Mauritius for everyone

Mauritius for everyone

Mauritius for everyone: The island of Mauritius is located south of the Indian Ocean, 900 km east of Madagascar. This island was uninhabited until the 16th century, then it was a colony of the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French, and the British. Now the Republic of Mauritius is an independent state, where beautiful architecture and generous nature remind of the rich colonial past, and incomparable beaches and a huge number of tourist attractions for every taste tell about the happy present. Today we want to tell you that whatever the reason for your vacation, Mauritius will fully satisfy any request.

In the women’s company

If the writers wanted to send the heroines of the series “Sex and the City” on vacation, their choice would most likely fall on Mauritius. Spa and Wellness tours to this island are especially popular among tourists from Europe, which in turn encourages SPA centers to compete and improve. By the way, tourists come here not only for massages but also for plastic surgery, since there are many private clinics in this area in Mauritius. Among other spas, the complex programs in Ayurvedic centers and traditional African and Creole treatments are especially distinguished, for which flowers, herbs, and natural organic oils of local production are used.

What to do after a healthy and enjoyable body treatment? Go shopping, of course! From Mauritius it is necessary to take the highest quality cashmere and vanilla tea, here you can buy jewelry with precious stones very profitably, the prices for them are 40% lower than in Europe. Bargainers can take their breath away at local markets and fairs, the largest of which is in Flac, Quatre-Born, and Goodland.

A gastronomic component will pleasantly complement the girls’ holidays – the abundance of fresh tropical fruits will make the detox program pleasant and easy!

In a male company

The tropics are not the most obvious destination for traveling with guys but do not rush to the conclusion that Mauritius is definitely losing to Bavaria. The local beers Phoenix, Blue Merlin, and Black Eagle are unlikely to be tasted anywhere else, and Green Island white rum will rank high on the list of must-haves to bring home. In the Pamplemousses botanical garden, a colonial manor has been restored, where you can explore all the stages of making rum from sugar cane and, of course, taste it. Gambling is not prohibited in Mauritius, and casinos operate in large hotels. By the way, noisy parties with the use of alcohol are tolerated much more easily in tropical climates.

If you prefer sports and a healthy lifestyle to outings, Mauritius is a great place to learn surfing or kite surfing. The water temperature does not drop below 22˚C all year round, so all you need is swim shorts and determination, and everything else will be assisted at one of the many kite and surf schools.

What you can really tell your friends and colleagues excitedly is about fishing in Mauritius. Trolling fishing in the open sea, with salt spray, weathered faces, and sea slang, and most importantly – a hefty catch! Even if you have never held a fishing rod in your hands, you can safely count on a large tuna, blue marlin, and if you are lucky, you will be able to catch a hammer fish.

Romantic getaway

Mauritius is one of the five most popular resorts for weddings and honeymoons. Here you can hold a wedding ceremony in any format, according to the traditions of any of the confessions, and even to the sound of ocean waves, replacing Mendelssohn’s march. Your honeymoon will be filled with romantic beach walks, secluded evenings, oceanfront dinners, and sea cruises. Plus, Mauritius has a team of wedding photographers to capture the most delicate moments of your romantic trip.

With kids

During a family vacation in Mauritius, parents won’t have to puzzle over what to do with their child while they work on an even tan. Most hotels have special children’s clubs, the pools are equipped with small water slides, and the little ones are supervised by animators.

Educational excursions will not leave adults indifferent either: in Mauritius, you can meet huge 100-year-old turtles, feed giraffes and play with young lion cubs. During boat trips, you will be able to observe friendly dolphins and swim with masks on the vibrant, densely populated reefs. The most active ones should go to the amusement park with cable cars for skiing over the green hills. There are several difficulty levels, differing in height and speed. There is also a large water park in Mauritius called Leisure Village.

Of course, a considerable part of the time should be devoted to a beach holiday – swimming with children in Mauritius is completely safe, thanks to the barrier reef, the water near the coast is calm and clean, and high and strong castles can be built from coarse sand.

For all

At this point, we have collected those places on the island of Mauritius that will be of interest to tourists regardless of gender and marital status. First of all, this is the main wonder of the island – the colorful sands of Chamarel. The spacious dunes are painted in seven vibrant colors, and the sand of different colors very quickly separates into layers, even if it is properly mixed. Another must-see point is the sacred Hindu city of Gran Bassin: a majestic temple stands on the shore of a calm, clean lake, where, according to the stories of local residents, fairies came to swim.

Mauritius will make an indelible impression on those who love outdoor recreation: a huge national park, trekking to the top of a volcano, a series of waterfalls, ylang-ylang plantations – it is simply impossible to single out the most beautiful corner here. There is also a lot of entertainment related to sports: horseback riding, golf, tennis, cycling, kayaking, and kayaking, even paragliding.

The last place on our list, which is definitely worth seeing in Mauritius, is the Cape of Cap Malheureux, named “Unlucky” for the wild uninhabited landscape with a single old church on the edge of the cliff. This is the best place to feel acutely like a grain of sand in a huge world, tiny, but completely happy!

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