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Travel destinations for those seeking peace and quiet

Travel destinations for those seeking peace and quiet: After a year of pandemic chaos, many of us are looking for some peace and quiet.

Waves of old destinations are reopening to tourists, allowing millions of people around the world to start planning their vacations. Many of these people will want to find somewhere quiet to take a break from people and not worry about the coronavirus.

A survey by Original Travel showed that 63% of vacationers believe that peace and quiet are one of the most important elements of a holiday. Almost a third of people said the pandemic made having this indicator much more important to them. A quiet vacation doesn’t mean a boring vacation, and here are the best places in the world to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the coronavirus.

The four best travel destinations for those seeking peace and quiet

  1. Lofoten Islands, Norway

If you’re looking for some quiet time, it’s a great idea to spend a few days touring Norway’s Lofoten Islands, a remote archipelago connected by a ribbon of roads and bridges.

Admire the picturesque fjords and enjoy the freshness of the icy cool air as you bite into a plate of freshly caught seafood. Tourists have the opportunity to explore tiny fishing villages, go hiking in the hills and enjoy coastal kayaking away from the hustle and bustle.

  1. Ladakh, India

This twelve-day trip to the very north of India will allow you to experience traditional rural life. Take a break from the crowds surrounded by stunning mountain scenery and authentic Tibetan Buddhist communities.

Visitors are invited to pray in the company of Buddhists from the Tiksi monastery. If that doesn’t help you find peace of mind, then there is the possibility of spending three days hiking in the middle of rural India.

  1. Madagascar

This direction was created for people who love everything connected with nature. Whether you’re on land, rainforest hikes and nighttime walks in the rainforest, or out at sea, snorkeling in crystal clear waters, the island is made specifically for people who want to reconnect with the world around them.

Visitors are housed in historic Malagasy cottages and are treated to many of the island’s best dishes at a restaurant by the nearby Rianasoa Falls.

  1. Bhutan, Eastern Himalayas

This unforgettable trip includes rafting, visiting some of the country’s most beautiful monasteries, and an incredible five-day Thousand Lakes of Dagala trek through the Himalaya lakes.

There are challenges on this hike, but the incomparable views of crystal clear lakes and high mountain peaks are worth it.

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