Phuket: A Complete Guide

Phuket: A Complete Guide

Phuket: A Complete Guide: We say “Phuket” – we mean “beaches”. The island is considered the beach capital of Thailand. And although anyone in the kingdom claims this title – from Pattaya to some tiny island – the fact remains: Phuket’s beaches are the best in the country.

All the main sandy riches are located along the western coast of the island, which is convenient: you can roll along the sea and choose where you like best. There are plenty to choose from: on this side of Phuket there are about 15 beaches and all are different. The main ones stretch along the western coast of the island. If you want fun and communication, go to Patong. The sea is so-so, but people are a dime a dozen and a stone’s throw to Bangla Road, the center of Phuket’s nightlife. If you are thinking about surfing and miss the waves, choose Karon Beach. Tired of the noise and pandemonium? Head for Kamala Beach. If you are missing clean water and solitude, go to Mai Kao, Banana Beach, or Ya Nui, where you can find both and even the third. Let’s say a diving station or boat and fishing tackle rental.

The best time on the beaches of Phuket is from November to April. The temperature is a little over 30, and the sea is warm and calm. True, at the same time here is the peak of the tourist season. From mid-May to mid-October it is the rainy season and waves appear. However, on most beaches, you can swim during this period. The main thing is to be careful not to get into the water at night. For more information about the weather in Phuket, transport, hotels, and ways to get to the island – read the island information desk.

Before becoming the “paradise island” that we know, Phuket tried itself in many ways. For example, he tried on the role of an “all-Union smithy” when tin was found here 150 years ago, a lot of mines were dug and thousands of Chinese migrant workers were brought in. At the beginning of the 20th century, the “tin period” was replaced by a new one – “rubber”. The whole island was then planted with rubber trees and Chinese shift workers were brought in again.

It is not known how long the experiments with the industrialization of the island would have continued if in the 1970s someone had not come up with a brilliant idea to turn the old “smithy” into a new “health resort”. One can only wonder why no one thought of this before. After all, now a child understands that sandy beaches, mountains, and palm groves are best suited for a relaxed holiday, and the contented physiognomies of tanned tourists fit into the local landscape much more organically than tired miners.

Phuket Places to Visit

Ton Ao Yon Waterfall

Ton Sai is perhaps the largest waterfall in the vicinity of Phuket. Unlike the Bang Pae waterfall, where the waterfalls vertically from the cliff, on Ton Prai the water flows in a powerful stream from a mountain about 25 meters high. The walking path from the parking lot to the waterfall is 650 meters. In some places you will have to walk over rocks and tree roots, so wear comfortable shoes. The waterfall is located in Tai Muang National Park. In the park with an area of ​​more than 125 square kilometers, in addition to Ton Prai, there is also the Lampi waterfall, where tourists are most often taken as part of an excursion to Khao Lak.

Khao Rang Hill View Point (Phuket Town)

The observation deck, which opened in the fall of 2014, is located on Rang Hill. From the spacious terrace, on which the oriental-style rotunda has been erected, tourists and locals can have a bird’s eye view of Phuket Town and the bay.

Thalang National Museum

The National Museum in Thalanga is dedicated to the history of Thailand and Phuket in different historical eras. Here, samples of the rocks of the island have been collected, and traditional housing with household items and elements of interior design has been recreated in the adjacent territory.

A large exposition of the museum is dedicated to the period of the island’s defense from the Burmese invasion, in which two women played a key role. Another collection of objects and artifacts introduces visitors to the details of the 2004 tsunami.

Central Festival Shopping Mall 

The largest shopping and entertainment center in Phuket with brand shops, boutiques, restaurants, multiplex cinema, and beauty salons. On the territory of the center, you can buy clothes and shoes from world brands, modern electronics, and accessories from leading manufacturers.

The floors of the shopping center are divided by theme for a convenient pastime of guests. The first floor is occupied by clothing and footwear stores, the second – by branded points of sale of electronics from Apple, Samsung, Sony, and other brands. On the third floor, there are 2D and 3D cinemas, gift shops, the fourth is occupied by beauty salons and spas.

