Ways to See Bermuda: Horseshoe Bay to St. Catherine Beach

Ways to See Bermuda
Ways to See Bermuda

So, as the Beach Boys suggest in their hit single Kokomo—”Get in there fast and then take it slow.” After you’ve settled on your Bermuda hotel, use this guide to discover 8 Ways to See Bermuda when your getaway goals include soaking up a little sun on the island’s best beaches.

8 Ways to See Bermuda

  1. Bermuda West End Tour

Every epic beach expedition begins with a little planning – Expedia has you covered. Hop straight on a West End tour led by Beeline Transport’s pros, you’ll trade the hustle and bustle of Hamilton (the island’s capital) for refreshing sea breezes at Horseshoe Bay and Elbow Beach. During the tour, your guide will point out the local sunbathing hotspots for later. He also has many stories of unlucky explorers who tried to cross the Bermuda Triangle.

  1. Meltdown Ice Cream

After the tour – and before relaxing on the beach – cross off Meltdown Ice Cream off your sightseeing list. This mom-and-pop ice cream shop is tucked away on Old Cellar Lane near Front Street and produces innovative flavors like Rum Swizzle and Lemon Cake, perfect for a pre-beach cooldown.

  1. Horseshoe Bay Beach

Fun Fact: Bermudians, bred and bred after the country’s main export (onions!) in the 1800s, are sometimes called onions. You’ll find onions and travelers alike at Horseshoe Bay Beach—a popular beach for Bermuda’s bay of the same name. Immerse yourself in the soothing sand created by the crushed shells that give the beach its famous pink hue. On the beach, boogie boards are available to rent, as well as a weekly volleyball tournament that serves as an exciting introduction to Bermuda’s beach sports.

  1. Bermuda SNUBA Excursion

Craving to see the underwater world of Bermuda? Consider SNUBA excursions with Island Tour Center. Head to the exclusive Snorkel Park Beach and descend beneath the surface of the Sargasso Sea. SNUBA Underwater Breathing Equipment allows you to experience the ease of snorkeling with the excitement of deep water diving near a colorful reef teeming with subtropical marine life.

  1. Lunch at Shutters Restaurant

When it’s time to refuel, enjoy oceanfront views with bistro cuisine on the shutters at Cambridge Beach Resort & Spa. Lounge next to the luxurious infinity pool and snack on Caribbean-influenced dishes like Bermuda conch fritters, washed down with a rum-based Dark & ​​Stormy cocktail before the clouds roll in.

  1. Dolphin Quest

Take a look at adorable marine life during Dolphin Encounter with Dolphin Quest. Swim with the intelligent marine mammals and try teaching them a new trick or two. Your experience also includes admission to the well-maintained National Museum of Bermuda.

  1. Royal Naval Dockyard

A stone’s throw from Dolphin Quest, the Royal Naval Dockyard isn’t just a place for cruise ships to anchor – it’s the site of a former British naval base. Check out the nautical buildings on display before taking a dip inside the Bermuda Craft Market to shop for handmade souvenirs. When your stomach starts to rumble, nibble a piece of cake from the beloved Bermuda Rum Cake Company.

  1. St. Catherine’s Beach

Near a former artillery fort on the opposite end of the island, St. Catherine’s Beach is an isolated piece of paradise. Immerse yourself in the pearly sands along Gates Bay after an illuminating visit to the UNESCO-listed town of St George, which dates back to 1612 and is held up as an example of Britain’s early military engineering.

Where to Stay

Whether it is the sun, sand, or just relaxing, Bermuda does not disappoint. See yourself sipping a cold drink in the curve of Castle Harbor or island hopping in the Great Sound.

If you’re eyeing a special place to stay, Rosewood Tucker Point is a great choice. The luxury hotel group prides itself on this property, which features palm tree-lined walkways that lead you to a private beach that towers over Castle Harbor. Rosewood is a haven of elegant accommodation near lush landscapes to the south and a white-sand shoreline to the north.

View the crystal-blue waters from your private balcony, or stay by the pool and wake up to a refreshing swim every day. Explore the Crystal Caves a mile away and enjoy fine dining at one of the resort’s four restaurants after a day of adventure. The resort offers a 24-hour shuttle service to and from the airport, so your vacation begins when you reach the runway.

When you want a truly luxurious experience, consider the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club – a Fairmont managed hotel. You can’t get a dreamier location than this waterfront resort in the heart of Pembroke. Start your day at the resort marina. From here the sea is your oyster. Parasail, paddleboard, or swim peacefully on a pontoon – this is your perfect getaway.

Speaking of oysters, dining options include the much-anticipated restaurant Marcus, named after its creator, celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. Stop in for a ginger-filled Dark & ​​Stormy on a warm evening, and stop for a Caribbean dinner before watching a spectacular sunset in the harbor.

Whether it is the sun, sand, or just relaxing, Bermuda does not disappoint. Plan your next getaway along the island’s blush-colored shores, and we can almost guarantee you’ll never tire of Bermuda’s bevy of unforgettable beaches.

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