Eltham Palace London

Eltham Palace London
Eltham Palace London

Eltham Palace London is a 19-acre award-winning garden with a charming Art Deco mansion. Here visitors can discover Courtauld’s extravagant lifestyle and stylish home that incorporates original medieval features with a 1930s ultra-model design. Eltham Palace is a fascinating mix of historical features that continue onto the stunning grounds.

Eltham Palace Overview

Eltham Palace was designated as a royal house in the year 1305 when Anthony Beck, Bishop of Durham, presented it to Edward II. Eltham Palace was surpassed by the Palace of Westminster in terms of importance as well as royal favor for the next two centuries.

The palace is surrounded by various parks and within easy reach of London offering excellent hunting opportunities for hunting enthusiasts. The excellent position of the palace i.e. on the way from the coast has made it a very popular place that receives a huge number of tourists. Today Eltham Palace has emerged as one of the most spectacular historical sites around London.

The palace offers views across the city and towards the western end. Various idyllic grounds, which are best for relaxing during the hot summer months, surround the palace.

The great hall of the palace is beautifully built with wooden ceilings and heraldic symbols, which also decorate the interior. Eltham Palace is a perfect combination of modern and medieval architecture, which makes Eltham Palace all the more interesting. The palace houses an art decor house that is utterly stunning and offers a glimpse of the figures of the super-rich leading society.

The courtyard is filled with wonderfully ornate and exquisitely decorated decor, exquisite art, sumptuous wood panels, and beautiful furniture.

Eltham Palace Highlights

  • Look at the old stone bridge leading to the moat. It is considered to be the oldest working bridge in London.
  • Visit the gardens of Eltham Palace, which are charming and bloom beautifully throughout the year. You will like to roam the gardens of fairy tales.
  • The interiors of Eltham Palace have a simple geometric Art Deco that has great grandeur.
  • Inside the palace, you can see the billiard room and other rooms of the residents of the palace. Every palace room contains information about the glamorous guests and occupants.
  • The rooms inside the palace have various interactive exhibits, from a basement containing World War II memorabilia to perfume bottles that tourists can smell. You can also see a closet full of vintage clothes that you can try out.
  • Check out the Great Hall at Eltham Palace, which would nod to Henry VIII days with heavy wooden furniture and a hammer-beam ceiling.

Points Of Interest for Eltham Palace

  1. Avery Hill Park

It is the widest open parkland to the east of Eltham Palace. It is famous for its winter garden and a hothouse with tropical plants and trees from around the world.

  1. Stucliffe Park

Stucliffe Park is located at the westernmost point of Eltham Palace. The park has a good athletics track and is now home to the Cambridge Harriers. In 2003, the park was redesignated as a wetland area, and the Kwagee River was raised above the ground.

  1. North & South Park

Eltham Park South and Ethan Park North are the last central green area of ​​Eltham Palace. The southernmost famous park is adjacent to the Eltham Warren Golf Course.

  1. Well Hall Pleasaunce

Woodland, ponds, and formal gardens are located in the Well Hall Plaissons, which was initially the site of a manor house in Well Hall.

  1. Jack Wood, Castle Wood, And Oxleas Woods

Jack Wood, Castle Wood, and Oxleys Woods lie directly north of Eltham and are Sites of Special Scientific Interest. These woods are more than 8,000 years old and are home to tree specimens, including copis hazel, hornbeam, silver birch, and oak.

  1. The Royal Blackheath Golf Course

It is the oldest golf course in the world outside Scotland. It also had a clubhouse which is a Grade I listed building.

  1. Horn Park

It is located southwest of Eltham High Street. It is a 16-acre public park with a skate park, football pitch, playground, woodland, and excellent grassland.

  1. The Tarn

It is a 9-acre public park, which includes a bird sanctuary and a beautiful lake set in woodland. People usually come here for picnics and family outings.

  1. Sports and leisure

The parks at Eltham Palace offer fitness and sports facilities. It has a nice jogging track and six different tennis courts. Other gardens in the palace include a rugby pitch, football field, and more.

How To Reach Eltham Palace

By Road: Eltham Palace is best accessed with the help of signage on the surrounding streets. The nearby motorway junction is junction three on the M25, from there visitors can go directly on the A20 road to Eltham. Visitors can also arrive by car and make use of the nearby parking; From there, Eltham Palace is only a few minutes away.

By Rail: There is an overground railway station nearby, i.e., Mottingham and Eltham, from where you can reach Eltham Palace in a matter of minutes.

By Bus: You can also reach the palace by TfL bus service numbers 161, 160, 126, and 124 which will stop nearby. From there the palace is within a 10-minute walk.

Best Time To Visit Eltham Palace

The best time to visit Eltham Palace is during the summer and seasonal spring blooms, as the gardens and parks will provide a peaceful environment during the winter and autumn. Eltham Palace can be visited at any time of the year, however, you should always check the season’s opening hours, which can vary.

Essential Information About Eltham Palace

  • Eltham Palace is wheelchair friendly and provides proper access to lifts, ramps, and restrooms for wheelchairs.
  • Always carry an umbrella or coat for going out, especially during the rainy season.
  • It is recommended to book your tickets for Eltham Palace well in advance as the demand for visitors is very high, and you may experience huge crowds at the ticket counters of the palace.
  • You should always plan your day as there are many gardens and art galleries to see. If everything is planned in advance, you can save time.
  • Since the weather can change rapidly, you should always pack essentials.
  • The place is quite photogenic, so don’t forget to click some amazing pictures on your trip here.

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