Cubbon Park – A Green View Amidst The Bouquet

Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park, a green view amidst the bouquet, is a must-see tourist attraction in the IT city of Bangalore. The park, with a thriving ecosystem with over 6000 trees, is considered only as of the ‘lung’ of the city. Apart from being home to many views of the vibrant flora and birdlife, Cubbon Park is also where you will find the most attractive structures of the city, including Attara Kacheri, Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, and the Grand Archaeological Museum.

These buildings are a repository of preserved historical and archaeological specimens, touching a turning point of the country’s past. The inside of these museums is as pleasant as foliage through the pages of history as it is a leisurely stroll or stroll in the park along the picturesque tree-lined walkway. The park has another attraction that tourists of every nature are bound to enjoy – the huge Cubbon Park Aquarium, also known as the Bangalore Aquarium.

Amidst the diversity of vibrant water life in this aquarium, you can find predators such as the majestic-looking Siamese Fighting Fish, a variety of gourd, red tail sharks. It is absolutely captivating to walk inside the aquarium as if you have stepped inside the ocean’s aquamarine belly – definitely a great attraction for nature enthusiasts!

Cubbon Park should be the first place on your sightseeing tour in Bangalore, especially if you are in the company of children. For the entertainment of the children, the park has a toy-train track which is passing. There is a biofuel-driven locomotive on the line every 10–20 minutes, ready to give visitors a memorable pleasure!

Cubbon Park | The architecture

The Greco-Roman, classical and neoclassical structures found in the plush buildings of Cubbon Park are photogenically attractive and go back to an era. Secreted behind rows of trees, these buildings are some of the most precious findings you can make inside the park complex. Many heritage walking tours are conducted by the students of the School of Architecture in Bangalore and many other groups provide an expert on-going commentary on the history and style of these iconic Bangalore buildings.

Buildings of architectural importance that you must see inside Cubbon Park – State Central Library, Attara Kacheri – High Court, State Archaeological Museum, Band Stand, Venkatappa Art Gallery, and Aquarium. All these have distinctive features reflecting the distant colonial past of Bangalore city. Take in the Corinthian columns of the red-brick high court, showcasing the integral Gothic style of architecture close to the park’s entrance.

A similar design is the museum building, both painted in deep red. Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall is a building gable located in the middle of the park or a red-colored building with European sloping roofs. The pillars feature Tuscan or Corinthian architecture. Before building these buildings read the plaque explaining the history and heritage of the monuments. If you are particularly interested in buildings, visit the park once sunny, when the outer halls are illuminated, creating an esoteric drama of light and shadow.

How to Reach

From the airport: Airport and MG Road or Kasturba Road. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from the airport to Kasturba Road. The closest access points to the park are the Hudson Circle, Ambedkar Vaidehi, and the State Central Library.


Luxurious Buildings and Monuments– An integral part of the park since its foundation, are some historic buildings. These monuments are exemplary of European architecture, due to India’s colonial past. You will find the state’s largest public library at Cubbon Park in Iyer Hall, famous for its extensive collection of broiler books. The Venkatappa Art Gallery is another spectacular part of the park where people like to spend time learning and contemplating the works of one of the finest Indian painters.

Other notable buildings on the list are the YMCA House, State Youth Center Building, Century Club, Press Club, Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Tennis Pavilion, Ottawa Chatter, and Cheshire Dyer Memorial Hall. The largest red-brick high court or attara kacheri building at the entrance of the park is another one not to be missed!

Botanical Assets– The Department of Horticulture reports the existence of six thousand types of plants and trees indigenous and other species for the care of plants inside the garden complex. Some of the recently added exotic flora-life to the park are Indian Rose Chestnut, Bakula, Peepal Ashoka, and Khadira trees.

Cubbon Park Aquarium– It is one of the largest aquariums in the country, which is home to a variety of exotic fish. The first floor has 14 sealing floor tanks to shelter varieties of freshwater and marine species, while on the second floor you will find around 69 tanks with various arable fish as well as aquatic flora.

Toy Train (Putani Express) – It is a favorite of children. The locomotive spans the tracks at the periphery of the park, taking you through the greenery, waterfalls, and majestic heritage buildings.

Jawahar Bal Bhavan Amusement Park– Perfect venue for children’s day, Jawahar Bal Bhavan is a much-loved theme park. Come on board for a ride on the cheerful colorful toy train locomotive with your little ones, tour the Dolls Museum, boating in the lake, try horse riding with your children and let them enjoy the swings.

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