Best cafes in Surat

Best cafes in Surat

Surat is full of both residents and tourists. Being a commercial hub, you can see many travelers coming to this city for various purposes. To satisfy the hunger of such a diverse population here, Surat has come up with many cafes. Themed, budget, artsy, classy, ​​whatever your choice of cafes, you can find a perfect match in this city. So, whenever you visit Surat, do not miss visiting some of the cafes here.

Now, let us explore the top 10 cafes in Surat where you can enjoy delicious snacks amidst the charming ambiance. And when you go through the list of cafes, here are some of the best Surat hotel deals for you!

10 Best cafes in Surat

K’s Charcoal

This cozy cafe is one of the most famous places in Surat. The atmosphere will make you feel comfortable right from your entry. You can sit either on the ground floor or above. If you are confused about what to order, just ask the waiters who give amazing recommendations. And if you ask us, we suggest you try Café Mocha and club it with snacks like Stuffed Garlic Bread and Double Cheese Pizza. Along with delicious snacks, you get to enjoy live music here. This is a great addon!

Episode Coffee Lounge

If you are looking for a place to hang out with a huge group of friends, come to one of the best coffee shops in Surat. There is a spacious seating area, large enough to fit large groups of visitors. Once you are here, you will fall in love with the vibrant decor inside this lounge cafe. Not to be forgotten, this is a rooftop place. Meaning beautiful skylines to behold! Talking about food, try its range of sandwiches and pizzas. Each has its own unique taste. Also, don’t forget to check out the wide range of ice creams. they are delicious!

Meraki Coffee House

Come here for a date and make it a memorable one. Dim lights, fancy crowd, pleasant ambiance, great coffee, delectable snacks, it has virtually everything you need for a perfect date. Enjoy its cappuccino or latte with Belgian chocolate cookies. It’s heavenly! If you want to hydrate yourself with something refreshing then order its Watermelon Mojito. By the way, you can also avail free WiFi at this cafe in Vesu, Surat. very convenient! Don’t worry about pocket pinch as this place is one of the affordable cafes in Surat.

Coffee Culture

This coffee place is a great destination for vegetarians. From sandwiches to pizza to burgers, there are endless options of vegetarian dishes that you can eat here. And if you ask us, we highly recommend the KitKat Shake and American Temptation Pizza. By the way, you can sit inside the house or at the place of sitting outside it. Absolutely your call! Let’s tempt you more! You can watch live sports screenings at this cafe! just a suggestion. Consider advanced table booking as the place tends to be crowded, especially on weekends.

The Bungalow Cafe

A great place for a weekend hangout, The Bungalow Cafe is a must-visit when you are in Surat. It is mostly filled with a young crowd and groups of friends. So, the next time you’re planning to meet up with a friend, you know where to go. Coffee, Pizza, Maggi, Pasta, you can eat it all in this cafe. And, you can get your meals customized at this place. how cool is that! Its comfortable seating area, pleasing decor, and tempting food presentations will surely make you agree that this is one of the lovely cafes in Surat.

Kinaara- The Cafe

For those who like to sit in the open air, this is a perfect stop among the hidden cafes in Surat. If you are one of them, then visit this place to have some delicious snacks in the open air. You can enjoy the beach-like vibes to enjoy the view of the river from the banks of the Kinara River. Plus, you can play football and cricket on its artificial turf. There’s a wonderful word for it!

Talking about the food, you can order from its signature dishes like Thai Dry Manchurian, Mama Rosa, Spanish Caravan Pizza, Tandoori Paneer Club Sandwich, and Masala Chai. You must not miss its range of cold coffee. They are to die for! One more thing, you can also enjoy live sports screenings here.

Coffee King

One of the best art cafes in Surat, Coffee King is a place where you can relax and eat some sumptuous food. Upon entering, your eyes will be captivated by the decor as there are some aesthetic elements in every corner of the cafe. The serene ambiance, comfortable seating area, and sober lights also make it to the list of best cafes in Surat for couples. Now, about the snacks. You can make cardamom tea with any sandwich and finger food for breakfast. Its wraps and pizzas are also quite tempting. Here is a fun fact. Special deals on food every Wednesday!

Cream ‘N’ Crust Cafe

If you have a sweet tooth, this cafe will be your heaven. From pastries to ice cream, you can have so many recipes to satisfy the sweet lover in you. Let us help you choose a few. Brownies, Butterscotch Pie, Mocha Cupcakes, Belgian Delight Ice Cream, Pistachio Kulfi, Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream, we can find out about the must-try sweets here.

You can also choose from its countless options of salty snacks. For coffee lovers, our choice would be Cold Chocolate Coffee and Cappuccino. Now you should be curious about the surroundings. Well, it shows off a rustic all-wood decor and has spacious seating areas to accommodate large groups.

Gate To Goa

You must have guessed from the name that this cafe has brought you the view of Surat’s Goa. It’s awesome! Is not it? Arriving at this themed cafe in Surat, you can instantly feel the waves of the beach all around with its shack-like seating arrangement and decor. Bring your friends along to watch live sports matches and enjoy succulent snacks here. Regarding snacks, here are some highlights you can try.

Peri-Peri Wraps, Cheesy Nachos, French Chicken Burgers, and Chicken Tikka Grill Sandwiches! Of course, have a cold or hot coffee, or even a smoothie to compliment your breakfast. Now, an amusing fact that we almost missed. You can bring your furry friends with you to this cool cafe in Surat!

Swiss Whisk

Last but not least on our list is Swiss Whisk where you can have some mouth-watering pizzas and pasta. Space is limited among eye-pleasing decorations, which makes it a good place for dates. Order any from the following list- Alfredo Pasta, Arbiata Pasta, Paneer BBQ Pizza, Peri Peri Pizza, and Paneer Tikka Wrap. We promise you won’t regret our suggestion! Among beverages, you can sip on its Coffee Crunch, Fantasy Frappe, Nutella Cappuccino, and Café Mocha.

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