Phuket Cobra Show and Snake Farm (Rawai)

The snake farm with an exotic show is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. During the performance, pythons, mangrove vipers, Siamese, and king cobras perform the commands of the trainer and demonstrate to the audience dizzying tricks.

Before the show, guests can take pictures with snakes, and afterward visit a shop with snake farm products. Here is a wide range of drugs for various diseases based on snake venom, fat, and other substances. The most desperate guests are offered to drink the blood of a snake or eat its heart.

Phuket Mining Museum

The Phuket Mining Museum introduces guests to the era when tin mining was the basis of the island’s economy. The halls and the surrounding area contain household items and displays of home interiors and working conditions of local residents.

The entrance to the museum is paid, and it is worth visiting it with a guide or a person familiar with the history of the island in order to get maximum information. The museum is open seven days a week, so guests can plan their trip on any convenient day.

Alongkorn Poochamchote (Kob) is an author’s gallery and art space, where guests get acquainted with original works in a modern style. Paintings and sculptures by contemporary authors reveal the peculiarities of the Thai view of the world.

The gallery was founded by a famous native of Phuket, who lived and worked in Zurich for a long time and exhibited at famous European events. All works in the gallery can be bought, as well as ordered works of authorship for interior decoration or a gift to friends.

Phuket Philatelic Museum 

Despite the name, the Museum of Philately introduces visitors not only to the collection of rare Thai stamps but to the entire work of the postal service in general. The museum is located in the building of the first post and telegraph office on the island with a restored and stylized interior.

The museum is divided into three halls with different expositions. The first contains posters that tell the story of the emergence and formation of the postal service with the support of the United States. The second contains devices and equipment used in the post office at different times: scales, telegraphs, and telephones. The third room displays collections of stamps with popular and rare items, some of which can be bought as a souvenir.

Snake Kingdom (Chalong)

An educational and entertainment complex dedicated to snakes and reptiles introduces guests to the peculiarities of their life. The museum has a large serpentarium with artificially created conditions for the life of snakes of various species. The pride of the collection is the Mexican twilight rattlesnake, the only one in Thailand.

After the introductory part in the serpentarium, guests are invited to a lecture on the life of snakes, their structure, and reproduction. The standard excursion ends with a theatrical performance with the participation of Siamese and royal cobras, as well as the host – the holder of the Guinness Book of Records diploma.

Phuket Art Village is a community of local artists where they live, create and regularly host cultural events. There are several exhibition galleries on the territory at once, where guests and ex-pats can appreciate the peculiarities of the local flavor and contemporary art.

The art village regularly hosts exhibitions of both young artists and world-renowned masters, all kinds of thematic performances. All works can not only be viewed but also bought to decorate your home or office with a unique piece of art.

Phuket Seashell Museum

The Phuket Seashell Museum was opened by two collector brothers who collect original seashells and products from all over the world. The museum’s collection contains more than two thousand exhibits, including fossils with traces of ancient mollusks. Each copy is accompanied by a detailed description of the location and the approximate historical period.

There is a souvenir shop at the museum, where guests are offered small shells and products from them. Due to the peculiarities of the legislation, employees draw up special documents for souvenirs so that tourists can take them out of the country.

AR Trick Eye Museum Phuket

The Museum of Optical Illusion was opened in Phuket by a native of Korea after a similar institution in Seoul was a resounding success. Despite the fact that the museum is relatively new, many tourists have already visited it and appreciated the magic of optical illusions.

The museum is divided into several rooms dedicated to a particular topic. Drawings and installations are everywhere here – on the floor, walls, and ceiling, deceiving vision and cameras. Guests can take pictures in the museum in a variety of decorations, touch them with their hands, inflate figures and have fun from the heart.

Kata Beach

A small arched beach at the southernmost tip of the island, just after Karon. It is usually chosen for families with children. Kata Bay offers scenic views of Po Island, which lies in the sea nearby. Hotels and restaurants are right on the shore here.

During the rainy season, Katya hosts surfing competitions and is considered one of the best surfing spots in Thailand.

Karon Beach in Phuket 

The four-kilometer beach south of Patong is one of the most popular and famous in Phuket. Ends at a small promontory covered with palm forest. There are several fairly large hotels on Karon, but despite this, the beach is never crowded, and there is enough space for all vacationers.

