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5 cities in the world that everyone wants to live in

5 cities in the world that everyone wants to live in: When we think of a vacation, a major city is the last thing that comes to mind. Busy roads, built-up areas, and large traffic flows seem far from a calm life.

However, there are interesting options here. In a world that is more focused than ever before on protecting the environment, governments have to spend a lot of energy on anti-pollution programs.

Experts from the Uswitch analytics platform analyzed cities around the world based on several factors:

  • Power consumption
  • Infrastructure
  • Availability
  • Pollution, air quality, and CO2 emissions
  • Percentage of available green spaces

So what are the most environmentally friendly cities in the world?

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark prides itself on being a leader in the transition to a green economy, so it’s no surprise that its capital is in the top five cleanest cities. The proximity of the city to the sea and a large number of green spaces make it one of the happiest places in the world, as well as one of the most environmentally friendly.

  1. Dubai, UAE

Dubai, which looks a little strange, and is rarely associated with the purity of nature, is still one of the five most environmentally friendly cities in the world. He even has his own project dedicated to this cause called “Sustainable City”, which aims to prioritize a sustainable lifestyle.

  1. Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane’s sustainable development strategy is based on the natural environment surrounding the city. A 15-year sustainable development plan was adopted, from 2017 to 2031, focusing on clean air, biodiversity, and low carbon emissions.

  1. Madrid, Spain

The Spanish capital is home to 300,000 trees and 64 square kilometers of green space, making it a leader in environmental development over the years.

The picturesque parks of Madrid are one of its many tourist attractions. These include Monte de el Pardo, a protected natural park about 50 times the size of New York’s Central Park.

  1. Canberra, Australia

According to the Uswitch report, Canberra is the most environmentally friendly city in the world. The Australian capital has excellent public transport connections, which reduces the emission of gases into the atmosphere. Thanks to this, the city has taken one of the lowest places in the pollution index.

Canberra relies heavily on solar power and nearby wind farms. Australia is often seen as a leader in environmental well-being, as people are aware of the role that ecology plays in the quality of life of a people and a country.

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