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Interesting tourist routes in Angola

Interesting tourist routes in Angola: Not so long ago, Angola was torn apart by civil war and was the center of instability, and today the country is realizing its tourism potential: tourists have filled many parts of the country, from the charming seashores to the vast expanses of savannahs inland.

Five of the most interesting tourist routes in Angola

  1. Drylands

One of Angola’s biggest attractions in the southwest is the Namib Desert. It runs from Angola through Namibia to the Kalahari in South Africa. The local tribes living in the Angolan part of this desert will gladly show you their culture and heritage.

On the borders of the desert, you will find many places to stay. And for those who love adventure, the area also offers many opportunities for camping or glamping.

  1. Wetlands

Seeing the Namib Desert is a breathtaking sight, but this is not even a tenth of all the beauties that this region will offer you. Moving further inland, you will see unique agricultural regions, wetlands, and wildlife.

The rivers of the province of Cuando Cubango flow into the Okavango Delta, one of the last wetlands on Earth untouched by man.

The National Geographic Wilderness Project Okavango team has spent years studying these sites. For conservationists like Stefan van Wyck, Cuando Cubango is a special place. “This is the most peaceful place to stay and I see a lot of potential for tourism in this area,” said van Wyck.

  1. The noise of the beaches

Back on the coast, you can have a rather unique experience of enjoying the sea if you don’t want to go to one of the popular resorts. Many beautiful points of the country can only be reached by off-road vehicles. They will take you to special places that you might otherwise miss. A group of enthusiasts regularly make joint trips in off-road vehicles to the place where the Onzo River flows into the sea.

Alfredo Oliveria, head of this group of off-road fans, says: “For everyone who loves nature and off-road driving, Angola is an ideal country, excellent in every aspect”

  1. Riding a motorcycle along the coast

Traveling on two wheels is also a great way to discover Angola. You can stop on a motorcycle at amazing places, such as the Miraduro viewpoint, which offers one of the most memorable views in the world. According to Jorge Custodiu de Almeida, president of the motorcycle group Amigos da Picada, this is one of the reasons that makes Angola an “attractive country”.

To unwind after a long bike ride, you can relax in a luxury hotel like Mubanga. This is a rural corner with a wonderful evening atmosphere.

  1. Relaxing train

You can also afford to take a train ride in Angola, relax and admire the beauty of the new, luxurious two oceans route. This is the first passenger service from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania to Lobito in Angola.

This is a trip that everyone will feel is special.

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