Beautiful beaches in Italy

Beautiful beaches in Italy
Beautiful beaches in Italy

Beautiful beaches in Italy: Have you been to Capri and fallen in love with its beaches? Well, we agree—but this is only the beginning. Italy has 4,723 miles of coastline, dotted with some of the most beautiful beaches and seaside towns in the entire world. Imagine white sand, limestone cliffs, and the bluest, clearest water imaginable. It’s hard to choose which beaches are the prettiest, but we’ve narrowed it down to this list. From Sicily to Sardinia, and everywhere in between, here are 17 of the best beaches in Italy.

7 most beautiful beaches in Italy

  1. Cefalu, Sicily

Many people can’t decide between the Sicily beach resorts of Taormina and Cefalu, but the latter has a charm that makes it all the more attractive. It is not as developed as the previous one, although you will still find it attractive in summer. Cefalu makes up for the lack of comparable restaurants with great sights like the Norman Duomo and streets lined with medieval buildings.

  1. Sant’Andrea, Elba, Tuscany

Elba Island boasts an impressive number of beautiful beaches, but only Sant’Andrea offers the splendor of white sandy shores, seclusion, and water adventures in the perfect combination. You will find fewer crowds in this less popular area, and a natural rocky barrier keeps the water shallow enough from the shore to keep children safe. The beach also offers ideal conditions for diving and windsurfing.

  1. Torre Guacheto, Brindisi

Italy has no shortage of beaches, but it’s hard to find a beach that isn’t teeming with people and ridiculous tourist attractions that tend to minimize the enjoyment of a beach holiday. That’s why Torre Guaceto, a nature reserve, is a great place. There are practically no kitsch restaurants and shops selling cheap knick-knacks in this area. Instead, you can relax and enjoy the purest waters and sands in their truest form.

  1. Ancio, Lazio

Romans flock to this beach town every summer. This is not surprising given how sparkling blue the water is. The only drawback is that in summer it can be very expensive and packed. Get ready for it.

  1. San Fruttuoso, Liguria

Isolated and unique, the hidden cove of San fruttuoso is a sight to behold if you can get there. It is completely surrounded by steep mountains and water and can only be reached on foot or by boat. If you are looking for privacy, you will definitely find it here. You’ll also find a wonderful stone Benedictine monastery and a bronze statue that starts 15 feet underwater, known as the Christ of the Abyss.

  1. Vasto, Abruzzo

The tiny town of Vasto is nestled in one of Italy’s least affected areas and still retains a sense of peace that’s hard to find on the country’s beaches. A little further down the road is another popular spot you can visit, the lighthouse at Punta Penna Beach.

  1. Rena di Levante, Capo Testa, Sardinia

A line of rocky bays creates a unique view, framing the perfect white beaches and azure waters of Rena di Levante Beach. Some think they look like Roman columns built by nature, and we tend to agree. The area was once home to the Roman colony of Tibula and you can still see the remnants of the roads they used along with a more modern variety while you are absorbed in the rays.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches in Italy

Q. Where are the best beaches in Italy?

A – It’s hard to choose which beaches are the prettiest, but we’ve narrowed it down to this list. From Sicily to Sardinia, and everywhere in between, here are 17 of the best beaches in Italy.

Q. Which is the best beach in Italy?

A –

  • Forno Beach, Elba Island, Tuscany. Elba. ,
  • Levanto, Western Cinque Terre, Liguria. ,
  • Cefalu is long and winding sand in Sicily. ,
  • Aquaviva is one of the best Elba beaches in Italy. ,
  • Fornillo Spiaggia, Positano, Amalfi Coast. ,
  • Tonara di Scopelo, Western Sicily. ,
  • La Guardia, Elba, Tuscany. ,
  • Sant’Andrea, Elba, Tuscany.

Q. Which side of Italy has the better beaches?

A – On the southern coast of Sardinia, not far from Cagliari, Chia Beach is regarded by many as the best beach in Italy. Backed by sand dunes and juniper trees, the beach is sheltered from the wind and is popular with locals and surfers alike. The water here is an incredible shade of turquoise and the sand is golden.

Q. Which Italian island has the best beaches?

A – Sardinia is Italy’s second-largest island and is packed with equal treasures. It is arguably the number one destination for beach bums due to its abundance of incredible sandy beaches and spectacular coastal views.

Q. Are there sandy beaches in Italy?

A – Counting all of its offshore islands and squiggly indentations, Italy’s coastline stretches for 7600 km from the sheer cliffs of the Cinque Terre, through the brush resorts of Rimini to the Bijou Islands in the Bay of Naples and the sandy shores of Puglia.

Q. Where is the hot water in Italy?

A – The hottest water in Italy today is recorded at Marina di Modica. Its value at this place is 61°F. And the coldest is in Orta San Giulio, at 53°F.

Q. Can you swim in the sea in Italy?

A – If you’re visiting Italy in the summer, the sea becomes suitably warm for swimming, regularly reaching 81 degrees Fahrenheit. On the Amalfi Coast, several villages offer swimming spots. The stretch between Amalfi and Positano attracts beach-goers. Positano has two public beaches near the city.

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