Ice Cream Museum Opens in Singapore

Ice Cream Museum

World renowned landmark, the Ice Cream Museum Experimental Interactive Project (MOIC) opened its doors for the first time outside the United States. A world famous landmark, the Ice Cream Museum Interactive Experimental Project (MOIC) opened its doors for the first time outside the United States and now has such a museum in Singapore. Spread over an area of ​​more than five thousand square meters, the exhibition will consist of modern and changing installations that will inspire children and adults to taste their favorite dessert.

It’s no secret that ice cream is a universal symbol of joy, loved by both adults and children. And the museum, first of all, was created so that every adult would remember that there is a child inside each of us, and the museum will help bring a touch of positive to these memories and make the world even a little bit happier.

The Dragon Playground, a pink and yellow jungle of more than ten thousand bananas hanging from the ceiling, awaits guests.

The pink and yellow jungle is the largest pool ever created, filled with colored dessert sprinkles to dive headlong into ice cream! The museum aims to stimulate the imagination and present vivid, vivid # emotions.

During the tour, visitors will, of course, have the opportunity to try five options for magical ice cream, this will be a branded gift for those with a sweet tooth.

If you remember the history, then the ice cream museum in New York as a creative concept appeared in 2016, and its appearance became a real sensation. The museum immediately established itself as a platform for limitless creativity, and the number of those wishing to visit it is growing rapidly every year.

The enthusiasm of ice cream fans has made this site one of the ten most Instagrammable museums in the world. The museum successfully sells tickets to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, and its fans have seen hundreds of #celebrities from David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds to Katy Perry, Beyoncé and the Kardashians.

Keith Tan, Executive Director of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), said: “We are delighted that Singapore has been selected as the first country outside the US to host an Ice Cream Museum.

This innovative landmark will certainly be one of the city’s highlights, highlighting Singapore’s appeal as a popular travel destination. ”

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Cream Museum

Q. How much does the Museum of Ice Cream cost?

A – All self-guided tickets (from 12 noon) are $38; Children 2 and younger do not need a ticket. For private event booking, please contact us here.

Q. Is the Museum of Ice Cream Worth It?

A – Averall agreement. The museum is $18 (or $30 for a double ticket) face value Fosho. You get a good amount of free gifts, fun charms and photo worthy moments. … even mom, a non-ice cream fan, enjoyed it (and took so many pictures that she ran out of space on her phone).

Q. Where is the Ice Cream Museum?

A – The Museum of Ice Cream is a company that develops and operates interactive retail experiences or “selfie museums” in major US cities as well as Singapore.

Q. Do you get free ice cream at the Ice Cream Museum?

A – And yes, there is free ice cream throughout the museum. The Museum of Ice Cream became permanent in New York City. … Among the many rooms that guests can explore is a quintessential New York “Celestial Subway”, which is actually a three-story slide; a huge hall of scoops; And a huge pool of rainbow splashes.

Q. Can you eat ice cream at the Ice Cream Museum?

A – Yes! The Museum of Ice Cream has created nearly one hundred million sprinkles from antimicrobial biodegradable materials to build the iconic sprinkle pool. We clean them frequently in our own antibacterial spray bath. However they are not true edible sprinkles and cannot be eaten.

Q. How much time do you spend at the Museum of Ice Cream?

A – It takes about an hour to an hour and a half to pass through the Museum of Ice Cream. I suggest you use the bathroom before showing the museum as the tour will take too long until you go to the bathroom. Additionally, you only have one time in each room and you can’t go back.

Q. What can you do at the Ice Cream Museum?

A – Taste, Play, Dance, Connect, Imagine, Slide and Swim as you explore our world famous 13 multi-sensory installations across 3 floors and 20,000 square feet!

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