World’s most unusual museums to visit

World's most unusual museums to visit
World’s most unusual museums to visit

World’s most unusual museums to visit: A trip to one or two museums is almost a must for urban tourism, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for art masterpieces or ancient artifacts. If you like something out of the ordinary, you may find this selection of the most unique and unusual museums around the world.

6 of the world’s most unusual museums to visit

  1. International Museum of Cryptozoology: Maine, USA

There is no better place to start this list than cryptozoology – the search for and study of animals whose existence is in question. This quirky, one-of-a-kind museum features a wide variety of folkloric creatures, from Bigfoot or Bigfoot to the Fijian Sea Maiden. The collection boasts many life-size models, alleged hair samples, and footprint casts, as well as a range of artifacts and memorabilia to look at.

  1. Museum of Broken Relationships: Zagreb, Croatia

While a broken relationship may seem like a dubious development for a museum, this creative art project has become hugely popular since its inception in 2006. It consists of a variety of mementos donated by anonymous members, each accompanied by a heartbreak story. The exhibits are very diverse: from letters, drawings, and plush toys to an ax that was used to destroy the furniture of a cheating partner. The museum’s creators came up with the idea after their own breakup.

  1. Cat Cabinet: Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re more of a cat lover, you’ll love this unusual museum. This historic building next to the Herengracht canal specializes in cat-themed art and is filled with paintings, posters, and sculptures depicting our furry friends. It was created in memory of the founder’s own cat named J.P. Morgan, and the museum has a section dedicated to him. The best part is that the museum is home to five cats that roam the galleries and corridors and enjoy being petted by visitors.

  1. Underwater Art Museum: Cancun, Mexico

This breathtaking and beautiful museum is located deep in the turquoise waters surrounding Cancun and Isla Mujeres, within Mexico’s National Marine Park. More than 500 sculptures are installed on the seabed and serve as artificial reefs, promoting coral growth and attracting marine life. The statues are designed to explore how humans interact with the environment in both positive and negative ways, contributing to the conservation of the marine environment and counteracting climate change. This gallery can be explored while scuba diving, snorkeling, or on glass-bottom boat tours.

  1. Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures: Paris, France

The world’s only vampire museum is the passion of vampire scholar and translator Bram Stoker, Jacques Sirgent. Behind its scarlet entrance, you’ll find all sorts of vampire-related paraphernalia, including ancient texts, a stuffed vampire bat, pop culture items, and a 19th-century vampire defense kit. Sirgent will be happy to tell you all the details and share his extensive knowledge on the subject. Please note that as this is a private museum, visits must be booked online in advance.

  1. Collar Museum: Kent, England

This unique museum, located in the majestic Leeds Castle in Kent, is entirely dedicated to dog collars. More than 130 rare and valuable dog accessories are exhibited here, including those dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. There are bulky spiked metal collars designed to protect dogs from bears and wolves, as well as ornate silver and gold collars from the Baroque and 19th centuries. The collection also includes some modern representatives, in case you are looking for inspiration for a collar for your own puppy.

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