Beaches in Pattaya

Beaches in Pattaya
Beaches in Pattaya

Beaches in Pattaya: Although Pattaya is a coastal city, most people do not know it for its beaches. This stems from two facts: the root cause for which many people come to Pattaya (and, of course, medical tourism), and the perception that Pattaya’s beaches are not that great. Whether or not Pattaya deserves its scandalous reputation is a matter to be tackled in another article, but the city certainly has its fair share of beautiful beaches that are worth a visit.

The 8 Best Beaches in Pattaya

Jomtien Beach

Located just south of Pattaya’s city center (and main beach), Jomtien Beach has a lot going for it. It’s so cool that you won’t feel like you’re at a party, but there are still tons of things going on. Surrounded by dazzling condo towers where expatriates and wealthy Thais alike make their coastal homes, Jomtien is a bit cosmopolitan compared to some of the other beaches, although there are plenty of Thai flavors here—literally, for all the street food stalls on Main Street. Thank you.

Koh Larn

Jomtien is nice, but if you want to enjoy the experience of a really beautiful beach near Pattaya, you have to get on a boat. Thankfully, the ride from Pattaya’s main pier to Koh Larn (aka Coral Island) isn’t too long and boats leave frequently. In recent years, beaches such as Ta Ven’s reputation for pristine quality have become more common knowledge, leading to unruly crowds on Koh Larn at peak times. As a result, you should try to come here during the week and avoid holidays if possible.

Dong Tan Beach

Pattaya is famous for its LGBT scene, although at large the local tourism authorities may have deemed it unaffordable. There’s a place to largely enjoy PG-13 in Dong Tan Beach, a popular and all-inclusive hangout for gay travelers and locals alike. Geographically, Dong Tan beach is located to the south of Jomtien.

Koh Phai

Like Koh Larn, Koh Phi Phi (which literally means “Bamboo Island”) requires you to board a boat. But as is the case with Coral Island, Bamboo Island is a paradise that feels much more distant than that. This is especially the case because the island, which is as famous for its beaches as it is a scuba destination, is only accessible via charter from Bali Hai Ferries.

Bang Saray Beach

Situated in the farthest south among all the beaches on this list, Bang Sarai also feels different. It’s perfect if you’re looking for some R&R and don’t want to get stimulated, intellectually or otherwise. However, you can make the trip worth it by visiting the nearby Ramayana Water Park, or stopping at Pattaya Dolphin World along the way.

Koh Si Chang

If you plan on visiting Bangkok after you end up in Pattaya, why not make the backtrack worth it? In particular, you’ll want to stop in the port city of Si Racha, where you can get a ferry to Koh Si Chang. Not to be confused with Koh Chang, which lies to the east in Trat Province, Koh Si Chang is the closest island to Bangkok and is home to colorful villages, lush forests, in addition to some of the best beaches near Pattaya. Huge temple.

Naklua Beach

Nakalua Beach, located north of Pattaya’s main beach (but south of Jomtien), doesn’t have the whitest sand or the bluest water. However, it is completely secluded, which certainly earns it a few points compared to other beaches in Pattaya. Additionally, you can enjoy the views of the stunning Sanctuary of Truth while you bathe, which is a reason to visit here in itself.

Pattaya Beach

It may seem strange to list Pattaya Beach as last on this list of the city’s top beaches – but it will make sense once you get there. In fact, these crowded and not always clear sands are necessarily the first places you want to sun yourself, even if they are convenient. However, if you can come and go before the roads run offshore, you can really enjoy your time at Pattaya Beach.

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