During the rainy season, the high waves of Karon attract surfers from all over the world. The board can be rented right on the shore, but here you can also arrange to take a couple of ski lessons.

Patong Beach

“Holiday every day” – three kilometers of sea, sand, bars, and restaurants. Music in Patong does not subside day or night, and the range of entertainment will surprise even the experienced traveler. From water activities – skiing, catamarans, bananas, parachute, and other joys. It is better to sunbathe in Patong in the first half of the day until tourists come running; in the evening it gets too noisy and not very clean.

Tri Trang Beach Phuket

Tri-Trang is just a 5-minute drive from the bustling Patong. In contrast to its neighbor, the beach is very quiet and calm. There are practically no casual vacationers and passers-by, sellers do not scurry along the water. Basically, residents of the hotel of the same name – Tri-Trang hotel, which stretches along a steep slope, sunbathe on Tri-Trang. Above are the living rooms, and below, by the water itself, there is a restaurant. Another restaurant has recently appeared in the very middle of the bay and also belongs to the Tri-Trang hotel.

The beach has a peculiarity: the ebb and flow are very strong. The sea goes so far that you can walk knee-deep in water for a long time and look at the pebbles and corals that have appeared. To get a good swim, you should check the schedule.

Similan Islands 

Nine islands in the open sea 100 km from Phuket – the best diving destination in Thailand. The Similan Islands, or simply Similans, is a strictly protected marine reserve listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nature here still remains completely untouched, and the marine inhabitants are unfamiliar with the worst manifestations of human nature. Huge manta rays and whale sharks not only do not swim away at the sight of scuba divers but even allow themselves to be stroked.

A sea excursion to Similany will be interesting not only for scuba divers: absolutely everyone can get acquainted with the animal world, snorkeling, and “land inhabitants” will feel like real Robinson Crusoe on the deserted wild beaches. Excursions to Similan by speed boats are offered by many Phuket travel agencies. Depending on weather conditions, a one-way trip takes 2 to 4 hours.

Kamala Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island just 10 minutes drive north of bustling Patong. There is a small coral reef in the southern part of the beach, which is good for snorkeling.

Right on the white sands of Kamala, there is the famous Italian restaurant B Babylon Beach Club – an ideal place for a romantic dinner accompanied by the sound of the surf. Themed parties are held in the club every Friday.

Phuket Zoo

A small zoo in the Chalong Bay area, on the shady territory of which you can have great rest from the heat. The main sight is an extreme show with crocodiles, during which desperate guys drag reptiles by the tails, stick their heads in their mouths, and just lie on their prickly backs.

The Phuket Zoo, of course, is far from the capital, but it is also quite suitable for exploring the animal world of the tropics. Colorful parrots, long-necked ostriches, monkeys, and tigers live here in spacious open-air cages, and some living creatures generally move freely around the territory.

Phuket FantaSea – The Ultimate Thai Cultural Theme Park

If you move the royal palace from ancient Siam to our time, add the illumination from Las Vegas, and populate it with animators from Disneyland, then Phuket Fantasy will be released – the most popular family attraction in Phuket. Basically, this is a typical American amusement park with games, carousels, shops, and a super restaurant, only for historical Thai reasons.

The most interesting part is the “Palace of the Elephants”, huge props mansions resembling the famous Cambodian Angkor, where in the evenings at 21.00 great light and musical performances with circus performers, folk dances and elephant concerts are held. He is the highlight of the program, for the sake of which it is worth getting to “Fantasy”. Three-ton giants build figures, perform tricks, and waltz in pairs, like trained cats of the clown Kuklachev. The children are delighted.

Seduction Nightclub (Patong)

A thing that is not immediately comprehensible: the nightlife of the Thai resort is run by … the Finns. Still, it’s a fact: Phuket’s main disco, the three-story Seduction, is owned by hot Finnish guys led by club promoter Santeri Nurmi.

Bangla Road in Patong has been a pretty famous place before. In terms of the degree of fun reigning here and the number of clubs, discos, and go-go bars, it was considered a direct competitor to Pattaya. But with the opening of the “Finnish” “Seduction” (as the name of the club is translated) on it, it also became one of the most fashionable music venues in Southeast Asia. Thanks to the efforts of Nurmi and company, famous DJs like Paul Oakenfold and Leeroy Thornhill from The Prodigy have become frequent visitors to Phuket.

