What to take on a plane

What to take on a plane
What to take on a plane

What to take on a plane: You can find many different products that will become indispensable while traveling. Going on vacation on an airplane, it is important to take with you only the most necessary items and things. Today we want to bring to your attention a selection of indispensable products for air travel.

What to take on a plane


During the flight, no one wants to be left without their favorite music, movies, or communication. Therefore, you need to take care of charging your phone in advance. If you always want to stay in touch, get a portable power bank. The device does not take up much space and provides wireless charging in absolutely any conditions. Among other things, the device can also be used as a stand for a smartphone.

Travel pillow

To make the flight as comfortable as possible, we recommend purchasing a neck pillow. It will greatly ease the burden of a long sitting position. It is not for nothing that a pillow under the neck of many families has firmly settled in a suitcase. The Hoomall travel pillow will become an indispensable companion. It will provide neck support on the plane. The production uses modern breathable materials. The pillow instantly takes the form of a neck. Use it as conveniently and comfortably as possible.

Mini plaid

If you have to fly for a long time, then you should definitely take a small blanket with you. As practice shows, not all airlines provide it to their passengers for free. According to the reviews of tourists, this thing is necessary. On the AliExpress website, you can always purchase a high-quality, comfortable, and compact travel blanket at an affordable price. It will be especially necessary if you plan to fly with children.

Sleep masks

It will not be superfluous to get your own sleep mask. In addition, the choice of colors and designs is simply huge. A sleep mask will allow travelers to get a good night’s sleep even in brightly lit aircraft cabins. The classic sleep mask is made of soft material.

Bag for documents and tickets

The perfect accessory for the traveler, it holds everything you need. In the bag, you can store your passport, tickets, and bank card. The book format provides easy access to documents, and the material used protects against jams and moisture. Now you are guaranteed nothing to lose. The organizer will give a unique look to your documents, and save and protect them from adverse effects. The document bag is the perfect gift for people who love to travel. Equipped with a convenient carrying handle.

Electronic steelyard for luggage and hand luggage

To avoid excess luggage and hand luggage, as well as additional fees for it, use the electronic steelyard before the trip, which can accurately determine the weight of up to 40 kg. The results are displayed on a backlit LCD screen. The device does not take up much space and can become an indispensable assistant, as well as significantly save the budget.

Suitcase covers

Beautiful, durable covers, which are presented in a huge assortment on the site, will not only help protect your suitcase from scratches and quickly find it on the baggage carousel at the airport but also give it a unique, attractive appearance. They are made from polyester which is easy to wash. They are presented in various colors, so everyone can choose the most optimal option.

Baggage tag

If you are a frequent flyer, then a luggage tag will become an irreplaceable thing. After all, no one is immune from the loss of luggage. It is a metal token that is securely attached to a bag or suitcase. There is a business card inside. There you can write down your name, phone number, email address, or any other information. Moreover, the price of this accessory is very low.

Carry-on bag

Since the weight of hand luggage is not very large, it is not difficult to cope with the load. The most important thing is to choose the right bag. After all, all the necessary personal items are loaded into it – cosmetics, hygiene products, documents, phone, house keys, etc. For convenient transportation, you can use a compact and fairly roomy bag made of waterproof cationic fabric.

Vacuum bags for clothes

Vacuum bags for clothes are products made of high-density polyethylene with a valve. They are used to store various items of clothing. Very often they are used by travelers during flights. With their help, you can pack clothes neatly and compactly. Vacuum bags for clothes, towels, and other things are equipped with a convenient fastener and valve. Products are made of a special material that protects the internal contents from the growth of microbes, mold, and fungi. On the site, vacuum bags are presented in different sizes. They will become indispensable during any trip, as things packed in them take up much less space in a suitcase and save interior space.

Set of vials for transporting liquids

To transport cosmetics and other liquids on an airplane, you must definitely purchase special sealed containers, which are compact in size and of high quality. Many airlines prescribe in the rules how transportation should be carried out. All the necessary liquid cosmetic and hygiene products can be transported in special travel bottles made of high-quality plastic.

Ear plugs for sleep

It is impossible to imagine a comfortable flight without earplugs. The hum of the engine, the conversations of neighbors, and other extraneous sounds can cause discomfort and interfere with rest. To avoid unpleasant emotions, be sure to get yourself earplugs.

Suitcase Organizers

If you want your things to always be in order, be sure to put them in separate cases before packing them in a suitcase. The composition includes six cases in which you can pack everything you need for the trip. For convenience, three voluminous and three flat ones are offered. Thanks to this, you can not only neatly sort things but also always have them at hand. Organizers for a suitcase will provide in ideal order.

Travel bottle

The bottle is made of silicone and has a sealed cap. It does not break, and the contents do not spill on the road. In addition, she also has a special carabiner, with which you can attach it to a backpack or bag. The perfect item for travel. Once you’ve cleared security, you’ll be able to fill a collapsible water bottle to take on the plane.

Foot hammock

After a long flight, it seems that the whole body hurts. To avoid this unpleasant sensation, you should purchase a special hammock for the legs. This original and easy-to-use device perfectly relaxes the legs and makes the flight comfortable. The foot hammock is a small copy of a well-known recreational device. The whole structure consists of a piece of dense fabric, two wooden blocks for its tension, a strong harness, and fasteners. By submerging your legs in a hammock while working, you can reduce fatigue and reduce pressure on the spine.

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