The best bars in Toronto

The best bars in Toronto
The best bars in Toronto

So you will travel at night (or long afternoon, no longer judging) to Toronto. There is no shortage of barriers to choose from in a densely populated Canadian city, but where can you go? It may sound overwhelming, we will admit it, but do not worry. We bring you this in-depth guide to the best bars in Toronto.

You probably don’t need us to keep talking about Canada’s ever-hot climate, so use your mind on that. Does the weather look good? Hit the outer terraces and block out the glowing sunlight. A little cold out there? Toronto has a list of icons for the bottom bars and dives that will fix it, at least until you need to brave the worst of the winter. A visit to Toronto is fun no matter what time of year (a collection of year-round attractions and unbeatable restaurants will prove it), and the city is full of great barriers to discuss your best places to see.

10 Best bars in Toronto

  1. Good Fortune Bar

What it is: Pink walls, palm leaf motifs, and neon accents offer this “secret” bar below the 1980s Miami Beach. It is a welcome addition to the growing Yonge and Eglinton area with a small burger-centric menu and plenty of retro-tropical drinks.

Why you should go: Located under the integrated taco center of La Carnita, Good Fortune Bar offers creative cocktails and an impressive list of beers. Prepare great music and delicious drinks that come easily.

  1. C’est What

What: Local beers are shown long before they became fashionable, this St. Lawrence Market and restaurant is an unpopular venue for 40 magnificent beers and a respectable offering of local Ontario whiskey, cocktails, and wines.

Why you should go: Swimming tables and live music on the weekends offer the C’est pub-like vibrator while the basement and countertops make it an ideal place to relax on a cold or rainy evening.

  1. Birreria Volo

What it is: Get one of the city’s best liquor taps at this little Italian bar. Expect a hard focus on funkier drinks like sours, lambics, and wild yeast, and unusual, unadulterated bottles in Cantina barrels.

Why you should go: Birreria Volo serves beer to glasses of wine, which encourages you to be out, not to drink, your drinks. The setting of the public table asks neighboring sponsors to start negotiations while the backyard boasts a beer hall. One of the best bars in Toronto.

  1. Shameful Tiki Room in Toronto

What it is: There is absolutely no shame in drinking in this Parkdale tea pub. The interior is full of Polynesia kitsch and the drinks are as playful as a garnish. Order a punch style bowl to share with friends and expect fanfare (gongs, fog machine) to match your drink.

Why go: Dark windows and a heavy velvet curtain on the door enhance the feeling of escape, which is especially popular on cold winter nights.

  1. Bar Raval

What it is: You will hear the hustle and bustle of this clean Spanish bar before you even see it. Bar Raval’s covered balcony is often filled with elbows as they sip sophisticated cocktails, leaving the hand free to choose pintxos, tapas, and canned seafood conservas (food stored in cans and containers).

Why you leave: Move to Spain without leaving Toronto. The interior of Bar Raval’s Gaudi-inspired wood is lined with curved, rich wood, inviting you to stay for a while.

  1. Farside

What it is: This hip bar in East Chinatown sounds like a home with its unique furniture, friendly staff, and social events. Drinks vary from home brewery to high-end cocktails, so you will definitely find your favorite beverage.

Why you should go: Farside creates an art space and engages the public with events like Trivia Club, VHS movie nights, and DJs on Fridays and Saturdays. The integration of the bar makes it accessible to locals and tourists alike.

  1. Sneaky Dee’s

What it is: This famous Toronto center has been intoxicating (and treating our hangovers) since 1987. Share jars of beer with friends, hold a show on the upstairs stage, or satisfy your night-long cravings at this College and This is Bathurst’s place.

Why you should go: To enjoy the Toronto culture and enjoy an affordable beverage. And in case you get very dirty last night, Sneaky Dee offers you a special breakfast for only $ 5.50.

  1. Mahjong Bar

What: Pass through a neon-illuminated corner to enter this retro bar inspired by the Cantonese Mahjong game. The playful cocktails incorporate flavors from east and west while the kitchen offers small plates like Sichuan fried chicken.

Why you should go: Drinking at Mahjong sounds like part of a cool, secretive club. It is a popular place to celebrate birthdays or to break the ice after the first date. On weekends, the bar fills up as soon as the DJ and dancer appear.

  1. Cocktail Bar

What it is: Surprisingly, this area of Dundas St. W. is known for serving refined cocktails. Owner Jen Agg (famously Rhum Corner and Gray Gardens) has created an inviting and airy space, for both drinks and air.

Why you go: Beautiful, but relaxed, Cocktail Bar is the perfect bevy option for after work or for pre-dinner drinks. Beer and wine are available but don’t forget to order a cocktail here.

  1. Bar Chef

What: One of Toronto’s most important bars, Bar Chef plays with molecular gastronomy to create memorable drinks. The bartenders here take pride in preparing all the infusions, bitters, and syrups in the house so that their cocktails can taste the way they look.

Why you should go: Look like sponsors “ooh” and “ahh” when they are presented with pieces of drinking art from them. Bar Chef is a truly modern drinking experience that is easily impressive.

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