Israel: How To Travel Cheap In An Expensive Country


Israel: A country where you will find everything – from the tropics to the snow. Promised land. A place that beckons with its history, strength, danger, places of God’s sacrament and omnipotence. The modern world is in the middle between old Europe and rich Asia. How to discover this place and see everything, everything, spending nothing at all, we learn in this article. But most importantly, we do it in Jewish way …. We save as much as possible.


It is known that the lion’s share of the budget of any trip is occupied by travel expenses. Flights, trips, transport between objects. A plane ticket to Israel is also not cheap. Today, a round-trip ticket from Kiev to Tel Aviv will cost you $ 200 to $ 500 per person. But here, too, the main economy begins. After all, you can fly not from Boryspil and not directly. If you book tickets for two months on the route “Lviv-Istanbul-Tel Aviv” you can save up to 50%. It is the flight through Turkey that will make your trip much cheaper.

In general, the more you plan the route yourself, the more money you can save. The main advice for a tourist is to think everything over in advance. And the last thing about the flight – get ready for a thorough examination of your belongings, clearly and honestly answer questions about the purpose of arrival in the country. When packing your suitcases, do not take the superfluous and suspicious. After all, the security system at Israel’s airports is at the highest level and is always ready to meet with terrorists. Keep this in mind.

Where to stay

There are a lot of options here. Of course, first of all, these are hotels . Do not rush to settle on an all-inclusive basis. And you won’t even like boarding houses. Take breakfast only. Indeed, in hotels in Israel, the cuisine is very peculiar. And it is very difficult to eat constantly kosher food every day, believe me. It is best to try eating at food service locations . This way you can taste different dishes. And you will find out that Israelis love Arabic cuisine. Or, alternatively, look for a hotel with European cuisine. But check this in advance. Also there are hostels in Israel… There will be no problems with this either. Here you can hear Russian everywhere, and everyone speaks English. Therefore, be sure to bargain. The average price per bed is 15-25 euros. If you are traveling with a company, you can rent an apartment. Price per day up to 1000 hryvnia.


There are a lot of free excursions in this country. For example, see the Israeli Knesset (parliament). You can go here for free, you can also have a cheap snack in the buffet, see the offices of officials and the synagogue. For 50 shekels (300 hryvnia), you can go to the museum and see the originals of paintings by Picasso and Dali. By the way, the Israel Museum is in the top 10 museums in the world. There are also various promotional offers for tourists, for example, 3 excursions for the price of 2! Agree, you will not go wrong.

Internal movements within the country

Israel has a very convenient transport interchange. In three hours you can get from one end of the country to the other. The road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is just one hour. You can also rent a bike or car. But you will need a credit card to inquire about you. But for 7 shekels (40 hryvnia), you can travel for an hour and a half by public transport. Keep in mind that on Shabbat only a taxi driver will give you a lift, and even then for a triple price. Therefore, do not plan to travel during this time. Israel freezes on Shabbat.


Better to buy on the eve of Shabbat (Friday night) and from the Arabs. You can easily find these markets. Haggle is the main rule. At the same time, do not knock down the price by a dollar or two, but name the real price for which you would take the goods. Of course, a trip to a diamond factory cannot be called economical. But it is also worth visiting here.

Little things

Before going on excursions, ask what you will need to have with you. For example, a shirt and shawl for swimming in the Jordan River. Trust me, you’d rather buy this in advance than pay triple the price on the spot. Prepare rubber slippers for the sea. Before traveling to holy places – stock up on candles.

And finally – Israel will open up a new world for you. There is everything here: pilgrimage, seas, recreation, parties, medicine, excursions, hotels and interesting views …. Do not limit yourself to 5-7 days. You need to go here for at least a month and at most for a lifetime. After all, this is heaven on earth.

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