Oceanarium in Phuket

The southernmost attraction in Phuket, which is definitely worth getting to. On weekdays, tourists come here for a pacifying sight: to gaze at the stingrays, seahorses and tropical fish (there are more than 60 varieties of them here!) Slowly swimming behind thick glasses. And on weekends – for the sake of a chilling show: at 11.00, employees hand-feed the sharks.

Those who do not know, scold the Phuket Oceanarium for its “small displacement”. They say that it cannot be compared with “normal” oceanariums like Okinawans or Dubai. Meanwhile, the attraction here was opened by accident. The aquarium is just a small extension to a serious scientific institution, the Biological Center for Marine Research. The center is engaged in rescuing and breeding turtles, which were almost overfished in these parts for gastronomic reasons.

launching. Young turtle stock raised in the center is released into the sea once a year – on Thai New Year’s Day in mid-April. A touching ceremony can be observed on the beaches of Nai Yang and Mai Khao.

Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World

The blooming area of ​​the park with orchids, waterfalls, and a piece of the real jungle is home to 40 species of tropical butterflies. Here you can trace all stages of their life, from pupa to adult insect. Butterflies flutter under the dome, drink banana nectar, and occasionally sit on the heads of visitors. In addition to them, predatory spiders and other arthropod inhabitants of the tropics live here.

Bangla Walking Street in Patong Beach

Bangla Road is Patong’s main party street. It consists of a huge number of small shops, pubs, and nightclubs. During the day there are few people – it is hot, sellers are even more willing to knock down prices – there is no trade. They sell everything that tourists might like – from jewelry and souvenirs, to “branded” watches, DVDs, and even edged weapons. This is the place where you need to buy the “Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Patong” T-shirt, put it on, and feel free.

In the evening, traffic on the street is blocked, vacationers come from the beaches and from shopping centers, and barkers (or barkers disguised as barkers) pour out of the establishments and offer to look at the ladies of fights, striptease, Thai boxing, or just for a drink. Numerous signs light up with all the colors of the rainbow, turn on music (everywhere, everywhere loudly, and everywhere different), and the fun begins. Bangla Road calms down (both clubs and all street shops) reluctantly and only in the morning.

Bang Tao Beach (Phuket)

No merchants of fried crickets, souvenir stalls and unpleasant smells from small cafes – Bangtao is completely different from other beaches in Phuket. With only 5-star luxury hotels, perfect coastlines, personal yachts, and well-trained staff, this piece of paradise is designed for the Forbes rich, Hollywood stars and computer moguls.

You will have to pay dearly for the opportunity to relax next to celebrities. However, Bangtao is worth it: you will not find such spas and delicious breakfasts anywhere else on the island.

As for the beach itself, the ebb and flow are not very pronounced here – you can swim or practice surfing almost all year round.

Moulin Rouge Phuket (Patong) 

The Moulin Rouge nightclub offers its guests daily show programs with the participation of Slavic dancers. Once a month, the club hosts a thematic show in the style of an American variety show with live music and group dances.

The entrance to the club is free, a prerequisite for visiting is to order drinks at the bar without a minimum amount. Guests can order an individual dance in the hall near the table or in a separate room, the club provides escort services.

Iguana Beach Club

The Iguana Beach Bar offers guests a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of a cocktail. The menu includes non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, snacks, and simple seafood dishes.

Iguana Beach is small, the seating areas around the bar are decorated with large pillows on which vacationers sunbathe. The price of the visit includes free rental of inflatable swimming rings; there is a shower and toilet on the territory.

Catch Beach Club Phuket

Catch Beach Club is located on the uncrowded Surim Beach away from the noisy club life. Guests are offered a leisurely rest on soft sofas and sun loungers, set among the greenery with canopies of white canvas and umbrellas on the beach.

The club has a bar and a restaurant serving European and Asian cuisine. Tourists from neighboring hotels can use the beach for free, everyone else pays the amount of the deposit, which is required to order drinks and meals.

