Pattaya Elephant Village

Pattaya Elephant Village
Pattaya Elephant Village

Located in the Tambon Nong Pru subdivision of Pattaya city, Pattaya Elephant Village is an extension of the domesticated elephants that used to be an essential part of the workforce in Thailand. At Pattaya Elephant Village, visitors can see these elephants performing the feat. This is an initiative to authorize the visitors to spend some time with these adorable creatures.

Pattaya Elephant Village Overview

Pattaya Elephant Village is an incredible place to meet these captivating creatures. The elephants here are impressively friendly and docile. They set up an excellent show with spectacular elephant plays, and stunts and overall were exceptionally engaging.

You can decide to just watch the show or take an elephant safari. It is an astonishing encounter to go along with these giants, to truly feel their togetherness and notice their habitat. There is also a “silk house” in a similar complex where you can view the finished works or even buy some of these to bring home.

Elephant City is a wonderful place for these elephants to live. Elephants working in carnivals and occasions find a great shelter here. In a way, it looks like a retirement home for elephants. Volunteers and workers can pay for the maintenance of these elephants with income from tourism. That’s why it’s ideal to feel like you’re helping a great cause when you’re engaged.

Reserve a full day with elephants when you visit Elephant Village in Pattaya. Hathi Village is possibly one of the most visited places in the city and an extraordinary retreat to enjoy nature. The most ideal way to visit the Mamba Village Center is to buy tickets to Hathi Village from the ticket counter. Assuming you have to stay away from the line, at that time you can book tickets for Hathi Gaon online in advance. You can likewise book the Hathi Village Tour Pass to take a detailed tour of the city and make some unforgettable memories!

Pattaya Elephant Village Highlights

  • Spend time with elephants in a healthy environment.
  • Learn more about the behavior of elephants by observing them in their natural habitat.
  • Sit on the backs of elephants and relax by looking at the beautiful views from a height.
  • Enjoy an elephant back trail through the lush green forests.
  • Make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture stunning photos with these giant creatures.
  • Enjoy delicious traditional Thai food with your loved ones.
  • Be a part of cultural events.

Points Of Interest for Elephant Village Pattaya

  1. Elephant training show

Rejuvenate yourself with elephants playing and being trained in the village. You can watch as handlers instruct these lovable giants to stand on two legs, wave their trunks to greet visitors, perform juggling acts, and more. You can really see the joy of the elephants in this center by their actions.

  1. Thai Cultural Show

Elephant Village in Pattaya is not just limited to elephant shows but is also a grand celebration of Thai culture. The presentation features folk dance performances and musical plays by artists in colorful Thai costumes. This cultural program is organized every day to welcome and respect the tourists visiting the village.

  1. Ox-Cart Riding

Get mesmerized in the rural surroundings of Elephant Village by riding a traditional Thai ox cart. These small carts are pulled by a pair of fully grown oxen and the cart is covered with a colorful Thai umbrella. This rural safari covers the entire village including wooden houses and lush green fields.

  1. Lord Ganesha Museum

Ganesha is a major deity in Hinduism. His head is believed to be that of an elephant in religious texts. This is the reason why people here worship Lord Ganesha. Hathi Village has a large museum that has a collection of beautiful idols of Lord Ganesha in various positions and figures. You can visit here to witness a divine atmosphere in the holy blessings of Lord Ganesha.

  1. Elephant Trekking

Enjoy a one-hour thrilling tour on an elephant through the idyllic farmland and green bushes. Visitors will rest briefly at the Silk House and then take a Land Rover back to the village. Complimentary seasonal fruits will be offered to guests in the town. With a unique jungle show. It is advisable to book well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

  1. Combination Trekking

The tour is a three-and-a-half-hour-long ride into the forest near the village. It is a mix of a lot of activities in its entirety. The journey begins with an elephant ride followed by a twenty-minute jungle trek. Guests go to the Silk House and are then taken to a local lake. They return to the village from there and are served home-cooked food.

  1. Atv Ride

Feel yourself in Jurassic Park while riding an ATV across the village. You can visit Swan Lake and the nearby Tepe Plantation. Another route covers the teak and eucalyptus forest if you want to spend more time in nature.

  1. Rafting

Spend your evening on the raft in the calm waters of the lake. The fleet will take you through the entire length of the lake. You can feed giant catfish and much more in the lake, among others.

  1. Thai Silk House

Pattaya’s Hathi Village is famous for its Silk House where guests watch the entire process of silk making, from the silkworm cocoon to its weaving. They can also see the different types of silk produced in the center. Guests can also buy silk products from the Silk House. It is also worth mentioning that all the silk products manufactured here are completely organic and hand woven.

