What to do in Lapland?

What to do in Lapland?
What to do in Lapland?

What to do in Lapland?: Let’s be honest, Lapland is always beautiful, but in the summer there is nothing to do there except fishing. It is best to come here during the polar night season. In the north of Finland, the whole movement begins with the approach of Christmas.

We advise you to come to Rovaniemi, the unofficial capital of Lapland. This is a very nice city located beyond the Arctic Circle.

You can get here either from Helsinki, which will take you around two to three hours or by taking a direct flight to Rovaniemi, the city has an airport. What to do here, you will definitely find. We will simply outline an action plan for you so that you do not miss anything.

See the northern lights

Hotel Kakslauttanen

In Lapland, the northern lights can be observed with enviable regularity, and it is best to do this while lying in a warm bed. Hotel Kakslauttanen is made up of individual glass igloos. Through the domes, which do not fog up and are not covered with frost, you can admire the northern lights without going outside. But even the most comfortable conditions cannot promise you a 100% chance that you will be lucky enough to see this miracle of nature. Therefore, we advise you to go to the website of the Institute of Meteorology of Finland called Auroras Now. There you can sign up for a free newsletter that will notify you of upcoming Northern Lights dates.

Visit Joulupukki

Coming to Lapland and not visiting Santa Claus is as strange as coming to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. If for you such entertainment is a kindergarten, still think ten times before giving up a trip to this fabulous place. Even the wife of the President of America, Eleanor Roosevelt, was there. Today, the Santa Claus residence houses an elf school and a calligraphy school. There you can learn how to bake and decorate fragrant gingerbread cookies, look at graceful ice statues and send a magical letter. The main thing is to treat what is happening without snobbery, then you will definitely enjoy it.

Enter the animal world

There are many options here: the Arctic Circle is a region almost untouched by civilization. The nature here is diverse, and there is something to look at, or rather, at whom.

Deer farm

More than five thousand people are still professionally involved in reindeer herding in Lapland. Therefore, it is an important part of not only the tourism business but also the local culture. On the farm, you will be allowed to feed the animals and ride a sled. You are unlikely to be able to rush with the breeze: the deer are already very slow, and they also constantly stop for a watering place (they eat snow). The view from the team is amazing – a reindeer buttocks. So it’s better to look around.

Husky farm

Bearhill Husky Farm is home to several dozen Alaskan Huskies. These are very affectionate dogs. They are not stroked so often, so they are glad to any visitor who wants to play with them. Alaskan huskies are smaller than normal huskies and much faster. Therefore, hold on tight when you sit in a sleigh pulled by five dogs.

Ranua Zoo

This arctic zoo is open all year round. There are no exotic animals and tropical birds here, but there are many abodes of polar latitudes. You can observe them as much as you like practically in their natural habitat. In total, there are about 50 species of animals and birds. Here you will have a snowmobile safari, and will also be allowed to look at the animals in the immediate vicinity: first, polar bears and other predators will be fed in front of you, and then wild boars and otters.

Get to know the local culture


This is a kind of local history museum. Here you will get acquainted with the ethnography, flora, and fauna of the harsh polar region. We do not argue that entertainment will seem like an amateur to many. But do not forget, Rovaniemi is a small town, with not the most memorable architecture. Moreover, the weather is unlikely to be conducive to long walks around the city. Therefore, it is still worth seeing the largest museum in Lapland.

Go to sauna


The sauna is the best place to understand the Finnish soul. There are more than two million saunas all over Finland, and this is only for five million inhabitants. Sauna complex “Metsakyulu” is located 15 kilometers from Rovaniemi, on the shore of a quiet lake in the forest. There are several saunas, a jacuzzi, and a bathhouse where you can take a good steam bath with a broom. After such procedures, do not forget to jump into the snowdrift. Good mood and good spirits are provided to you.

Try Lapland cuisine

Lordi’s Rocktaurant

This is quite an unusual place. Firstly, they serve national Lapland cuisine. You are unlikely to try this anywhere else. And secondly, the interior of the institution is made in the old knightly style: bars on the windows and skulls instead of chandeliers. The most delicious thing you can try here is an appetizer of thinly sliced ​​elk meat, salmon soup with milk, and pancakes with cloudberry and lingonberry jam.

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