Roots Rock Reggae Bar & Shop

Roots Rock Reggae Bar & Shop is inspired by Bob Marley with Jamaican touches and décor. Guests are offered beer and alcoholic drinks at affordable prices, cocktails according to the world, and original bartenders’ recipes.

Live music is played in the bar, here you can listen to reggae and cover versions of world hits by popular artists. If there is not enough room in a small room for all guests, the owners put tables directly outside to accommodate everyone.

Scuba Diving Phuket – Siam Aquatic Adventures

Scuba Diving Phuket – Siam Aquatic Adventures offers diving training, dive route planning, and equipment rental. It is a family-run school with professional instructors who speak the world’s major languages ​​spoken by clients.

The certified diving school prides itself on the individual approach to the training of each client, regardless of their level of training. It will help beginners learn the basics of scuba diving, while advanced divers will find interesting diving spots.

Tai Pan Disco & Night Club

The nightclub TAI PAN is one of the first cubes with discos in Patong, over the years of its existence it has become a popular place among fans of dance rest. It uses modern sound and light equipment to provide a first-class show for guests.

The entrance to the club is free for men and women, there is no need to make a deposit or make an order for a certain amount. The club regularly hosts parties with the participation of residents and visiting DJs, dance groups work.

Bar With No Name (Karon)

Bar With No Name is a small, family-run sports bar with traditional décor and large screens, where all kinds of competitions are constantly streamed. The establishment is popular with ex-pats and sports fans vacationing in Phuket.

The interior of the bar is made in a traditional style with high stools and tables for a small company. The menu includes several types of beer, strong and non-alcoholic cocktails, Thai and European cuisine.

Ska Bar & Kata Seafood Restaurant

One of the most popular bars on Kata Beach, built on large stone boulders. The bar often hosts theme parties and concerts in the style of R&B, hip-hop, and reggae, fire shows. In the evening, the bar offers beautiful views of the sunset and the coastline.

Guests of the bar are offered a wide range of cocktails and beer, snacks, those wishing to have a hearty lunch can order food from a nearby restaurant. The popular bar is housed in a small space where many people often gather for live performances.

Black Rose Bar

Pia’s Black Rose is located on Patong’s promenade overlooking the beach. This is a traditional bar with occasional parties and a comfortable interior with seating for couples and large groups. The bar serves beer, non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails according to world-famous recipes.

The bar offers a wide range of snacks and dishes from Thai and world cuisines. Here you can dine after a beach holiday or meet with friends in the evening for a cocktail.

Suzy Wong’s A Go Go in Patong Beach

Suzy Wong’s Ago-go nightclub offers guests a daily show with dancing girls on a large stage surrounded by tables for visitors. On request, here you can order a private dance performed by one or more dancers.

The club is made in the traditional Chinese style, which catches the eye even on the design of the facade. The assortment of the club has a wide card of drinks and cocktails, the interior of the hall and the costumes of the dancers are dominated by the Chinese theme.

White Room Nightclub Phuket

A popular nightclub on Bangla Road known to tourists for quality music, a wide range of drinks, and a lively dance atmosphere. The interior is decorated in white, on which the light show creates an impressive effect.

A large roomy dance floor and several bars in different parts of the hall are provided for the club’s visitors. Admission to the club is free for men and women, and parties are held every day until the last client.

Patong Beach Club 

Patong beach club street is located in the center of Phuket nightlife – on Bangla Road, a block from the promenade and the beach. Noisy parties with light shows are held here every day, attracting a large number of tourists.

The nightclub offers its guests a wide range of drinks and cocktails, famous all over the world. The territory has a large dance floor and a VIP area for companies that will not be disturbed by other visitors to the club.

Illuzion Phuket

The Illusion Club is a disco with popular contemporary music, famous DJs, and regular parties in different styles. The entrance to the club is free; every day there are shows in the style of the circus “du Soleil” with acrobatic stunts and gymnasts.

The territory of the club is divided into a general and a VIP zone with a total capacity of 1000 people. It is equipped with modern sound and light equipment for high-quality music and effective accompaniment of shows and dances.

Karaoke-Bar Karakatica (Karon) 

Karaoke bar “Karakatitsa” specializes in serving Russian tourists and immigrants from Russia. It offers a wide base of popular songs aimed at Russians, as well as a flexible pricing policy.

