Best Agritourism Resorts

Best Agritourism Resorts
Best Agritourism Resorts

Best Agritourism Resorts: Agritourism has its roots in European countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, and France. In these countries, travelers can easily find farms and farms to spend a few days there and get to know the way of rural life.

But, as the “cultivation” of such tourism destinations develops, the number of rural farms offering agritourism services began to increase around the world. Today we bring to your attention four agro-tourist resorts that deserve your attention.

The four best agritourism resorts

  1. Risonare Nasu, Japan

Opened in 2019, Risonare Nasu, part of Hoshino Resorts, is part of a working organic farm in Japan. This makes it the best agritourism resort in the country. Located just a 90-minute bullet train ride from Tokyo, Risonare Nasu is surrounded by forests and rice fields in Tochigi Prefecture.

It is planned that the farm will eventually grow up to 80 different types of vegetables and herbs both in greenhouses and in the fields. Guests can participate in agricultural work. Sow the seeds yourself and make your own herbal tea from the farmstead.

  1. Hotel Torgglerhof Apple Apple, Italy

The Torgglerhof Apple Hotel in South Tyrol, Italy is an upscale farm hotel where people pick fruit from orchards and vineyards and ride tractors. It also produces its own sparkling apple wine (the farm grows seven varieties of apples on 45,000 square meters of land).

“We are convinced that in the growing interest of people in agritourism lies the desire to escape the stressful urban environment and everyday routine,” explains the representative of the hotel.

  1. La Granja, Ibiza

The agro-resort includes a farmhouse with nine bedrooms and another detached house for two. The resort of La Granja in Ibiza, surrounded by pine and citrus trees, is managed in partnership with the Ibiza Conservation Foundation.

You can spend the night in a farmhouse or villa and participate in the harvesting and tasting of a rich variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, from melons to eggplant. “Farm rituals” are also offered, such as guided meditations and community farming.

  1. Farm Forest, Wales

Forest Farm is located on the coast of West Wales, near the town of Cardigan. It has a cedar forest sauna and its own pub.
There are also extensive vegetable gardens for growing all sorts of foods that are later served for breakfast and dinner (the choice is huge, from homemade muesli to eggs from local chickens and Welsh butter). The Garden Shac and you will also have access to your own summer kitchen.

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