5 beautiful towns in Montenegro

5 beautiful towns in Montenegro

Montenegro is a land of amazing beauty. Calm mountain landscapes, graceful architecture, and very gentle sunsets – not a country, but a postcard! We tell you where to go in Montenegro if the Old Town of Kotor is already walked up and down. 5 beautiful towns in Montenegro.

Updated Info about Travel to Montenegro

In terms of covid restrictions, Montenegro is one of the most accessible countries right now. To enter, you will need one of these documents: 

Certificate of vaccination, which indicates that you received both doses of the vaccine (or one dose of the single-component vaccine) no later than 14 days before the trip. Good news for Belarusians: Montenegro accepts any vaccines, including Sputnik V and Sinopharm.

A negative result from a PCR test (not older than 72 hours) or an antigen test (not older than 48 hours). 

Proof that you have had a coronavirus in the last six months, for example, a positive PCR test (over 14 days, but no more than 180 days).

Restrictions within the country are also very mild: you need to wear a mask indoors and in transport (although locals are reluctant to follow this requirement). Also, according to official rules, you may be asked for a certificate of vaccination at the entrance to a shopping center or other institution.

From Kyiv until October 17, the Sky Up low-cost airline flies directly to Tivat – if you decide to jerk for a couple of days, you can still have time to jump into the last carriage. From Minsk you can fly to Podgorica via Istanbul – however, the price tag for such a tricky route will be appropriate.

5 beautiful towns in Montenegro


Nice and cozy Prcanj is located on the opposite coast of the bay from Kotor. When this territory of Montenegro was part of the Venetian Republic, Prcanj performed a very important function. Due to the fact that local sailing ships crossed the Adriatic faster than others, the city was entrusted with the duties of the state postal service. Then Prcanj turned into a major port and an important transport hub: mail arrived here from Istanbul by land, and then covered the rest of the way to Venice by sea. But all this was several centuries ago, and now Prcanj is a relaxed idle place, which the ubiquitous tourist infrastructure did not manage to spoil.
The main local attraction is the lush baroque church of the Nativity of Our Lady… The construction of the church began in 1789 according to the project of a Venetian architect (this explains its very “Italian” vibe) and finished only 120 years later – in 1909. An imposing staircase leads from the embankment to the temple, and the facade is richly decorated with sculptures of saints and busts of important figures of the region. If you are lucky enough to be inside, you will be able to see the unique decoration with nautical motives.

Bring it to Prcanj for dinner overlooking the Bay of Kotor, watching the color of the mountains change with every centimeter of the sun falling. The ideal place for this is the fish restaurant Bokeski Gusti: here you will gobble up your pasta or a generous portion of squid in the friendly company of cheerful local peasants. Another pleasant establishment with a view is Kafe Centar, which is located on the waterfront directly under the main church.

From Kotor, if you want to, you can walk to Prcanj on foot – you get a very picturesque walk for about an hour and a half. If you are not in the mood for a walk, jump on the Blue Line bus (the issue price is about € 1) or a taxi (you can call a Red Taxi car by sending a message to Viber +38267019719, you will pay € 5-6 for comfort).

Sveti Stefan

The small town of Sveti Stefan is located just ten kilometers from Budva. Come here if you want to escape from the ubiquitous resort traffic and see one of the main symbols of Montenegro – the fabulous island hotel Aman Sveti Stefan. You can see it even from the plane if you land on Tivat.

An elite hotel leads a very secluded life. Each villa is a separate room, and besides the villas, the island has its own restaurants, churches, swimming pools, a private beach with pink pebbles, and other amenities of the infrastructure. At one time, celebrities of the first magnitude rested here beautifully – from Sophia Loren to Sylvester Stallone. Aman Sveti Stefan observes its prestigious status and – to emphasize it – does not allow anyone to enter the territory. You can get there only with a guided tour.

But apart from walking around expensive accommodations, there is plenty to do in Sveti Stefan. Firstly, you can admire this very island from the shore or from the height of the cafe terrace at Hotel Adrovic. Secondly, just chill out on one of the most comfortable beaches of the coast – with perfect pebbles, crystal clear water, and little bars. And finally, take a walk along the rocky path towards Milocer beach, climb the rocks and find a secluded place to see the sunset. 


A tiny town with a church on an island, which is usually printed on all advertising brochures about Montenegro. Nevertheless, do not think that since the place is quite poppy, then you should not call in here – they say that too popular locations of a true explorer are unworthy. Perast should never be missed – it is very, very beautiful. 

The “same” view of Perast opens from the highway, which winds above the city. Brake in the parking lot near the Church of the Virgin Mary of the Rosary (or climb one of the narrow stairs to it) to freeze with childish delight and just try to believe that all this really exists. For the sake of this moment, it is worth coming to Perast. 

From the embankment, see two islands that seem to soar over the surface of the bay. On the left is the inaccessible island of St. George, and on it is the Benedictine abbey, known since the 12th century. And on the right is the island of Gospa od Skrpjela (Madonna on the Reef or Lady of the Rocks) and its graceful church with blue domes. To maximize the cultural program, you can go to the island by boat. Along the embankment, you will find a lot of offers of varying degrees of luxury.

If you travel around Montenegro by car, we sincerely recommend stopping by a small family restaurant without a name (catch the coordinates ) a couple of kilometers from Perast. The menu is very laconic: mussels, shrimps, oysters, and homemade wine. All positions – there is nowhere to be fresh because the order will be taken out of the sea and prepared right in front of your eyes. Well, the local terrace can claim one of the best views of the bay.

Herceg Novi

Getting to Herceg Novi – a charming town located on the Bay of Kotor closer to the border with Croatia – is definitely worth it. Here you will find yourself in a place with a very special mood: here, in addition to such a natural tourist flair for Montenegro, you can see life as it is. You will climb and descend endless stairs winding between the well-kept houses of local residents (it seems that the city was not built horizontally, but vertically). You will wander around the Old Town (which is even inferior to Kotor in size, but certainly not insincerity) and touch the mighty wall of a centuries-old fortress. If you’re lucky, you can overhear a music lesson at the children’s creativity center from the open window, or you will find yourself at a water polo match in the outdoor pool on the waterfront. 

What to see in Herceg Novi? The towering sea ​​fortress of the XIV century, the Kanli-Kula fortress during the Ottoman rule, and the eclectic church of Michael the Archangel on Belavist Square. No less important tasks are a walk along the long promenade in search of the best spot for a beach halt and a cup of coffee overlooking the bay flowing into the sea.


The bar is called that, not because it is some kind of undiscovered cocktail capital, but because the town is located directly opposite the Italian Bari. Once upon a time, the Bar was called Antibarium, and then the name was shortened to the modern one.

The city cannot boast of an ideal old center, but its trick is different: here you will find a very unusual combination of picturesque landscapes and brutal architecture – it looks very organic and cool! So at least for that, you can plan a trip to the Bar. And also for the sake of the largest port of Montenegro – if suddenly you are inspired by various types of maritime transport.

Check out the notable modernist monuments, for example, the Izbor space shopping center (Vladimira Rolovica II)the Revolution House (coordinates here ), and the post office (44 Ulica Jovana Tomasevica). And from the more classic sights, do not miss the palace of King Nikola, which now houses the local history museum and the young but prominent temple of St. John Vladimir.

When exploring the Bar itself, head to the Old Bar just a couple of kilometers from the coast. This city was almost completely destroyed in the second half of the 19th century – only ruins remained of many ancient buildings, but even in this state, the place inspires awe of the power of bygone eras. One of the highlights of the Old Bar is the austere stone aqueduct of the 17th-18th centuries.

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