The assortment of the bar has a rich list of cocktails and alcoholic beverages, as well as a menu from partners – the Seafood restaurant. Guests can pay for an unlimited number of songs, as well as receive cocktails and a free song on their birthday as a gift.

Avista Hideaway Phuket Patong – MGallery

Avista Hideaway Phuket Patong is a premium five-star hotel ten minutes’ drive from the popular shopping mall and Bangla Road. Guests are offered comfortable rooms with sunset views, spa services, a gym, and access to the pools on site.

The hotel has a restaurant with Italian, Thai, French, Chinese, Australian cuisine. There is a rooftop bar with an extensive drinks menu, while the barbecue area offers creative seafood dishes.

The Zebra Cafe, Phuket

Zebra Restaurant specializes in Russian cuisine and culture, offering guests traditional homemade food and Russian-language channels and radio stations. There is a large menu for children with healthy, familiar products prepared according to traditional recipes.

The interior of the restaurant is made in restrained black and white colors, which are repeated in the colors of the menu and children’s dishes for young visitors. At the entrance, there is a large sculpture of a zebra, with which guests are photographed for memory.


THE ROOFTOP, Karon is located on the busy Karon Street and offers guests a wide range of non-alcoholic and strong cocktails popular around the world. Here, customers can not only order a popular recipe but also try bartender’s signature cocktails, which include natural juices and tropical fruits.

The interior of the bar is designed in the traditional style for such establishments – small tables with high chairs, wood trim, and neon signs. In addition to cocktails, guests can enjoy popular Thai and world cuisines for lunch or dinner with friends.

Walkabout Sports Bar, Karon Beach

The small sports bar Walkabout invites guests of the island to spend time watching the games and matches of their favorite teams. The room has fans and several large TV panels so that visitors can watch sports channels from anywhere in the hall.

The menu contains many types of beer, both imported and local brands, a wide range of snacks. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, guests can enjoy their own pizza recipe.

Boutique Resort Phuket – The Cove Phuket

The Cove offers a measured, relaxing getaway in bungalows and spacious villas overlooking the sea. The rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay – a private bathroom, air conditioning, TV, minibar, and free Wi-Fi.

The hotel complex has a bar with a wide selection of non-alcoholic and spirits and cocktails. The restaurant serves the Mediterranean and Australian cuisine and healthy set breakfasts.

Club Med Phuket All-inclusive Resort, Karon

Club Med is part of the global hotel chain and meets its standards for recreation and accommodation. It offers premium rooms for adults and families with children of all ages. It offers a private pool, a beach across the street from the hotel, a gym, laundry, and spa treatments.

The hotel has two bars and two restaurants with Thai and world cuisine, for the entertainment of children there are two clubs with animators, designed for different age categories. You can play tennis, book excursions, and receive any assistance from multilingual staff at the hotel.

Comics Cafe & Bar – Phuket

Comics Cafe & Bar is decorated in the style of Japanese comics with hand-painted scenes from the life of the characters on the walls and fittings. Guests are offered a comic-style menu with traditional Thai and world cuisine, as well as a wide cocktail list with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, world-class beer and our own production.

In the bar you can dine, taste original dishes and listen to music – in the evenings local and visiting performers perform here, themed evenings with dances are held dedicated to a particular event or holiday.


Sound Phuket provides lighting and sound equipment rental services for organizing celebrations, weddings, and parties. The company’s specialists help customers choose the configuration suitable for the event, deliver the equipment to the venue and take care of connecting and setting up everything necessary.

The company’s catalog contains light and sound equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers that have proven themselves in the market. Modern technology for organizing events will provide a wedding or other celebration with an appropriate atmosphere of light and music.

BPM Club (Patong)

Nightclub BPM offers guests a noisy dance break accompanied by the best DJs in the city. Themed parties with dances in different styles are held here, where everyone can find an event to their liking.

The nightclub is located in the entertainment center of Patong, so you can get there by taxi or on foot from the nearest restaurant. The menu includes popular world cocktails and branded drinks from bartenders, snacks. Tables can be booked in advance by phone.

