Apps for business travelers: 9 useful

Apps for business travelers

A business trip is a serious event that requires effort, time, and concentration. An employee does not go on a tourist trip, but on a business trip, so it is important to optimize his path and stay in a new place. This can be done using a variety of mobile applications. Here are 9 useful apps for business travelers.

Today we will tell you which of them should be advised to install to all employees going on business trips.

OneTwoTrip for Business

Our iOS application allows you to work with the OneTwoTrip for Business business travel booking system. Using the application, you can purchase tickets and view information on flights – this is convenient to quickly buy a ticket while on the road or to clarify information without access to a computer.

PackPoint Packing List Travel Companion

This is a very handy application to help you get ready for the trip. The user must enter into it the purpose of the trip and its duration, as well as the destination – based on this data, PackPoint will advise a list of things to take on the road. This will keep you from forgetting anything important.


Very convenient offline maps for mobile devices. It is better to download maps of the necessary places even before the trip, then you can use them without the Internet at all, plan routes, search for objects on the map.


This application helps with business trips abroad. It operates in major cities in Europe, Asia, and North America. With its help, travelers can plot routes in unfamiliar cities, which is very useful on business trips, when an employee may need to visit the office and at several meetings in one day.

WiFi Finder

This application helps out when you need to find a more or less stable Internet connection in an unfamiliar city. WiFi Finder shows available free wireless hotspots in thousands of cities around the world.


This app is great for collecting physical receipts within an app for easier reporting.


On business trips, employees often meet many new people – for example, at events or negotiations. The CamCard app lets you scan business cards and quickly highlight important data on them. At the same time, the cards scanned in this way can be integrated with the CRM system for further work.

Currency EX

This is a simple currency calculator that allows you to quickly convert prices to a meaningful equivalent – useful when traveling abroad, especially to countries outside the euro area. Given the fact that so far, during the pandemic, the borders of many such countries have opened, Valuta EX becomes even more useful.


No travel tool review is complete without this app. TripAdvisor has reviews of millions of places in a wide variety of cities and countries, so it’s best used when planning your travel to a new city.

Above are the most useful Apps for business travelers.

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