Offline entertainment apps for those on the road

Offline entertainment apps

What to do on a long journey? If your favorite playlists and podcasts are listened to, the views outside the window are studied, and the book is read – take our ideas! Here are seven useful (and not so useful) apps to help you distract, entertain, and focus. And they all work without the internet. Offline entertainment apps

Travel book

iOS  | Website

A great app to keep you on your travels even for a second. And no, this is not just another “reading room”, but a whole piggy bank of steep panoramic views of popular cities and famous sights that constantly fall into must-see lists.

On the main page here (as you might have already guessed) is a book. Swipe – you turn the page. Tap – you get into the 360 ​​catalogs. And then there is a bird’s-eye view of Lake Baikal, a panorama of New York, and the streets of Barcelona – a class! 


iOS  | Android 

The road is the best time to delve into yourself – especially when you are imprisoned for 8+ hours on a train, bus, or plane. It’s time to use the Headspace app, which contains short sessions on meditation and mindfulness on various topics. The voice from the headphones will help you cope with stress, focus on the problem, and feel better. True, only if you download it in advance (you need to save the video before the trip).

The application is completely in English. And it works by subscription. But you can get a free trial period – it will definitely be enough for one trip.


iOS  | Android

Knowledge of languages ​​will definitely come in handy on your journey. So don’t waste your time!

With Drops, you can learn words and useful phrases. There is even a section with expressions that are needed for travel. The app also has a nice design and a cool system. True, in the free version only 5 minutes of exercise are available every day. But if you subscribe, you can endlessly swipe and learn new words.

Monument Valley

iOS  | Android

The game is a journey through an incredibly interesting virtual world. Your goal is to guide the silent princess through unusual buildings, revealing hidden paths and the boundlessness of architecture and geometry.

The game is available online and offline. Formally, the version is paid, but for Apple One and Google Play Pass subscribers, access is free.


iOS  | Android

One of the best book apps with both electronic and audio versions in English and other languages. There are already more than 125,000 stories in the piggy bank – just enough for several (tens) years of travel.

Access to all books can be connected only by subscription. But it is convenient with it – complete freedom of action and the ability to download books to read (and listen to) them offline.


iOS  | Android

If you want something more relevant, catch this app. Stitcher is a piggy bank of podcasts. From all over the world, on any topic, with cool guests – and all for free. There is, of course, the Premium option “with exclusives from the best hosts and no ads”, but at the start, the basic version will be enough.

Podcasts, like books from the previous application, can be downloaded to your phone in advance and listened to on the go.

Mini metro

iOS  | Android

We are sure you would never have thought to download this game, but it can really be very addictive. 

Its meaning is that you have a chance to make the life of the people of the virtual metropolis comfortable. On you – all the metro, which is developing along with how the city is developing. You will draw lines between stations, start trains, open new stops and make the city move. You will almost become an urbanist!

Above were the most useful Offline entertainment apps.

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