Singapore is known for its modern and futuristic designs, and this can be seen in its buildings, parks, islands, etc. The Gardens by the Bay is a major example of this. This garden is spread in an area of 101 hectares and has three unique gardens which are Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central. The unique arrangements of the plants and flowers as well as the climate control in each of these gardens make this garden truly amazing. Gardens by the bay – Singapore.

Apart from the beautiful blooms in these gardens, there are several unique things about the Gardens by the Bay. The Supertree Grove is the place where you would find 15 huge manmade eco-friendly trees that help in solar energy harvesting through their photovoltaic cells. Moreover, two 42 meters high Supertrees are linked together through a 128-meter aerial walkway at a height of 20 meters. You can take a walk on this walkway and get a gorgeous aerial view of this garden. Other than these, the Kingfisher Lakes and Dragonfly are some other major attractions of this place.

GARDENS BY THE BAY | Description

Located on the Marina Bay Waterfront in the heart of Singapore, Gardens By The Bay is the most iconic, recognizable, and admired marvel of engineering. Built and spread over 101 hectares or 250 acres of land reclaimed from the Marina reservoir, the idea behind the Gardens was to reimagine Singapore City. The architecture of this spectacular addition to the skyline of Singapore is one of the most beautiful things about this place. The place is just as beautiful from the outside as it is from the inside.

The largest section in The Gardens, it is home to some of the most amazing additions to the Gardens By The Bay. The main attraction here is the two cooled conservatories of the Gardens, known as the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Created in the most ecological and environmentally friendly manner, these conservatories are aimed to provide services without having to worry about the weather.

They are built as column fewer glasshouses of large stature and with amazing cooling systems installed in the roof of the structure. The Flower Dome houses Mediterranean and Semi-Arid conditions with plants belonging to Australia, South America, and South Africa. Whereas the Cloud Forest maintains cool and moist conditions to replicate the weather found in the tropics and between the height of 1,000m and 3,000m above sea level. The plant life housed in this conservatory belongs to areas of Southeast Asia, and Middle and South America.


-Three destinations in one
-High-tech conservatories
-Exhibition of public art
-The world’s (second) tallest indoor waterfall
-Luminous Supertrees
-Picturesque locations


Frequently asked Questions about Gardens by the Bay

Q. Can the Gardens by the Bay tickets be bought there itself?

A – Yes, you can get offline tickets to Gardens By The Bay at the ticketing booths placed outside the place.

Q. How much does a Garden by the Bay ticket price cost for kids?

A – The Gardens by the Bay ticket prices for the kids vary depending on the number of conservatories. The Singapore resident rate for a child between the age of 3 and 12 is $12 for two conservatories and $8 for one conservatory. The standard rate for kids is $15 for two conservatories.

Q. Does the Garden by the Bay ticket price include transfers?

A – The Gardens by the Bay ticket price includes a one-way transfer. The entry to the garden is free but if you want to take a look at the conservatories, then you have to buy tickets. The prices vary depending on the age of the individual. There are also 2 types of rates.

Q. How much does Garden by the Bay ticket price for senior citizens?

A – The Gardens by the Bay ticket prices for the senior citizens varies depending on the number of conservatories. The Singapore resident rate for senior citizens who are or above 60 years of age is $15 for two conservatories, but the ticket price reduces to $8 when it comes to one conservatory.

Q. Is the Gardens By the Bay best visited at Night or in the afternoon?

A – You should know that Gardens By The Bay is a property of about 101 hectares. If you start in the afternoon, it will probably take you the entire afternoon and evening to fully cover the Gardens. But, if you wish to see this place at its colorful best, evening is the best time to visit here, as you can then witness the show at the Supertree Grove.

Q. How much time is sufficient to complete our visit with Gardens by the Bay ticket?

A – You can easily finish the tour of the Gardens in as much as 4 hours. It is advisable that you start at 4 and wait for the light and sound show at the Supertree Grove at 07:30 PM.

Q. How much can I expect a meal to cost on average at the Gardens by the Bay food court?

A – The average cost of a 3 course meal in the Gardens’ food court is approximately SGD 40 to 50.

