesture means something more: he perceives her as an equal person, which is very natural for countries such as Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland.

But it can work in another way. For example, if a man is a tourist with a wide soul, who takes all the expenses on himself, then the girl’s cold Scandinavian heart will definitely thaw out. What is really there – it will melt!

Choose a meeting place consistently. Instead of the usual dates in a restaurant or bar, Scandinavians prefer, in particular, to spend their first date somewhere in the air. Even if it’s just a cup of coffee. Parks, alleys, ponds and lakes. Mikaela Bird , the Swedish matchmaker, calls this a new trend in online dating and associates it with the desire to get to know each other better before diving into deeper relationships.  

Irony, hints, subtext – what, it would seem, should be inseparably connected with flirting, in the Scandinavian countries is not connected in any way with flirting. Straightforwardness and frankness are the key to healthy relationships at all levels, even when it comes to having sex. What some call “straight to the forehead” is a sign of respect for Scandinavians. Therefore, do not be surprised if suddenly they come up to you on the street with a very unexpected and strange question!Among the very funny patterns, it is worth highlighting one that is often found among the Swedish conquerors of women’s hearts – the desire to show their brutality and masculinity with the help of photographs with a catch. Literally, with a fishing catch. Yes, yes, for those Swedish girls with an urban lifestyle, such things seem very hot and attractive!

Among other Scandinavian types, there are two more ubiquitous ones: mysterious people and fierce athletes. The former ignore all sorts of notes “About me”, leaving a huge space for thought, and the latter frighten with their obsession with sports activity. It is worth noting that the Scandinavians have no golden mean in relation to sports: they are either indifferent or crazy involved. Therefore, pay attention to the photographs not only of people, but also of the background or clothes – they can give you some clues.

This playboy from Israel knows firsthand how to win a Scandinavian woman’s heart . A specially conducted investigation tells about an extremely radical fraud, the use of human emotions and women in general. A story with very sad consequences was published in February this year. Version in English and Norwegian. Smarter than many Hollywood films. If only because this is not a movie at all.

 Some interesting facts :

  • The United States of America is the most tinder-looped place on the planet;
  • On average, 1.6 billion swipes are made per day with over 20 million hits;
  • About 1 million dates are organized weekly using Tinder;
  •  21:00 – Tinder primetime;
  • Smiling in photographs increases your chances of finding a mate;
  • On average, there are 11 logins per person per day;
  • Those who share their music preferences in the app get 84% more matches;
  • Monday and Tuesday are the best days for dating;
  • Men prefer to choose a photo with more formal content than a bikini photo;
  • 53% of women choose nude male bodies over formally dressed men.

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