Abu Dhabi Places To Visit

Abu Dhabi Places To Visit

Abu Dhabi Places To Visit: The thickness of local residents’ wallets could not but affect the character of Abu Dhabi itself. In the city, there is no trace of the bustle of Dubai and the desire to prove something to someone. No mega-projects and games of “very-most”. Like any people with two tens of millions of dollars in a bank account, local residents can afford to live for their own pleasure and do what they love. For example, playing cars: collecting rare cars, paving Formula 1 track, or building colossal monuments to Ferrari sports cars.

Sheiks of Abu Dhabi are more humane towards tourists than their neighbors in Dubai. To explore the main attractions of the emirate, you do not have to roll through the desert under the scorching sun, as in the main metropolis of the Emirates. Here they are all compactly collected in one place – on the island of Yas. Previously, an unremarkable piece of desert, by the end of the 2000s, Yas turned into a real auto-Mecca. This concentration of machine-themed rides is not found anywhere else on Earth. The island has already registered a giant amusement park named after the legendary sports car Ferrari, a Formula 1 track, an amateur circuit, and other auto wonders. They say this is just the beginning.

Abu Dhabi | Places to Visit

The “Promenade” of Abu Dhabi – The Corniche

Playgrounds, restaurants, clubs, cafes, fountains, parks, gardens, and again parks – that’s what the Abu Dhabi waterfront is. The locals have “enjoyed” the desert life so much that they are now fanatical about the fresh grass and green foliage. They turned their ten-kilometer embankment into a continuous park zone, one of the largest in the Middle East. All plants in the coastal parks are irrigated with desalinated water, and the city’s most famous and picturesque fountains are also located here. Skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi are lined up along the embankment.

In the evening it is good to walk here, enjoying the coolness. You can ride rented bicycles, go jogging, ride on roller skates. Or just sit in a street cafe, sipping aromatic coffee and watching others.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

In the eyes of uninitiated foreigners, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the main showcase of the untold riches of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. A kind of illustration for “Tales of 1000 and One Nights.” Thanks to the guidebooks who vied with each other about its transcendental luxury. They say that the size of the miracle building is equal to five football fields, its walls are inlaid with pure gold and gems, and the estimate is expressed in a ten-digit figure – 2,000,000,000 dirhams.

Meanwhile, any schoolchild in Abu Dhabi will confirm that the mosque is not a showcase at all, but the main monument to the person whose name it bears – Sheikh Zayed ibn Sultan al-Nahyan. In the Emirates, His Highness, as in the USSR – Lenin: beloved “grandfather”, founding father, etc. It was in his head that the brilliant idea came to unite the poor Bedouin principalities into one country – the United Arab Emirates. And during his 40-year reign, these places turned into paradise on earth, and the local camel drivers became the main rich people of the planet.

Subjects began to immortalize the name of their beloved sheikh during his lifetime. We started modestly, with stadiums and small infrastructure facilities. But the “posthumous” mosque was originally conceived as the most grandiose dedication to the beloved ruler of all that exists on Earth. The construction was carried out on an unprecedented scale. The Arab Sheikh Mosque was built by the whole world: marble – from Italy and China, carpets – from Iran, chandeliers – from Germany and Austria, engineers – from the States, etc. The result of global cooperation exceeded all expectations – a giant snow-white mosque immediately became the main one in the UAE and the most luxurious in the Muslim world.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque owns at least two world achievements: the world’s largest carpet (with an area of ​​5.6 thousand square meters) and a chandelier are located here. The diameter of the latter is 10 meters; it took more than a million colored Swarovski crystals to make it.

The super-mosque is the largest dedication to Sheikh Zayed in Abu Dhabi so far, but clearly not the last. For example, in 2010, the founding father’s name was given to a new bridge, the most modern and beautiful in Abu Dhabi. The authorities of the emirate plan to continue to give his name to all the very best achievements in the territory under their control.

5 more places named after Sheikh Zayed

  1. Sheikh Zayed Road. Dubai’s main highway, home to all of the city’s major skyscrapers, including the Burj Khalifa and the world’s most luxurious hotel, Burj Dubai.
  2. Sheikh Zayed International Airport. The airport in the Pakistani city of Rahimyarhan, originally built by the sheik for personal needs. Here he landed when he flew in to hunt.
  3. Sheikh Zayed Bridge. The 842-meter bridge is the most beautiful and modern bridge in Abu Dhabi.
  4. Sheikh Zayed Stadium. The 50,000-seat football stadium in Abu Dhabi, the home arena of the UAE national team. It is famous for the fact that in February 2011 the Russian national team lost in a friendly match to the Iranians – 0: 1.
  5. Sheikh Zayed lecture theater. One of the largest lecture halls at the London School of Economics, built with money donated by the government of Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – Ferrari Branded Theme Park

This “Disneyland for adults” is clearly visible even from the sky-high airplane height – a huge bright red triangle with sides of a kilometer each in the sandy desert. If you descend a little, you can already make out the huge, 65-meter, Ferrari logo on the roof of the park. And even lower – crowds of different age fans of the Italian sports car and sharp adventures. All local attractions, from the 3D Formula 1 simulator to American races, where Ferrari-shaped carts fly at a speed of 240 km / h, are based on combinations in different proportions of both.

