Haunted Places In Rajasthan

Haunted Places In Rajasthan

Eerie vibes, isolated corners, dark-hued places, and paranormal phenomena! Yes, we are talking about haunted places! Do such places make you curious to know more? If yes, then Rajasthan is one of the best places for you to visit. From forts and villages to highways, there are many haunted places to visit in Rajasthan that will send chills down your spine. You can really feel the awesome stretch in your skin when you visit these places. Haunted Places In Rajasthan

So, if you are up for some interesting things to do in Rajasthan, then exploring some of the famous haunted places here can definitely be on your travel list. And to make you a little more interesting, we have compiled an exclusive list of the top 10 haunted places in Rajasthan that you can visit for a thrilling adventure. read on!

Top 10 haunted places in Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort

Amidst the forts of Rajasthan, this is a haunted place that you can visit to feel some spooky vibes. Here is the story behind this formidable fort as the locals say. A Tantrik wanted to marry a princess and did black magic to win her over. Knowing his bad remedies, the princess killed the Tantrik. But, he cursed the place and the city to be roofless forever.

Locals say that you might have heard a woman crying for help or bangles ringing and may even have encountered the ghost of a Tantrik. If you are already eager to come here, then let us tell you that the most convenient way is to take a cab from Sanganer Airport in Jaipur. A quick reminder! You cannot enter the fort after 6 pm as the Archaeological Survey of India has barred the entry of visitors after dark for security measures.

Kuldhara—the ghost village

Imagine walking through deserted alleys among uninhabited houses. Scary enough? Well, you can experience this and perhaps even more paranormal activities in Kuldhara, the most haunted village in Rajasthan. To know you more let us tell you the story around that place in the words of local people. When an immoral minister wanted to forcefully marry a village girl, every resident left the village to protect her.

But, he left an unbroken curse that the village would remain uninhabited and no one could breed here. Uncanny is the word for it! Now, to reach here, you can hire a car or even book a cab from Jaisalmer city and you will reach here within an hour.

Nahargarh Fort

Trust us, from the moment you step inside the fort, you will find an awesome atmosphere all around. Raja Man Singh, who built this fort for his queens, was so enamored of this creation that even after his death, his ghost lived inside the fort. That’s what the locals say! You can visit this most haunted fort of Rajasthan anytime between 10 am to 6 pm.

And the entry fee is Rs. 50. Now, if you are wondering how to reach here, we would recommend that you opt for a bus or cab ride from Jaipur airport as it is one of the shortest routes.

Rana Kumbha Palace Chittorgarh

You must have heard the story of Rani Padmini’s self-immolation when attacked by Sultan Alauddin Khilji (remember the Jauhar scene of the movie Padmavat). In fact, not only the queen but 700 other women also killed themselves to protect their honor from the enemy forces. Even now if you visit this palace fort, you are likely to hear the screams of women asking for help.

Among the ghost places in Rajasthan, it is very popular as many tourists visit this fort to see if such supernatural stories are real or not. If you want to do the same, take a flight to Udaipur and from there just hire a taxi and visit this place in Chittorgarh.

National Highway 79 (India)

A common highway, NH-79 will enchant you if you encounter the ghost of a woman carrying a child. Legend has it that a newborn girl was getting married to a child in the nearby Dudu village. In protest against this child marriage, the mother ran towards the highway for help were a tourist car hit her, killing her and her child. So, while driving through this Rajasthan haunted highway, you can feel the presence of something supernatural happening as many travelers claim.
And if you are planning to go on the highway, you can take a flight to Udaipur and then take a cab or taxi to get here!

Brij Raj Bhawan Palace in Kota

You must be wondering what scary experience is waiting for you here. Well, Indian militants killed British employee Major Burton and his family at this residence. Rumor has it that the ghost of this Major still roams around this haunted house in Rajasthan. According to locals, the Major’s spirit attacks the sleeping security guards of the hotel to keep them awake.

Quite a savior, we say! So, plan a trip here and let us help you with that. From Kota airport, you can take a cab to reach this hotel within 15 minutes. And you can book a room here in this palace as it offers luxurious accommodation!


If you want to meet the typical white-dressed witches featured in movies, plan a visit to this ghost town in Rajasthan. After entering the place, ask some locals and you will get to hear many stories of encounters with witches. Locals claim that many villagers cursed the former king by starving him because of his oppression.

Locals say that even today they seek help from tourists in the form of dead rural witches. Imagine crossing paths with a woman in a white dress with gray hair all over her face! Getting Goosebumps? We also! And you can most likely get this experience by strolling through the streets of this haunted place during the night. But before that, you have to take a bus from Jaipur airport to reach this city.


Always want to feel the thrill of witnessing the exorcism? This is your calling then. Reach Ajmer via cab from Jaipur airport and then take a bus or rickshaw to reach this haunted place in Nedalia village. Well, on normal days it is just like any other holy water body. But, to witness the exorcism, you have to plan your visit on the day the ghost fair is celebrated here.

On this day, you will see that many people come to this place to free themselves from the evil spirits that have possessed them. The strange rituals performed for the exorcism will be enough to enthrall you all. While you are here, take a bath in the holy water of the lake as the locals believe that it has the power to protect humans from negative energies.

Jal Mahal

Built 300 years ago, this palace situated in the Man Sagar Lake is a very popular attraction for tourists. You will be surprised to know that four floors of this 5-storey building are submerged under the lake, from which you can see only one storey. For your information, let us tell you that you are not allowed to go inside the palace and you can see it only from the banks of the lake.

What’s scary about this place? Well, if you come here at night, you might hear the creepy screams coming from the palace. And you can easily avail cabs from Jaipur airport to roam here.

Delhi Jaipur Highway

Last but not least on our list of scariest places in Rajasthan is the Delhi Jaipur Highway. Be alert if this highway comes in the way of your destination and if you are driving at night. We are saying this because it is claimed to be haunted at night. Believers say that the soul of a woman who died in a car accident on this highway still comes in front of many people.

If you’re lucky, you might even see that. It’s a nerve-wracking sight though! If the ghost is not there, you can hear his anklets chirping. Equally gourmet!

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