Cocoon Phuket (Patong)

The nightclub restaurant Cocoon offers guests of the island a bright holiday to the music of the club’s residents and the best DJs in the world. Themed parties are often held here, so fans of different styles of music will find an event suitable for themselves.

The club has a restaurant serving traditional Thai cuisine, where guests can refresh themselves before a dance night. Almost every day, original shows with acrobats and gymnasts are held here, and bartenders entertain visitors with tricks and original cocktails according to signature recipes.

Bluesiam Beach Club

The Blue Siam Beach Club offers guests a measured rest by the water in a landscaped area. There is a spacious plank terrace with sun loungers, sofas, and gazebos made of wood. The entire territory of the club is in the shade of palm trees, from here a beautiful view of the sunset opens up.

The Beach Club has a restaurant serving a wide range of traditional Thai dishes and European touches. Private parties are often held here on the occasion of a wedding, anniversary, or other celebration; discos with DJs take place several times a month.

Royal Phuket City Hotel | A Largest Convention City Hotel

The 4-star ROYAL PHUKET is located in the center of the island’s capital, surrounded by popular tourist attractions such as the market and temples. In a 14-story building, guest rooms are decorated in a classic style, there is everything you need for a comfortable stay and stay.

The hotel has an outdoor pool with a landscaped area and sun loungers for guests. Guests of the hotel can use the sauna and gym, visit the cafe and restaurant, order breakfast in the room, rent bicycles and buy sightseeing tours.

The Smiley Bar (Patong)

Smiley Bar is an entertainment venue with a wide range of alcoholic drinks, cocktails, beer, and all kinds of snacks. The bar is located on the lively Patong street, guests can spend time in the hall with live music or in the outdoor area.

Every day, musicians perform in the bar, entertaining guests with world hits in their own performance. The establishment has a noisy and cheerful atmosphere; guests are offered discounts and treats from the administration.

XANA Beach Club

XANA Beach Club offers guests a comfortable stay in a landscaped coastal area. There are individual and pair sun loungers, gazebos, and sheds for small groups, as well as a swimming pool for those who do not want to go swimming in the sea.

On the territory of the beach club, there is a bar and a restaurant with dishes of Thai and world cuisine; music performances and noisy parties are held several times a week. The Beach Club has everything you need to spend an entire day with friends or family.

Surf House Phuket

Surf House Phuket is a sports and entertainment complex for beginners and advanced surfers. The only machine in Thailand is installed here, which creates optimal waves for surfing regardless of weather conditions. The complex employs trainers who will help beginners learn surfing, wakeboarding, and kiteboarding.

There is a bar and restaurant next to the pool, so you can spend the whole day here. The menu offers a wide range of seafood dishes and snacks, non-alcoholic cocktails, and spirits.


Uncle Yura’s restaurant offers its guests Thai and Russian cuisine in a familiar atmosphere. Here you can spend an evening with friends or family – a special menu is prepared for children, and adults can sing their favorite songs in karaoke.

The restaurant menu includes dishes familiar to Russian people with a bias towards home cooking – dumplings, borsch, okroshka, fried potatoes, and cutlets. The owner personally greets the guests and treats them with his own tincture. In the interior of the hall, a stand with signs on which guests write the cities from which they arrived in Phuket is striking.

Hooters Phuket – Patong Restaurants

Hooters Bar is part of the restaurant chain of the same name that came to Phuket from North America. Guests are seated on a veranda with tables for 2 and 4 people, as well as in an internal dining room that can accommodate up to a hundred guests.

The bar menu is traditional for this chain – signature chicken wings, steaks, Mexican dishes and traditional American burgers. The drinks list includes 21 cocktails, which are served in bars of this chain around the world. There are more than 12 TVs on the territory of the bar, on which guests can follow world sports events and cheer for their favorite teams.

Phuket Kart (Patong)

When the karting track in Patong just opened in 1991, many predicted an imminent closure. “Well, who would think of killing time on a dusty road, when there is such beauty around: the sea, beaches, jungle?” – said the skeptics. The pessimistic forecasts did not come true. Go-Kart Speedway not only did not close but also spawned a wave of followers. With an influx of tourists wanting to shake things up at the races after long beach laziness, one track was simply not able to.