Capital Gate Tower – The Skyscraper Center

The construction of the “Capital Gate” was not an easy task for Abu Dhabi. The building’s record tilt (18 degrees, four times that of the Leaning Tower of Pisa) and its unique geometric shape required new engineering solutions and unique materials. But the city really wanted to have its own “falling tower” with an eye on the Guinness Book of Records. In this building, everything is original, from a dense mesh of reinforcing steel piles of the foundation to facade double-glazed windows with low heat transfer, absolute transparency, and no glare. An original solution was a stainless steel “veil” that protects the Capital Gate tower from direct sunlight and absorbs a third of its heat.

Heritage Village (Abu Dhabi)

Abu Dhabi is constantly being built and rapidly developing, its buildings are ultra-modern and do not look like one another. Looking at the city today, it is almost impossible to imagine that only some 50 years ago they lived here without electricity and many other benefits of civilization. In order not to lose the history of their country in this frantic rhythm of constant renewal and at the same time remind the young that it was not always “like this”, by a special decree of His Majesty Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan, an ethnographic Heritage Village was created.

Heritage Village was conceived as a traditional Bedouin settlement – a living museum that provides a glimpse into the past. Goat hair tents, hearths with coffee pots, an old well, and an irrigation system, adobe brick houses, an old fishing market, camels … And there are also several workshops where you can “live” watch the making of jewelry, pottery and copper products. At times, visitors are allowed to try some of the old crafts. There are also shops with oriental sweets, spices, and local products; there is a tiny museum with old items of folklife and the first photographs of the city. What is not there are restrictions on photography. On the contrary, guests are strongly advised not to hide their cameras, and hospitable local artisans are ready to take pictures with visitors as a souvenir.

On Fridays, a colorful oriental market is open in the Village. On weekends and holidays, guests are delighted with folk songs and dances, hunting falcons are demonstrated. The Village Museum is located on a picturesque promontory not far from Marina Mall. Its small beach offers excellent views of the Corniche, enhancing the contrast between “was” and “is”.

Emirates National Auto Museum

In fact, the signboard “museum” at the entrance is sly. In fact, this is the private collection of Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, which has accumulated about 200 cars over the past 30 years, such as a custom-built Dodge pickup, as high as a 3-story building, or a second-hand but still chic, ” Rolls-Royce ”by Elizabeth II. All these rarities have already been shown on the Top Gear program – Jerry Clarkson came to visit the sheikh several years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8GdadQzMeo. Once in the vicinity of Abu Dhabi, it is a sin not to get here – to touch auto-wonders with your own hands, and completely free of charge.

Qasr Al Hosn (White Fort)

The Old or White Fort is the former residence of the ruler of Abu Dhabi and the only stone building in the city over 50 years old. Previously, the fort was “white” in name only. The white color appeared as a result of the refurbishment of 1976-1983. Originally built in 1761, the building was a circular watchtower to protect a source of precious fresh drinking water. Then it grew to a small fort, which became the residence of the sheikh. In the late 1930s, the fortress was expanded and rebuilt, and it opened to visitors in 2007.

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

This huge exhibition complex annually hosts the famous IDEX – the largest exhibition of military equipment and weapons in the Middle East and North Africa. They say that at one of them they received a guest from Russia – the famous Kalashnikov – like a king. From the stands of the exhibition, sheiks like to watch the shooting-flights of modern military equipment.

Of course, the complex is not just fixated on the military. Other international exhibitions, conferences, even weddings are held here, and, of course, the center receives a sea of ​​visitors – about 1.8 million annually.

Khalifa Park | Abu Dhabi

The best place in Abu Dhabi for relaxation and fun. It is loved by locals, and tourists are not ignored either. The park is named in honor of the President of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Khalifa without Zayed Al Nahyan. Its construction cost the city authorities $ 50 million. The park has its own aquarium, an amphitheater, a network of domestic mini-trains, playgrounds, and gardens.

There is a museum that will acquaint you with the history of Abu Dhabi from prehistoric times to the present. The time tunnel monorail will take you back in time with all its sights, sounds, and smells. And most importantly, in Abu Dhabi, there are no signs “Do not walk on the lawns!” On the contrary, walking, sitting, and even lying on the lawns is allowed.

