Breakfast in San Francisco: 10 places to eat

Breakfast in San Francisco
Breakfast in San Francisco

Breakfast in San Francisco: In San Francisco, people take their breakfast for granted. Whether it’s a gourmet bagel to go with, a fancy toast (yes, that’s the thing here) or a plate full of eggs and bacon, the best breakfast in San Francisco is the one that satisfies your taste as your hunger.

Although weekends are usually reserved for bathing in one of the city’s best brunch venues, diehards for a real breakfast know that the days of the week are the best time to go to breakfast, when crowds are often thin. Daily mornings can mean a quick and hearty meal of fresh juices, baked goods, and dishes. But if you have a little time, try an Israeli-style breakfast or vegan-colored eggplant. Some of these places even offer breakfast at any time of the day, allowing real morning fans to enjoy pancakes for lunch or egg bennie for dinner.

If your only need for breakfast is a mixture of caffeine and carbs, try one of the city’s best coffee shops or one of San Francisco’s best beaches. If not, take a seat at one of these breakfast venues and end your day.

San Francisco’s best breakfast

  1. Breadbelly

The Asian-American bakery and cafe on Clement Street started as a pop-up from chefs who worked at high places like Atelier Crenn, Coi, and Mourad and were inspired by their travels throughout Asia and their Chinese heritage and Filipino-American. . The small counter has a case full of artistic cakes such as “not be” tart and sticky buns of Anko (red beans). Breakfast offerings include grilled milk bread included in Instagram-ready ready coconut jam, soft egg and soy sauce, sesame and crispy shallot and butter, or fruit and butter storage. There is also a delicious breakfast sandwich with ham, fried vegetables, fried egg, and chile sauce. Wash it down with sesame horchata or matcha cappuccino.

  1. Sears Fine Food

If you are looking for an old San Francisco meal, look no further than Sears Fine Food, located in Union Square. Here you will find everything you are looking for: green booths, black and white floors, nostalgic pictures, and quintessential American breakfast rides. The restaurant dates back to 1938 when Wilbur and Ben Sears opened a shop and gained a reputation for their delicious Swedish cakes, a family-inherited recipe. Sears is still very popular with those cakes, which are made with the original recipe. You can order 18 meals of this beauty – a small, silver dollar the equivalent of butter and jam.

  1. Le Marais Bakery

The Sutter Street area of this local bakery is not just a commissary kitchen, but a cafe with an amazing range of midweek breakfast options — cakes, egg bowls and boards, and custom dishes. Boards allow you to choose between five and seven items such as fruit of the year, smoked salmon, goat cheese, homemade granola, and edible eggs. The dishes have 24 options to choose from such as oatmeal, quinoa, Straus yogurt, dried fruit, nuts, and sweet sugar like brown sugar, honey, or maple syrup.

  1. Pork Store Cafe

Many of San Francisco’s most popular, historic places have not been able to survive over the years, but fortunately, Pork Store Cafe is still there to fill you with fried chicken, omelets, and its signature dish: pork chops for breakfast. The restaurant is the oldest free restaurant on Haight Street. Its story began in 1916 when a Czech couple opened a pork shop. It turned into a cafe in 1953 (known as the Triple Coin Cafe) and changed hands over the years. It finally became Pork Store Cafe in 1979. It became reliable after many years because of its large components, friendly service, and low prices.

  1. Kantine

This Scandinavian-inspired cafe on Market Street offers breakfast Tuesday through Friday and brunch on weekends. It’s not your middle-of-the-line fare, this specialty from Denmark like Frøsnapper, a twist of poppy-sesame seeds and almond Kringle, and occasional snacks like Swedish semlor, cardamom buns full almond paste, and peeled cream. However, the great designer Copenhagen style brunch boards have five or seven ready-to-share items: sprouted rye bread, live egg with spinach cream, trout salad, pink bay shrimp, egg and dill, rye porridge hot, Icelandic skyr yogurt, beaten berries, muesli, and a salad of melon with tarragon and mint.

  1. Vive La Tarte

In Noe Valley, this restaurant-meets-modern-bakery has a daily menu with breakfast options such as a California California salad and egg, kale, beet hummus vegan eggplant, and pepitas, their version of the Benedict Eggs and -asparagus, pancake crepe invention called “pan-crepes” and a variety of breakfast sandwiches. They also have a kid’s menu with breakfast pizza, one egg breakfast, and a banana pan-crepe.

  1. Art’s Cafe

The city was saddened to hear the news that, at the time of the violence, this beloved Korean-American restaurant in Inner Sunset was shut down 30 years later because owners Sarah and Hae Ryong Young were retiring. But recently, it was reopened with new owners who hope to keep the magic of the place alive. Chol and Young Lee took the lead in the project, pledging to keep it afloat, giving nostalgia to people who have been on the counter for decades. Art’s is known for its crispy hash brown, teriyaki beef omelets, sandwiches, and bibimbap. You can’t go wrong.

  1. Jane

Breakfast is served all day at both Fillmore and Larkin Street locations of the regular bakery and cafe Jane. Along with regular breakfast cereals, fried avocado, quiche, and smoked salmon, you will find unusual items such as Jane’s dragonfruit smoothie, dragonfruit, pineapple, bananas, ginger, coconut water, green berries, pea seeds, juniper seeds, jigsaw pebbles. flax seeds, cocoa nibs, goji, and mulberry. For a more delicious breakfast try spicy baked eggs with spicy tomatoes and black bean stew, cheddar, and cilantro.

  1. Dottie’s True Blue Café

Dottie’s True Blue Cafe garnered loyalty (to put it mildly) by following over the years with its high-quality and high-quality breakfast and graceful old-fashioned portions. The lines get longer, especially on weekends, so go early. The menu items are daily fritters, soft pancakes, and any homemade cake (but especially a giant cinnamon roll). Inside, you will find tables near a brick wall, with old black and white pictures of Hollywood stars and a chandelier on top. Five different homemade hot sauces adorn each table, ready to serve your food.

  1. Tartine Manufactory

Half bakery, half coffee, and half restaurant, Tartine Manufactory breakfast from 8 am to 11 am not only offers a full range of baked goods (including morning bun and their famous frangipane croissant), but also emmer porridge, egg sandwiches with vegetables, ham and even porchetta. . Tartines change at certain times of the year but are always amazing as a winter version with apples and cranberries, fresh ricotta, seed brittle and vanilla gastrique. Another favorite is coded eggs topped with shiny trout roe, horseradish, and toast with za’atar. The air is so relaxed that you may find yourself delayed until lunchtime. breakfast in San Francisco

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