Beautiful parks in Melbourne

Beautiful parks in Melbourne
Beautiful parks in Melbourne

Beautiful parks in Melbourne: Melbourne is known as a city with artistic lines and secret underground bars, but sometimes you want a little break from all those traditions and fill your lungs with fresh air and your eyes seeing the beautiful greenery. Our concrete forest is covered with real forest, with beautiful parks located in and around the city. If you are craving a small Mother Nature, go to one of these fertile urban areas.

Beautiful parks in Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

If there is anywhere you can escape the madness of the city CBD without leaving it, Royal Botanic Gardens is the place. Located on the outskirts of the city, this large garden is home to 8,500 cool plants, zen ponds, and green grass. Workshops, tours, hiking, and interviews showcase the complexity of gardening – from a night-time tour of the stars to the Melbourne Observatory to science seminars, exploring coconut phylogeography. Also, the Aboriginal Heritage Walk takes you on a journey into the history of the Koolin tribe. One of the most beautiful parks in Melbourne.

Edinburgh Gardens

Not far from the North Fitzroy cafe strip, these 140-year-old gardens are ideal for sightseeing. This park is large and has many amenities (like a ski park) and is famous for its picnic tourists in the north.

Yarraville Gardens

Aside from the stalls and other highways, Yarraville Gardens is a lush and peaceful place to the west. There is a large outdoor dog kennel, picnic area, and meat grill, and public toilets.

Werribee Park

Acquired by the Victorian Government in the Catholic Church in 1973, the Mansion, Riverina, and official gardens have been restored to their former glory, with the addition of the Werribee Park Sculpture Walk, which has 29 works by Australia’s leading photographers. Nearby is the Victoria State Rose Garden – if you visit in the spring, it is a real miracle.

Fitzroy Gardens

Take a short walk around Fitzroy Gardens and take in nature and historical sites, which can be found in all gardens. Highlights of the treasures include Captain Cook’s 1755 family home which was relocated from Yorkshire and reassembled here in the 1930s, as well as a collection of fountains, statues, monuments, and fools that accumulated during the 150 years of the park. Is it its star? That should be the place of the Spanish Mission-style nature reserve. One of the most beautiful parks in Melbourne.

Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve

If you like to place birds, Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve in Williamstown are for you. These wetlands have a Bay Trail running through them, making it an excellent piece of the park for pedestrians and cyclists, and there are plenty of grassy sections that are very open for activities and playgrounds.

Flagstaff Gardens

Melbourne’s first public garden, Flagstaff Gardens was founded in the 1860s and once provided ideas in Port Phillip Bay. These days, the park is a lovely place to spend time, have a picnic, and share a sunset with friends.

Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne

Anonymous Fact: The Royal Botanic Gardens have an equally cool sister in the southeast of Melbourne. The Cranbourne section of the Royal Botanic Gardens specializes in indigenous Australian plants and covers more than 350 hectares. The gardens are home to more than 170,000 plants, including those living in the rugged Australian Garden, as well as the number of endangered Australian animals. One of the most beautiful parks in Melbourne.

Carlton Gardens

Carlton Gardens is a beautiful Victorian-era park located amidst an impressive company. This is where you will find the Royal Exhibition Building on the Heritage List and the Melbourne Museum. Go early in the morning to see the park in a very attractive place.

Hays Paddock Park

Recognized as one of the earliest and most inclusive parks in Melbourne, thanks to an easily accessible playground, Hays Paddock Park was developed with the help of two local mothers, Danielle Blanden and Jenny Graham, back in 2003. They both have disabled and strong children and encouraged Boroondara City to build an easily accessible playground.

Treasury Gardens

Famous for its large number of brushtail possums, Treasury Gardens is a great place to sleep under a tree or sit by the water and have lunch.

Plenty Gorge Parklands

It is not uncommon to meet a crowd of kangaroos in Plenty Gorge Parklands, about 12 miles [20 km] from the CBD. The view of the Plenty River also attracts visitors, as does the local historical site. Camping is allowed, at Nioka Bush Camp.

Westgate Park

You may have seen this peaceful swamp below the West Gate when you were trapped in the thick of the bridge above. Here you can enjoy views of the harbor and the city sky, and see traditional birds including swans, spoonbills, ibises, and lorikeets. Westgate Park is also known for occasionally turning a pleasant pink shade – you may have seen this happen in the summer.

Braeside Park

Braeside Park south of Melbourne is a great way to find a park you can walk on – the Red Gum trail is popular, as is the Wetlands trail if you would like to see the birds. Free electric barbecues are available and there is a playground too! One of the most beautiful parks in Melbourne.

Albert Park

Albert Park has 225 hectares of the beautiful park that combines a beautiful lake with a network of trails. The park includes an 18-hole golf course, a golf course, hiking, and biking tracks, and water activities. Other amenities include picnic tables, barbecues, playgrounds, restaurants, and toilets.

Elsternwick Park

This famous park has a beautiful lake in the middle of the area, perfect for hiking. There are two playgrounds with new toy equipment, as well as lots of open areas for dogs and people of all sizes to play.

Alexandra Gardens

Located on the southern bank of the Yarra River, the historic parks are an ideal place to roam and enjoy the outdoors.

Karkarook Park

Opposite a Bunnings on Warrigal Road is a hidden gem of the park. Karkarook Park does not look very good on the outside but drives in and you will find a rich natural environment, full of native plants and animals. The artificial lake is famous for kayaking and boating, and you can also try fishing with your hand to catch rainbow trout or redfin.

Ardrie Park

The Malvern East green gemstone has an amazing view behind Melbourne, an excellent throw-in set, and the opportunity to master the bombing of wedding photos (not that he is a giant, but hey). A tall tree boulevard passes through and there are Japanese gardens where you can find a place to relax and/or a quiet cranny if you like to pretend you are having a picnic at the end of the universe. One of the most beautiful parks in Melbourne.

Melbourne Skypark

In 2018, a high green oasis was opened in the city and is fully accessible to the general public. it’s called “Skypark”, which makes it sound like Kami’s Lookout from Dragon Ball, but it’s less based on that. The park is located above Collins Street near the Southern Cross Station and you can access it by climbing the winding stairs from the level of the train station.

Lavender fields in and around Melbourne

We all spend a lot of time looking for the best Instagram photo, but these beautiful lavender gardens are so beautiful that you might be pressured to take a bad photo. Best of all, they all come with their own cafes to enjoy lunch when you’re done playing among the flowers.

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