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One of India’s less-trumpeted tourist secrets is the marvels of the tiny port town of Daman, an emerald gem set along the western coast, overlooking the waters of the might Arabian Sea. If you really want to get a feel of its pristine beauty and savor its healing serenity and solitude, avoid the crush of the weekends, and just hunker down on the beach under the shadows of the casuarinas swaying gently to the rhythm of the sea breezes. Things to do in Daman.

Daman is, for the discerning visitor, a feast for its painterly qualities, dramatic forts, old churches, stunning sunrises, and sensuous sunsets, and those heavenly seascapes. A dreamy world of pastoral delights, and sea-embroidered beachheads, with the promise of endless days of sun and sand. Daman is a laidback mini-Goa without the froth and frills of its racier older colonial brother.

The Forts

Rearing up against the skyline, facing each other across the boisterous waters of the Daman Ganga estuary are two magnificent forts—the Moti Daman Fort and the Nani Daman Fort which offer quick and easy access to Daman’s top tourist attractions – its beaches and churches, its gardens and markets, deeply reflecting the cultural and architectural mosaic of the cross-cultural legacies of the past. Standing sentinel for centuries is the lofty lighthouse from the days of Portuguese rule.

Devka Beach and Garden

The primary tourist attraction in this seaside town, Devka Beach, in Nani Daman, becomes a hive of hectic activity, particularly during the weekends and holiday season. Stretching over an expanse of 3 km the promenade is punctuated by scores of hotels, bars, restaurants, and wine shops.

Jampore Beach

Sequestered in the tranquil reaches of Moti Daman the beach is approached by tree-lined avenues winding through swathes of lush verdure. Less frequented by the tourist hordes, it offers a lovely laid back experience of sea and sand in solitude.

The Jetty

The seafaring days of this old port town are beautifully recollected by the busy jetty at Nani Daman, once lined with sailing ships from European shores and Arabian dhows, which even now provides excellent photos even for the amateur photographer.

The Gardens

Visitors to Daman can enjoy leisure time both by the sea and in the lush countryside. There some beautifully swathes of landscaped verdure punctuated by fountains and even water bodies where you may relax amidst the foliage, enjoy a snack or enjoy a boat ride or a thrilling water slide.

The Churches

The colonial-days churches and chapels scattered around Daman are reputed to offer some of the finest elements of Portuguese craftsmanship in Asia. Visitors who come to this seaside resort will find it really worth their while to take time out from their beachside preoccupations and explore some of the best ones.

The Festivals

Festivals offer visitors to Daman an excellent opportunity to enjoy its cross-cultural heritage. Song and dance, spiritual rituals, and economic needs are beautifully showcased in a euphoric display of fun and frolic during festivals such as Nariyal Poornima and Christmas, two of Damans’s most important festivals.

Daman is easy accessibility (just 192 km from Mumbai) made it a popular weekend hideaway for weary pleasure-seeking city dwellers from Maharashtra and Gujarat. The fact that booze flowed easy and cheap here next door to ‘dry Gujarat’ made it even more alluring for those missing their tipple—reason enough for scores of bars that sprang up by the beachside.

But it’s not just the sea and sand and the sunshine which is a magnet for visitors—history buffs and archaeological enthusiasts to find Daman a mine of treasured discoveries. Located north of Mumbai it falls along with one of the densest industrial belts in the country, yet it has remained a sheltered haven of peace and solitude by its waterfront. From its splendid centuries-old forts to its pretty churches and chapels, from its crowded jetty to its lazy bazaars, Daman rings with its historical nuances, offering us an alluring peek into India’s coastal past, even as it strides along the highways of today beckoning new investors with development plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Daman

Q. What is the best time to visit Daman?

A. October to march is the best time to visit as, during this season the weather remains quite pleasant throughout the year, thus, making sightseeing, and outdoor activities even more enjoyable.

Q. Which are the best places to see in Daman?

A. Jampore beach, Devka Beach, Jain Temple, Nani Fort, and Moti Fort are some of the best places to visit.

Q. What are the best things to buy in Daman?

A. Handicrafts, apparels, leather products, and souvenirs are some of the best things to buy.

Q. What is Silvassa famous for?

A. Out of the many things, Silvassa serves as the capital of Dadra & Nagar Haveli, another Union Territory near Daman. It is famous for its greenery, exotic resorts, industries and tax – free alcohol.

Q. How far is Daman from Vapi?

A. The distance between Daman & Vapi is 13 km by road and 7 km by air. The only way connecting the 2 places is road transportation, which takes roughly 20 minutes.

Q. Which language is popular in Daman?

A. Gujarati is the most popular language and is most widely spoken.

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