Reasons to travel to the UAE

reasons to travel to the United Arab Emirates

People travel to the United Arab Emirates all year round to relax on sandy beaches and swim in the waters of the Persian Gulf. At the same time, the UAE seems to many to be a place of victorious luxury and soullessness. “Rambler” found out why it really costs therefore to the Emirates. Here are reasons to travel to the UAE.

Safety and good service

Forbes Traveler magazine ranked Dubai in the top ten most prosperous tourist cities. For example, at the Dubai airport, arrivals have scanned the retina of the eyes to determine if the tourist has had problems with the law in the country before.

Regardless of the number of stars, the rooms in the UAE are always comfortable and equipped with air conditioning. Every hotel complex has a swimming pool, bar, and fitness room. People really come here for rest and relaxation.

Desert skyscrapers

Overall, the realization that you are in the desert, where everything is done artificially, is impressive. Dubai is home to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world with crazy views. In general, there are many “very-very”, for example, the tallest dancing fountain. The largest artificial archipelago in the world is being built in Dubai. It is a complex of three hundred artificial islands located 4 kilometers from the coastline and from a distance resembles our planet

Aquarium in Dubai

The aquarium is located in the Dubai Moll shopping center and is striking in size. Sharks swim at arm’s length, in fact, not only they can hit. There are 33 thousand representatives of the underwater fauna here. Even penguins live at the Dubai Zoo. So, children in the city will have no less fun than adults.

Alpine skiing complex

The locals have done everything to break the mold about desert life and have built a huge indoor ski resort that will easily take you to Austria or France. For those who like to swim, there are endless pools in the city; you can also have fun riding on the sands (by car or a sandboard). Camel racing, crab hunting, golf, and helicopter are also available.

Shopping dream

Shopping in Dubai is one of the favorite pastimes of tourists. There is a shopping center in the city where you can find absolutely everything: from hoodies to exclusive models of cars. People come here for quality cosmetics, exotic fruits, aromatic spices, leather bags, suitcases, and gold jewelry at low prices. In India, identical items are 30% more expensive.

Above were the reasons to travel to the UAE (United Arab Emirates)

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