Azure: Affordable holidays on the Black Sea coast


A family holiday resort near Kherson, surrounded by the Black Sea and the Dzharylgach Bay. Azure is another seaside resort that competes with Zatoka and Iron Port on the Black Sea coast.

Where is Azure located?

The small village of Lazurne ( Ukr. Lazurne) is located on the Black Sea coast in the Skadovsky district, Kherson region.

Weather in Lazurny: air and water temperature

The average air temperature in summer rises to + 25−30 C. What is the sea in Azure? The water temperature in summer is + 22-25 C. The swimming season opens in June – the water is already warming up to +22, and housing prices are quite low, but it can be cold at night.

The peak of the season in Lazurny is mid-July-first half of August, after August 20, the water temperature in the sea gradually decreases, the nights become colder.

The beaches in the resort village have white fine sand. The depth near the shore is shallow, which is ideal for children. The resort is well equipped with umbrellas and sunshades, you can also rent sun loungers.

How to get to Lazurne from Kyiv and Kherson

The easiest way to get to Lazurnoye from Kherson – a distance of about 100 km – is by regular bus ( departs several times a day) or by minibus ( runs every 30 minutes) from the bus and railway station. Travel time is 2 hours.

From Kyiv, you can get by intercity bus or by train to Kherson, where you can then transfer to a minibus to Lazurny. During the summer, trains run very frequently. By car, you can get from Kyiv in 9.5-10 hours – the distance is about 700 km.

The private sector, recreation center, or hotel. Prices for holidays in Lazurny

In Lazurny, there is a large selection of diverse housing – there are both Soviet recreation centers and modern hotels with a swimming pool.

The most expensive options are on the first line from the sea.

Recreation centers, boarding houses – from 500 UAH to 900 UAH for a double room.
Mini-hotels, hotels – from 600 UAH to 1800 UAH for a double room.
Private sector – from 100 to 300 UAH for two.

What to do in Azure?

In Azure, you can visit the amusement park, as well as ride horses and even camels. In the resort village, there is a rental of water scooters, catamarans, and diving. Lazurny has several nightclubs and restaurants.

Also, excursions are organized from the village to the Skadovsky water park, to the island of Dzharylgach – the largest uninhabited island of Ukraine, to the biosphere reserve Askania-Nova, as well as to the Black Sea biosphere reserve, which is home to about 450 species of animals.

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