Q. What time of the day is good to visit gardens by the bay?

A – The most ideal time to visit Gardens By The Bay is the morning time, if you wish to see the conservatories. Evening is the most ideal time to visit if you are visiting for the light show at the Supertree Grove.

Q. What are the attractions and how much time will I need to allocate?

A – Spread in more than 101 hectares, there are a number of attractions that you can visit in a Gardens By The Bay Ticket. These are- Flower Dome Cloud Forest OCBC Skyway Supertree Grove Children’s Garden Bay East Garden The Canyon Art Sculptures On an average, you can finish seeing the entirety of the Gardens in an average 4 hours.

Q. Is there any option of buying tickets for cheap instead of buying on the spot for gardens by the bay? Are the discount tickets sold by various agents are real or fake?

A – Yes, there is. You will find that Gardens By The Bay Ticket Price is less if you book online, they will always be a little cheaper than the the tickets from the counter. Also, the process will be instantaneous and free of any long queues. Also, if you are booking from a trustworthy source, the tickets will turn out to be a 100% real. The discounted prices might throw you off a little but that is because the online platforms use special agent discounts.

Q. Do I have to print out the e ticket with barcode? Or can I present it directly present it on my phone at the turnstile?

A – You can show your voucher on your phone to the staff on the counter and they will scan it for your tickets. And, it is always handy to carry a printout.

Q. Is there any entrance fee for Gardens by the Bay as well as for sound and light show?

A – Yes, there is an entrance fee for Gardens By The Bay ticket. Apart from that, there is no separate fees to watch the sound and light show.

Q. Is it senior-friendly? Can we still access the domes, skywalk, and transpo even with wheelchair? Is there an electric wheelchair?

A – Yes, the Gardens are senior friendly, complete with mild slopes and elevators wherever needed. Wheelchairs are available on rent right outside the Gardens at a small charge. Electric wheelchairs, however, are not yet available as an option in the Gardens.

Q. Can we walk from the cruise terminal to Gardens by the Bay? How far is it?

A – Yes, definitely. The cruise terminal is not that far away from the Gardens, and you can easily walk all the way. It is barely over 2 kms for a walk.

Q. Which is the easiest way to get to Gardens by the Bay from Marina Bay Cruise Centre Terminal?

A – There are 3 ways that you can get to the Gardens from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre. You can take the train from there to the Marina Bay MRT Station and then switch for Bayfront MRT station. You can walk from there as it is a small walk away. You can even take a direct cab to the Gardens from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre.

Q. Does your Gardens By The Bay ticket get you admission all throughout the day and evening?

A – The tickets only allow you for a single entry. However, if you wish to re-enter, you can ask the staff at the exit terminal to put on a stamp at your ticket to allow you re-entry.

Q. Are there food establishments within the park or do we have to bring food and drinks?

A – Foods and drinks from outside are not allowed in the park, especially in the conservatories. You can easily get food at the many hawkers and fine dine options inside the Gardens’ food court.

Q. Is it best to buy Gardens By The Bay tickets beforehand or is it ok to buy on the day?

A – It will be the best thing if you can buy the tickets at least two days (48 hours) prior to your day of visit.

Q. How long does it take to walk around the gardens by the bay to see the general main attractions?

A – You can easily complete the gardens on foot in a breezy time space of around 4 hours.

Q. Where is the best and cheapest place to view the light show?

A – There are many great spots to view the light show of the Supertree Grove at the Gardens By The Bay. But, the best one sure has to be right under the Supertrees. You can sit or lie down on the soft ground there during the entire 10 minute show. Alternatively, the restaurants at the Gardens also give an amazing experience of the light show.

Q. What are some really good attractions nearby? Will they be open to visit after my visit to the Gardens?

A – The Gardens are conveniently located at the very edge of the Marina Reservoir, putting this place in the very heat of all the best tourist attractions of Singapore. You can go to see the following places- Singapore Flyer Marina Bay Sands, the Shoppes and the Skypark Observation Deck, Esplanade Theatres, Waterfront Promenade as there is also a show at the Supertree grove that happens every evening, chances are that the best time to visit the other attractions may be a little bit on the lesser side, so you will have to find a better time to visit the other attractions.