Heritage Park, Abu Dhabi

Six symbols of the Arab world, six monumental figures of white stone gathered together in the Heritage Field to greet guests with a stately calm and cool streams. These are the most famous fountains The Cannon, the Watchtower, the Coffee Pot, the Vessel for Rose Water, the Hat for Covering Food, and the Bowl for Incense Smoking. They are so popular that one of them, the Coffee Pot, is even featured on the one dirham coin.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

A luxury hotel operated by the Kempinski chain and owned by the government of Abu Dhabi. The rulers of several states in the region have lifetime personal numbers here. The hotel has a library of music, films, and media books; the largest banquet hall in the Middle East. All technical equipment in the rooms is controlled by the multimedia system of the so-called “smart home” – instead of the usual switches, there is a small panel with a bunch of buttons. The keys to the rooms are decorated in the form of coins stylized as gold.

The surrounding area is huge, around the palace there is a large green park with palm trees and fountains. There is its own golf course, a children’s water park with water slides, a plunge pool, caves and waterfalls, a relaxation area for adults with pools, and a jacuzzi. The hotel has a really nice private beach – sandy, huge, very clean, with 24/7 security; there are no artificial islands or construction nearby. The sea is transparent, an abundance of various animals, so it makes sense to swim with a mask.

Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi

The 5.5 km long track on Yas Island is the most modern in Formula 1. Since 2009, in November, it has hosted the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the last leg of the world season. Anyone can drive between races on the track on karts or light cars.

Abu Dhabi city beach

The beach on the embankment of the capital is divided into a number of sections, including paid, free, family plots. If desired, you can choose areas with grass or sand under the canopy of trees. There is everything for the convenience and comfort of vacationers: sun loungers, umbrellas, changing cabins, showers, and toilets, a sports area, a rescue service, beach accessories shops, cafes.

If you get tired of the sun, it’s just a stone’s throw from the coolness of the Family Park, where, in addition to shade, you can find children’s playgrounds, picnic areas, and physical education. And this is far from the only park on the waterfront where you can escape from the beach.

The beach was the first in the history of the Gulf countries to receive the “Blue Flag” – an international quality certificate established in 1978 in France and awarded annually to the best beaches in the world.

Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club

Despite the fact that the Koran prohibits gambling, one cannot say that the gambling business in the UAE is completely absent, they just try not to advertise it. Perhaps the only official gambling establishment in Abu Dhabi (it is also the largest) is the Equestrian Club. Arabs who appreciate and love horses carry all their accumulated passion here.

Residents of Abu Dhabi, especially members of the ruling family and sheikhs, are very sensitive to thoroughbred horses. Horse races are held regularly: races for the President’s Cup, for the Cup of the National Day and the Champions Cup, etc .; in addition, show jumping competitions and endurance races (for distances up to 160 kilometers), and horse beauty contests are held.

The Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club, spread over a vast area in the Al Musherif area, 10 minutes from the city center, is considered the most modern equestrian club in the Gulf countries. A well-equipped hippodrome, a training club with instructors of all levels for students of all ages, a large central arena with various obstacles.

For golf lovers, there is also a natural turf course illuminated by powerful floodlights, where you can play even after sunset, as well as a new tennis court and swimming pool – a very popular place in the club. There is also a restaurant with international cuisine.

Al Raha Beach

Al Raha Beach, an open-access state beach, is one of the cleanest and safest. The beach has chosen a very convenient and profitable place for itself: along the road connecting Abu Dhabi and Dubai (behind the Umm Al-Nar ring), just 20 minutes from the center of Abu Dhabi, and 10 minutes from the airport.

The golden sands of Al Raha Beach is a resort that has recently gained popularity among tourists. Miles of free coastal space, where you can find already developed areas, and still quite wild. It is still in the stage of development and growth, new hotels, residential complexes are rapidly appearing here (it was here that the bizarre Aldar HQ building – the world’s first skyscraper-sphere – grew up ), shopping centers, marinas, restaurants. In the near future, it will be another waterfront in Abu Dhabi.

Halat al Bahrani

On one side of the island of Bahrain, a tourist resort center with a hotel and entertainment complex is built. There is even a mini-reserve here – a small corner of wildlife with birds, chamois, and gazelles.

The second side of the island is a strip of many kilometers of beaches: wild, clean, with white sand and azure water. True, the standard set of amenities is unlikely to be found there. But there will obviously be much fewer people than on an ordinary city beach if at all you can run into someone on these immense sandy spaces.

Get to the island by boat, chartered from the Sheraton Abu Dhabi Resort & Tower. It will cost $ 150 for the first three hours and about $ 40 more for each subsequent hour. A forty-minute sea voyage in itself will be a pleasure.

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

A brand new water park (opened in early 2013) is located on Yas Island, which has already become famous for two grandiose projects dedicated to Ferrari – the Ferrari World theme park and the race track for cars.

The water park can accommodate 6,000 people, and its size is equal to 15 football fields. There are 43 water attractions in the park, five of which are unique in their kind, for example, the 238-meter high Dawwama attraction, which creates the effect of a real tornado.

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