Spa towns in Poland

Spa towns in Poland
Spa towns in Poland

Spa towns in Poland: When you think of places for a beach holiday, you can hardly imagine the Baltic coast of Poland. But you may be pleasantly surprised to find that this country has wonderful resorts and beautiful sandy beaches. The next time you’re traveling around Europe after restrictions are lifted, consider visiting one.

Seven best spa towns in Poland


Sopot is not only a place with one of the cleanest beaches in the country but also a popular resort town that has a lot of entertainment. Here you will find many water parks, concert venues, and cabarets. There are many shops and restaurants here, so you will have something to do in your spare time from the beach.


Actually, Hel is a peninsula filled with lots of beach spots and is a great place for budget travelers looking to have a good time. Small towns along the coast of the spit, such as Władysławowo, Chalupy, and Jurata, provide you with beautiful picturesque beaches. In recent years, this place has become very popular among tourists, so the cities have developed an entertainment industry, and here you will find many inexpensive hotels, restaurants, and cafes.


Gdynia is a major tourist city with two large beaches. Ortovo Beach is a less crowded and popular destination for paragliding due to its sheer cliffs overlooking the ocean and picturesque forest trails surrounding the shores. The beach north of the center is more popular.


The tiny seaside village of Rowy certainly doesn’t have the high-end amenities that many discerning travelers looking for on vacation. However, the unassuming will be delighted by the number of bustling pubs and restaurants dotted around the city. The beaches here are incredibly clean and provide ample opportunities for fishing.


Although Leba may not be the most exciting village in Poland, it has the cleanest and perhaps the longest beach on the coast. This is a great place for camping thanks to the long sandy coastal strips. Here you can go windsurfing, horseback riding, or simply explore the area’s dozens of sand dunes.


Kołobrzeg is one of the quietest beach resort towns on the Polish coast, boasting the great historic architecture and a beach that won’t be crowded even in the high season. You will often find people going to play volleyball on the beach and you can even take part in a tournament if you want. The prices here are affordable, and the city itself is a great place for walking.


Dębki is a name that foreign tourists don’t often mention, but it’s something of a seaside paradise located in northern Poland that the locals are probably trying to keep a secret. This is an unusual but beautiful place, ideal for relaxation. The city itself has only about 100 inhabitants but during the summer months Poles from all over the country flock here to relax in peace and quiet with beautiful views.

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