Q. Are there any good restaurants or cafes where I can have some food after I am done here?

A – Yes, because you are in the very heart of Singapore, there are plenty of places that you can and must visit when you are here. The ones inside the Gardens are these- Bay Leaf Oriental Western Bistro SuperTree By IndoChine Mcdonald’s And if you wish to eat outside the gardens, you can choose to pick any of these amazing and attractive places to fill up Club 55 Rise Restaurant Cafe Crema CE LA VI Restaurant

Q. Can I get cab outside it to get back to my hotel or go somewhere?

A – Yes, definitely. Do keep in mind that you are in one of the busiest and most visited places in Singapore, and that you will find no shortage of taxis to help you move around the city.

Q. Can I buy Gardens By The Bay tickets for kids? Will they enjoy it?

A – Yes, the Gardens, the grandeur, the supertrees and the night music and lights show are going to become the most memorable experience for your kids. And to make the place even more suitable for the little guests, the Gardens have even placed the “Far East Organization Children’s garden” inside their premises, so they can even enjoy more while on their visit here.

Q. What are the modes of transport available to reach Gardens By The Bay?

A – There are a plenty of modes that you can use to get to the Gardens from pretty much anywhere in Singapore. Here are a few examples- You can use the MRT, which is the locals’ way of getting around in the city (alight at the Bayfront Station You can hop onto a bus that will take you along the Marina Gardens Drive Walk here, either from the Helix Bridge or the Marina Bay Sands You can also drive to reach here by trying to reach the Marina Gardens Drive

Q. What is so special about Gardens by the Bay?

A – Gardens by the Bay is known worldwide for its spectacular design and lush green environment. It showcases a beautiful illustration of a wide variety of tropical plants and flowers and attracts thousands of visitors every day from all over the world. The Gardens also boasts of the world’s largest glass greenhouse, the Flower Dome, which is not only the crowd’s favorite but provides a captivating display of serene beauty.

Other hot attractions of the Gardens are the Cloud Forest, iconic Supertrees, OCBC Skyway, World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall, Garden Rhapsody, and many more. It is also popular among the visitors for its stunning 360-degree spectacles of the Gardens and Marina Bay that one can enjoy from the top of the centrally located and 50 meters high Supertree.

Q. How much time do we require to explore Gardens by the Bay Singapore?

A – You need at least half of a day to traverse the entire Gardens. The Gardens is spread over a very large area and comprises many stunning attractions, including cooled conservatories, skywalk, Supertrees, etc. If you want to explore all of the captivating structures and beauty of the garden, then you need a minimum of 6 to 8 hours.

The cloud forest itself takes about 1. 5 to 2 hours and the same time is required for visiting the Domes. After that, you need another 2 hours to enjoy Supertrees, walkway, Waterfall, and other surrounding beauties inside the Gardens.

Q. How can we book the Gardens by the Bay tickets online?

A – You can easily and quickly book your tickets to Gardens by the Bay online through official website or online travel portals.

It is advisable to book the exotic Gardens by the Bay tickets beforehand to avoid the last-minute disappointment.

Q. What are Gardens by the Bay timings?

A – Outdoor Gardens are open from 5.00 am – 2.00 am daily, while Cooled Conservatories, Supertree Observatory, OCBC Skyway, and the Floral Fantasy timings are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. Last ticket sale and last admission are allowed till 8:00 pm only.

Q. What time is Gardens by the Bay light show?

A – Gardens by the Bay’s majestic light and sound show, the Garden Rhapsody, is a 10 minutes show and is held at the Supertree Grove. The show timings are 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm daily.

Q. Where is Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest located?

A – It is located adjacent to the Marina Reservoir and is a must-visit destination for tourists of all ages. It serves as a cooled conservatory for tropical plants and flowers and lies in the Bay South Garden area in the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore and is next to Flower Dome (another cooled conservatory).

It is spread over a huge area and has in offer an array of amazing attractions that make the visit to this place one of the best life experiences.