  1. Mini Zoo

Apart from giant elephants, Hathi Village is also home to a few other animals. Some of them are beavers, rabbits, bulls, turtles, and some endangered monkeys. You can spend a few hours clicking pictures with these beautiful animals. As a guest, you can even feed small birds with your bare hands.

Information About Elephant Village Pattaya

History of Elephant Village Pattaya:

This beautiful elephant sanctuary was opened in 1973 as the home of elephants, who earlier used to move wooden logs in the forests. The village was designed and built with the vision of Khun Farat, who was himself an elephant protector. He thought of a natural home for these retired veterans where they can feel like they are in the wild and can be maintained.

Keeping in mind the safety of the elephants first, Khun Farat himself designed the elephant show and safaris for the visitors. He avoided the use of painful hooks and chains to control these huge beasts. Today, the Elephant Village has a thousand visitors and three elephant shows every day. The travel fee is entirely spent on the expenses of the village and the care of the elephants. After the success of the elephant show, this village also opened a small zoo that is home to many local wild animals.

Places To Visit Near Elephant Village Pattaya:

  1. Nong Nooch Botanical Garden:

Nong Nooch Garden is 2.4sq.km. Amazingly arranged gardens in Thailand. The entire area resembles a cultural park, with day-to-day social events, food stalls, and facilities. You can find here the French gardens of the seventeenth century, Stonehenge, European Renaissance gardens, and more.

  1. Tiffany’s Show:

This spectacular cultural show is held in a grand theater in Pattaya. The artists are covered in colorful costumes and glittering jewellery. The show includes various dance performances, cultural performances, and skits. The main focus of the show is the performance of transgenders with painted nails and beautiful gestures.

  1. Walking Street:

Arguably the busiest street in the entire city, Walking Street is famous for its party-loving nightlife. There are many bars, restaurants, and clubs spread on both sides of the road for a length of about one kilometer.

  1. Million Years Stone Park:

This park is spread over 30 hectares established by a local businessman in 1992. Known for its unusual landscaping, this garden has become a tourist attraction in recent years. The bizarre stratified cliffs are dotted with Thai-style trees. It is a serene place to spend some time and take pictures with some unique backgrounds.

  1. Coral Island:

Pattaya’s Coral Island is only a 45-minute boat ride away from the main Pattaya beach. The island is visited by tourists for its beautiful white sand beaches and clear blue sea.

  1. Mini Siam:

This beautiful park is located behind the Pattaya Boxing Stadium. The park has about a hundred replicas of buildings and structures famous around the world. Beautifully located in the lush green landscape of Mini Siam, these mini structures can take you on a world tour in just over an hour.

  1. Pattaya Beach:

Being one of the most coveted places in the city, Pattaya beach is a place to enjoy water sports, seafood, bars, and luxurious resorts. You can simply lie down in the golden sand, go for a refreshing swim on the beach or simply walk along the beach street filled with palm trees.

Places To Stay Near Elephant Village Pattaya:

  1. Cozy Garden Cottage Pool Villa:

This beautiful holiday home is located in the east of Pattaya city center. Equipped with all the basic amenities, the entire house will be yours during your stay so that you can enjoy the holiday without any hindrance. A lazy river also flows around the property and the pool gives a tropical touch to your stay.

  1. Villa Patrick Pattaya:

This gorgeous modern villa is located in the Nong Pru area of ​​Pattaya. This smoke-free villa has five bedrooms, an open barbecue, and a private pool with other basic amenities. You can enjoy a charming stay in Pattaya in this 4-star accommodation.

  1. Baan Spire Pool Villas:

Another luxurious accommodation near the city center of Pattaya. This private property has 5 lavish bedrooms with a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and a beautiful swimming pool. The villa is enabled with high-speed WiFi so that you can stay connected to the world during your stay.

  1. Lonops Paradise:

Lonops Paradise is a beautiful guesthouse in Pattaya. The place offers its guests comfortable rooms and luxurious bungalows with a shared kitchen and swimming pool. The attractive palm trees and the view of Pattaya Coast are one of the prominent features of this accommodation.

  1. Villa Villa Pattaya:

Villa Villa is an exotic resort built over a vast area. This tropical retreat offers its guests various options in bungalows. From luxurious inns to lavish bungalows, Villa Villa offers it all. From this resort, you can roam Pattaya’s Walking Street and other markets.

  1. Hilton Pattaya:

One of the largest hotels in Pattaya, Hilton Pattaya is a 34-story luxurious inn facing the sea on Beach Road. The hotel offers an indoor spa, restaurant, bar, pool, lounge, and fitness center with benchmark room service. Your stay at Hilton will add to the joy of your trip to Pattaya.

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