Best Hotels in New York

Best Hotels in New York

People come to this city for different purposes, so there are hotels here for all occasions. Here is a list of the best hotels in New York.

Moxy east village

If New York was not a city, but an architectural destination, the Moxy East Village would be its complete embodiment. The hotel is designed with brown bricks, graffiti, and glass. We associate modern New York with this very thing. But the New York of the twentieth century brings us thoughts of luxury. It is concentrated in the lobby of the Moxy East Village: there are beautiful chandeliers, paintings, and good books on the bookshelves.

Equinox Hotels | Luxury 5 Star Hotel in NYC

Equinox is a large gym chain that has decided to occupy the niche of expensive hotels. The company opened the Equinox Hotels Hudson Yards in eastern Manhattan. The brand took care not only of the successful location of the hotel but also of comfortable rooms. These are cool rooms with dim lights so that nothing interferes with your sleep. The hotel has a health spa and a huge gym.

The William Vale | NYC’s Longest Outdoor Hotel Pool

Located in hipster Williamsburg, Brooklyn, The William Vale is a great place to have a fun weekend. Here you need to stay in hotels with panoramic windows and take higher rooms – the view of Manhattan is always mesmerizing. But sitting all day in a hotel and admiring skyscrapers is not an option. You also need to walk around the neighborhood. Moreover, White Avenue is not far from the hotel. Wander around Brooklyn all day long, you still don’t get lost. The tall building, The William Vale, can be seen from almost anywhere in the area.

Historic NYC Hotel | The St. Regis New York – Marriott

Manhattan is a special place. Whatever happened here. But few hotels on this island have such historical value as St Regis. It was founded by Astor, John Jacob IV, an American millionaire who died in the Titanic crash. This hotel was one of the most luxurious in the 20th century. Everyone stayed here – from Salvador Dali to Elton John.

Plum Guide: Book a stay in one of world’s best homes

As great as the hotel is, you won’t be able to feel at home in it. It is much easier to do this in an apartment. Thanks to the Plum Guide Apartment service, you will feel, if not in your favorite apartment, then in the apartment of some New Yorker with good taste. Plum Guide Apartment is a London-based company operating in 12 cities around the world. In New York as well. It’s like Airbnb for the rich. The service apartments on the Upper East Side are beyond praise.

Moxy NYC Chelsea | Boutique Hotel

There is a whole flower district in New York, and its center can be considered 28th Avenue. It’s not even a street, but a whole greenhouse. Visitors to the Moxy NYC Chelsea on this avenue are very lucky. Every time they leave the hotel, they find themselves surrounded by flower shops. The rest of the Moxy NYC Chelsea is a typical New York City hotel with panoramic windows and small rooms.

The Whitby Hotel

This boutique hotel is owned by the Kemp couple, who have no experience in the hospitality industry. The couple also owns the Firmdale Hotels chain. All Kemp hotels look pretty much the same: fabric wallpaper, lots of soft furnishings, and marble bathrooms. The hotel is close to the New York Museum of Modern Art and the city’s theater district. Therefore, The Whitby is ideal for all educators.

The Standard, High Line

The Standard High Line rooms have three walls. The fourth is a huge panoramic window overlooking the Hudson, which has not left anyone indifferent. The hotel has 18 floors, it would be better if you stay higher and at least once meet the sunset in your room. It is unlikely that you will ever forget it.

The Lowell

If we had an apartment in New York, we would furnish it that way. The spacious living room would have a fireplace, soft armchairs and a bright sofa, on which we would sit comfortably and chat with friends for a long time. Most suites at The Lowell Hotel can accommodate four people, so come here with some company.

Le Méridien New York, Central Park

Living in this hotel, every morning you simply have to start with a run. The hotel is located right next to Central Park. And this is not its only plus, of course. Comfortable beds, spacious bathrooms and friendly staff will surely make you return to Le Méridien New York, Central Park.

The Williamsburg Hotel

We really like this hotel. It perfectly combines noisy parties and comfort. At the bottom of the hotel there is a bar, which is always fun, but in the rooms there is absolute silence and complete peace. The owners of the hotel have provided everything, you can even choose a pillow that suits you.

PUBLIC Hotel NYC – In The Heart Of Downtown NYC

It is a very lively place, so if you like peace, the Public Hotel will not be easy for you. But if you’re feeling energized in crowded places, this hotel is the perfect place. There are shops and cafes at the bottom of the hotel. And there are many bars and restaurants nearby. If you’re heading to New York for some fun, there is no better hotel than the Public Hotel.

citizenM Bowery Hotel

At first glance, this is an ordinary hotel. But it has a number of very beneficial advantages. Firstly, the hotel is located in the heart of Manhattan, so if you want to explore the entire island, it will not be difficult for you. And secondly, on the roof of the hotel, there is a bar overlooking the skyscrapers. It is worth a look there, even if you live somewhere else.

Wythe Boutique Hotel Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The Wythe can be considered a fusion of glamorous Manhattan and hipster Brooklyn. The hotel is housed in a factory building that looks very typical of an industrial area. But inside the hotel is the real Upper East Side. Luxurious interiors and a beautiful view from the window.

Baccarat Hotel: Luxury Hotel in Manhattan, NYC

This is undoubtedly the most luxurious hotel in Manhattan. It’s not for nothing that Kim Kardashian adores this hotel. The Baccarat Hotel is just meters from Times Square and is an escape from the hustle and bustle of New York City. It is calm, spacious and very European here.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

The name of this hotel speaks for itself, it is literally a few steps from the Brooklyn Bridge, so you are guaranteed a good view of the landmark. It is worth staying at 1 Brooklyn Bridge for at least a day to take a dip in the hotel’s rooftop pool. The rooms here do not look the same as in most modern hotels. Their furnishings are more reminiscent of the interior of the houses in Yosemite National Park.

The Ludlow Hotel

We understand that not everyone is eager to live in the Upper East Side, it can be very depressing and expensive there. In neighboring areas, prices are much nicer. On the vibrant Lower East Side is The Ludlow Hotel. Rooms here are fitted with dark wood parquet floors and handmade silk carpets. There is a bar at the bottom of the hotel.

The New York EDITION – Marriott

Originally built as the headquarters of the MetLife insurance company, this clock tower has been part of the New York skyline for over a century. Designer Jan Schrager took care of this historic building and turned it into one of the city’s finest hotels. It is unlikely that anyone will refuse to check into a hotel with a 360-degree view and a Michelin-starred restaurant.

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