Things To Do In Jaisalmer

Things To Do In Jaisalmer

Known as the ‘Golden City, Jaisalmer is a place that has something to enchant all kinds of tourists. Be you an adventure seeker or a history fanatic, you will have an incredible time exploring the wonders of this city. Jaisalmer is visited in large numbers by tourists from India as well as outside, which contributes to making it one of the most sought-after places to visit in Rajasthan. Below are Things To Do In Jaisalmer.

oh, wait! Are you confused about what to do in Jaisalmer? Well, really whatever you want! But, jokes apart, we have some amazing tips for you. Read on to discover some interesting and fun things that you can do on your trip to Jaisalmer.

Things To Do In Jaisalmer

Visit the Jaisalmer Fort

After your flight to Jaisalmer, take an auto or taxi to visit this grand fort that exudes royalty and grandeur. Enter through any of the four huge gates that will lead you to the massive sandstone structure. Upon entering, you can see several temples, mostly Jain temples, and merchant Havelis. Each showcases unique and richly decorated architecture that is worth intriguing.

Not to forget the Rajmahal Palace which will catch your attention at first glance. A quick tip! Make sure you reach here early in the morning as the fort closes by 5 pm.

Worship at Tanot Mata Temple

After seeing the royal fort, head towards the famous Tanot Mata Temple. You should not miss visiting this temple, we are asking this not only to pray for your prosperity but also for its historical importance. Want to know what importance we are talking about?

This temple is known to have protected many Indian soldiers during the Indo-Pak war. When you reach here, the pure white temple and the serene atmosphere will surely fill your heart with peace and divinity. You can also start your journey by offering prayers to Goddess Hinglaj at one of the best places to visit in Jaisalmer.

Try camel safari

When you are in the land of the desert, you cannot miss out on a camel ride. Choose a camel safari ride at your convenience and then get ready for one of the most unique experiences. Desert ships pass you through multi-shaped sand dunes and some notable places to see in Jaisalmer.

He is not everything. In many safaris, you will be entertained by local artists and performers. You can also try some local delicacies during the ride. We would recommend you opt for an evening safari to avoid the scorching sun during the day.

Camp at Sam Sand Dunes

One of the best things to do in Jaisalmer is to camp overnight. Sitting in a comfortable tent with your partner, stargazing is an experience that you will not want to miss. You can choose from several camping outfits. Experiencing a comfortable and adventurous stay amidst the desert is not just what camping offers.

You will also encounter delectable traditional performances given by local artists. We almost forgot! At the camps, you will be given extensive food along with many delicious local delicacies.

Go parasailing

Parasailing is a great option for adventure lovers. Imagine sailing through the winds in the sky. So liberating! Well, if you are wondering where to try it, you can enjoy a guided parasailing experience in Kanoi. While parasailing, look around to have a bird’s eye view of some of the tourist places to visit near Jaisalmer. With you on your journey. No wonder it is one of the best places to stay in Igatpuri.

Try boating at Gadisar Lake

If you are on a romantic vacation with your partner, we would recommend you go boating in Gadisar Lake, which is one of the popular Jaisalmer destinations. The rippling waters, the chirping of the birds, the breathtaking views, and the cool breeze, all amalgamate to create a setup that would be perfect for a romantic evening out. Pay a nominal fee and you can enjoy your private time boating on this man-made lake.

Do you know that it was originally a reservoir built by Maharawal Gadsi Singh? Well, now you know where the name of the lake came from! You can enjoy watching birds of different species flying here. Also, the sound of evening prayer (aarti) coming from nearby temples will soothe your ears.

Explore wildlife at Desert National Park

Among the places to visit in Jaisalmer in 2 days, this is definitely a must-visit for you. You can spot a range of animals and birds here which are rarely seen. The biggest attraction here? Certainly, the Great Indian Bustard is an endangered species of bird. Book a jeep safari and explore myriad wild animals like blackbuck, wolf, desert cat, Bengal fox, and stork. Do not forget to take pictures of these wild beauties while enjoying their natural habitat.

To explore this national park in detail, you can also trek through the forest land and spot the animals from close quarters.

Admire the royal architecture of Nathmal Ki Haveli

When you visit Jaisalmer, don’t come back without witnessing the beauty and grandeur of this royal palace. Especially, if you are a history buff, then this is definitely one of the ideal places to visit in Jaisalmer. From paintings representing historical events to ancient carvings on the walls, there are many things to do here that will satisfy the history enthusiast.

Climb to the first floor to see the many beautiful paintings which were claimed to have been created using 1.5 kg of gold leaf. Take a tour guide with you who will tell stories related to this palace. We have another interesting fact for you! This mansion was earlier the home of the Prime Minister.

Shop at the local bazaar

Whether you are a shopping enthusiast or not, there are some local specialties you must buy whenever you are on a trip. And if you are in Jaisalmer, you will find many local markets to explore nearby tourist places to visit in Jaisalmer. Rajasthani handicrafts, puppets, clothing, camel leather goods, and junk jewellery, there are myriad choices of items that you can buy from the local shops. If you’re a good bargain hunter, you might find some of these at stealth deals!

Go on a royal food walk

To know the essence of this royal city, we would recommend you to opt for the Food Walk. The city hosts several foods walks that you can choose from. On these routes, you will be taken to several popular local shops to dine on the delicious cuisine of Jaisalmer. From dal baati churma to ghothua laddu, from lal maas to fresh sweet paan, you can indulge in a plethora of food items during your meal. Also, you will be guided by an expert guide who will tell fascinating stories about Jaisalmer during this walk.

Now that you know about all the things to do in Jaisalmer, you should not delay your trip anymore. Book a comfortable room at a Jaisalmer hotel, start packing for your trip, and keep this travel guide handy. happy holiday!

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