Recently, an even more adrenaline attraction was added to the race track – Offroad Fun Park with a 600-meter dead buggy track. The ticket price includes night off-road races, an adrenaline rush, and guaranteed aching arms and legs the next day.

Surin beach

Surin Beach is often called the “street of millionaires”: villas here cost 1 million dollars, and among the hotels, more and more respectable “fives” come across.

Here, by the way, Thais themselves like to relax. It’s all about the amazing, so uncharacteristic landscape for this kingdom. The beach with white sand is framed not by palm trees, but … by pine trees.

Another reason to visit Surin is the most delicious restaurant on the island. In small cafes located by the beach, you can find everything your heart desires. From freshly squeezed passionfruit juice to the famous spicy tom yam.

Extreme lovers also like to come to the beach. Surin often has strong waves ideal for surfing. It even hosts international competitions for professionals. But Surin is not suitable for beginners – it is too dangerous here. Right in the middle of the beach, there is a group of rocks in the sea that makes surfing an extreme entertainment.

Phuket Big Buddha

Monuments-giants like this in the south of Thailand are a dime a dozen – there are easily two or three dozen. Enterprising Thais love to immortalize Buddha in reinforced concrete and then make tourist attractions with souvenir shops out of him. But the Buddha from Phuket managed to stand out from the background of the same type of colleagues by being famous as a loser monument.

At first, a group of enthusiasts who decided to build a Buddha in one of the most beautiful places on the island could not collect enough money for a long time – the construction was delayed for ten years. When, finally, in 2010, the beautiful snow-white monument was opened, Thai officials immediately announced: demolish! It turned out that the enthusiasts were allowed to build only a small, 12-meter high Buddha (it stands right there), but the 45-meter one is a squatter building to be demolished.

Now the case is going through the courts, and it is unclear how it will end. In the meantime, the monument has not been demolished, it is worth hurrying: the place is really luxurious. From the observation deck at the feet of the Enlightened One, you can see two coasts of Phuket at once: Chalong in the east and Kata in the west.

Promthep Cape (Rawai)

One of the most popular spots in Phuket. There is a small active lighthouse, souvenir shops selling painted elephants, and a small sanctuary in honor of the Hindu god Brahma. Actually, the last place owes its name: “Phrom Thep” comes from the Indian roots “prom” (Brahma) and “thep” (god). But Brama has nothing to do with the super-popularity among tourists. Hundreds of people – with and without cameras – come here every evening for something completely different: to gaze at the most beautiful sunset on the island. By the way, if you still do not learn to pronounce “phromthep” without hesitation, ask the local “ sunset viewpoint ”. So everyone knows her.

Mai Khao Beach (Phuket)

Mai Khao was once considered the quietest and cleanest beach in Phuket – no wonder leatherback turtles came here to lay their eggs. Nowadays, everything has changed: there is enough garbage to run. Although the virgin nature is still preserved, the beach even belongs to the territory of the Sirinat National Park. If you go a little deeper into the island, you can stumble upon rare species of birds and lizards.

Although the most popular types of “winged” on Mai Khao are airplanes. Phuket International Airport is separated from the beach by only a rusty fence. Children will be delighted to take a thousand pictures in which they “grab” the tail of an airbus or “hold” an airliner in their palm. However, swimming with small children on Mai Khao is not recommended: there is a rather steep entrance to the sea, and there is no rescue service on the beach.

There is no developed infrastructure here either – you cannot find heaps of bars, restaurants, or souvenir shops on the beach. But in abundance – planes overhead, a fairly clean sea, and amazing nature.

Phuket Orchid Farm

Orchids on the farm not only show and talk about their “habits” but also sell. You can buy either a cut flower in bloom in a souvenir box, which will live for another two weeks or a set of orchid “babies” that can be planted in a pot at home.

Phuket Thai hua Museum

The Museum of Chinese Life in Phuket Town is located in the building of the old Chinese school. Almost all local exhibits tell about the Chinese culture and life of ordinary peasants and workers who moved to Thailand to work in the tin deposits. Here you can see old black and white photographs, sculptures, wooden abacus, household items, and, of course, Chinese lanterns.

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