Address of the Gardens by the Bay: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

Q. What are the things included in the Gardens by the Bay entry fee?

A – Entry to the Gardens by the Bay is free but you need to purchase a ticket to enter cooled conservatories, Floral Fantasy, OCBC Skyway, Supertree Observatory or enjoy Shuttle service or Auto Rider facilities.

If you want to enjoy all of these grouped together then opt for the Attraction Bundle, which includes entry to the Conservatories, Floral Fantasy and unlimited rides on our Shuttle Service and offers a discount of 15% on the ticket prices.

Q. Are there any Gardens by the Bay, Singapore tickets special offers?

A – Yes, Gardens by the Bay offers to its visitors a unique Attraction Bundle package which lets them enjoy up to 15% off on ticket prices. Also, this pack allows visitors full access to all three most popular attractions of the Gardens along with the unlimited Shuttle Service rides. This pass allows entry to the Floral Fantasy, Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.

Q. What is the description of Gardens by the Bay?

A – A truly majestic location in Singapore that leaves the visitor in awe with its spectacular views, attractions, and light and sound show. The Garden by the Bay comprises natural beauty and outstanding display of art and architecture. Few of the attractions of this exotic destination are:

The Cloud Forest: It not only provides the captivating views of the tropical highlands but features a 35-meter tall lush green mountain and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

The Flower Dome: It serves as a cooled conservatory and lets you enjoy the marvelous but changing display of Mediterranean plants and flowers.

The Supertree Grove: Known as the vertical gardens, it measures between 25-50 meters that come alive during the evening with magnificent light and sound shows. It also provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the panoramic views of the Gardens and the Marina Bay skyline.

Q. How much time does it take to reach from the Esplanade to Gardens by the Bay?

A – The road distance of Gardens by the Bay from Esplanade Theatre, Singapore is approx. 2.5 km. The distance can be covered easily in 5 to 6 minutes if you are driving or traveling by taxi or cab. But if you are traveling through a bus then the journey will take 15 to 20 minutes depending upon the traffic and road conditions. You can also walk from the theatre to this exotic location and the stroll will be a pleasant one.

Q. How much time Gardens by the Bay architect took to build it?

A – It took almost 5 years to complete this exceptional ‘City in a Garden,’ which was the vision of the National Parks Board of Singapore. In January 2006, an international competition was launched and two winners (Grant Associates for Bay South and Gustafson Porter for Bay East) were announced in September 2006 to design and build the Gardens.

The construction of the Gardens started in November 2007 and it was opened for the general public on 29th June 2012.

Q. Are Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest timings different for holidays?

A – The timings for the Gardens by the Bay Cloud Forest remain the same even for the public holidays. It is open for visitors from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm daily. The last admission is at 8:00 pm and the last ticket sale is also at 8:00 pm. The Gardens gets closed on Tuesday if the previous Monday happens to be a public holiday.

Q. Are Gardens by the Bay ticket price for tourists different?

A – Gardens by the Bay ticket prices are different for foreign tourists and Singapore residents. Standard price For a single Conservatory: Adult: $22.59 (INR 1160 approx) Child: $13.83 (INR 710 approx)

Q. What is the best time to visit Gardens by the Bay?

A – The best time to visit the gardens is either early in the morning, or shortly before the conservatories close their doors as at this time the attractions are not very crowded. Also, the place is big enough and you need at least 4 to 6 hours to explore all the attractions of the place. And if you want to experience the unforgettable Rhapsody show then visit all attractions before the show timings and reach under the Supertrees slightly before show timings to grab a good place.

Q. Where can I watch Garden by the Bay light show?

A – You can just simply sit or lie beneath the Supertrees to enjoy those monstrous Supertrees come alive with a spectacular display of lights and melodious soundtracks from iconic movies. However, there is plenty of area for all to enjoy at either of the two 10 minutes displays. But to grab that best place to enjoy the show, you need to be there before time. Alternatively, you can sit at any of the restaurants at the Gardens and enjoy the amazing experience of the light show while savoring the delectable.

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