25 tips on how to stay safe when traveling

25 tips on how to stay safe when traveling

How to get a lost wallet back, what applications help you find a stolen phone, what you need to know if you are traveling by car and how to behave in crowded places – now our travel safety life hack is more relevant than ever. 25 tips on how to stay safe when traveling


1. Before traveling, find out more about the country you are going to. And this applies not only to attractions and hostels but also to such important things that usually do not have enough patience: safety, “bad areas”, exchange rates, quality of water and food, possible diseases – this information will help you plan your trip more carefully. For example, according to statistics, every third tourist is robbed in Madrid – and therefore, keep an eye on things and do not forget to shut your mouth when sightseeing.

2. If you are going to some completely exotic place, find out what vaccinations should be done in advance. And do it.

Money and documents

3. Before leaving, make copies and scans of all documents. Send the scans to your mail, and put the copies in several different places – believe me, this will be very useful if your passport is suddenly stolen.

4. Don’t carry a lot of cash with you – especially in one pocket. It is better to pay in general with a bank card – at least if it is stolen, you can always call the bank and block cash withdrawals on it (it is better to take care of the bank number in advance – it is not a fact that the Internet will be at hand during the trip).

5. There is research that if you put a photo of a small child in your wallet, the chances of getting the wallet back are significantly increased. Try!

6. Do not put valuables and your wallet in your back pocket – an inside pocket with a fastener, a shoulder bag and a hotel safe are best for storing such items.

7. Do not exchange money with the locals – it is better to overpay a little in official currency exchanges than to get fakes. For example, not long ago, in all exchange offices in the center of Prague, there was an announcement that it was impossible to change with the locals – instead of crowns, tourists were given Belarusian rubles.

8. Do not gamble with locals, even if it seems that winning is easy: be sure that black guys with thimbles at the foot of the Sacre Coeur in Paris and Romanians on Gellert Hill in Budapest are not the most honest guys, and raise money on such games it is unlikely to succeed.

9. Night is not the best time to walk around the city, and in most countries, it is better to bypass urban outskirts and poor areas in the daytime (unless, of course, you are a photographer who makes a project about life in Brazilian favelas).


10. Install on your phone an application such as “ Anti-theft alarm “, “ Android Remote Control “, Find My iPhone, or other similar. They will not only help you understand where your phone is right now (which is especially important if your phone has been stolen) but can also scare off a burglar with an alarm.

11. Alternatively, you can buy a Bluetooth beacon such as Nio Tag – it attaches to your bag, laptop, keys and, through an application on your smartphone, signals if a thing moves away from you at a distance greater than the specified one.

12. Download the React Mobile app- it helps you choose a group of people who will receive notifications from you if something goes wrong. With one click, you can send them an SMS or write in social networks – your potential rescuers will receive GPS coordinates and the number of the local rescue service.

13. If, despite all your precautions, the bad guys decide to rob you in public, don’t panic and try to assess the situation soberly. If there is an opportunity to run away, run, they are unlikely to be chased after you. If the robber looks completely inadequate, then perhaps it is better to part with the money. Carry a small wallet with you. Like, dude, that’s all there is.


14. The main rule of all who travel by car is not to stop in remote places. If you are thinking of saving money on a hotel and taking a nap right on the seat, you should not get up on the side of the road or, even worse, drive out into the field – no one there will even notice if something happens. Choose parking lots, places near gas stations, or police posts. And also look where the truckers hang out. These guys have a lot of travel experience, and therefore they know for sure not only the places where the food is excellent but also those where it is really safe.

15. Always keep your car closed, even if you are away for a short time, and keep valuables in the trunk or with you. Do you like to throw backpacks, cameras, or laptops around the cabin – then do not be surprised if the car is rudely opened or the glass is knocked out, and things are taken away by local hooligans.

16. In countries where there is a problem with traffic regulation (for example, in India or Egypt), it is better to give up the car altogether.

17. Before you decide to hitchhike, be sure to find out how things are with him in the place where you are going. For example, in Italy, hitchhikers are not favored, and therefore it is always useful to be aware of what to do if you stop and run into a valiant highway patrol. Thematic wiki to help you!


18. A sore point in many countries of Asia and Africa is the quality of food: the complete lack of sanitary control, poverty, and the reluctance of sellers to throw away stale food – dangers lie in wait for the traveler at every turn. Moreover, you are a one-time client, and you are unlikely to come back again. That is why stop by for a bite to eat where there are many local residents – a sure sign of a good reputation of the place, and also try to bypass the side of the institution where the menu is written in Russian.

19. All products that you eat in such countries must be thermally processed and without skin. As an option, prepared with you. Even if you follow your figure, it is better to buy a greasy pie, which was fried in front of your eyes, than a fresh salad, in which vegetables may not have even been washed (and if you washed it, then God knows with what water).

20. Water is a different story. It is in it that many infections are contained and through it, parasites enter vegetables. It is also better to refuse drinks with ice – most likely the ice was made from water Even teeth are best cleaned with water from a bottle.

21. Never eat where there is no access to a toilet and water supply. In addition to understandable inconveniences, you can run into much bigger problems – dishes in such a place are most likely not washed, but wiped, or rinsed in a bucket – in the same water all day. And even in Asia and Africa, we will not be superfluous to wash our hands before eating.


22. As recent events have shown, no one is immune from terrorist attacks, explosions, and mines – no matter where you are in the world. We have already figured out what to expect if you are riding around Europe right now, but it will not be superfluous to keep in mind a few rules of conduct – in case you find yourself in an emergency zone.

Any mass gathering of people is by definition a potential location for an emergency. That is why, before you start hanging out with your favorite group or lean on mulled wine at the Christmas market, it will not be superfluous to look around: where are the exits and how you can leave the location if something happens. Remember that in case of a terrorist attack and hostage-taking, the most realistic way to escape is in the first minutes – and therefore you need to understand exactly where to run. Agree with your companions in advance – where you will meet if the connection “falls”.

23. If something did happen (for example, a panic began in a closed room), try to stand firmly on your feet and in no case fall on the floor – they may just be trampled. If you fell, protect your head and try to get up as quickly as possible. When the crowd is carrying you, throw away your umbrella, take off your scarf, take your hands out of your pockets and squeeze them to your chest, clasped in a lock, so you can protect your diaphragm and chest.

24. On the contrary, if shooting starts, lie down on the floor and cover your head with your hands. Then try to understand where the sounds are coming from and find temporary shelter – for example, a corner of a house, a curb, a ditch – and crawl there carefully. If shooting and explosions started indoors, beware of falling cabinets, shelves, fittings, and plaster. Stay away from mirrors, windows, and lights.

25. It’s not worth hiding behind cars on the street – unfortunately, they explode spectacularly not only in films. The main thing is not to run – terrorists can mistake you for a target, and special services – for a terrorist. And remember, 112 is the only emergency telephone number in Europe.

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