Exotic hotels in Europe

Exotic hotels in Europe
Exotic hotels in Europe

Exotic hotels in Europe: Europe is full of unusual holiday destinations. If you’re looking to try something new after the pandemic, then you’ve come to the right place. From sleeping underwater to having breakfast by a volcano, here are some of the continent’s most impressive vacation spots.

The 5 most exotic hotels in Europe

  1. At Mount Etna – Villa Neri Resort & Spa, Italy

This hotel is owned by a family that has lived for generations next to one of Europe’s largest volcanoes. Surprisingly, the hotel looks very stylish, and in general is not very different from others, despite its proximity to an active volcano. Guests can stay in one of 24 luxury villas with a restaurant and spa.

The hotel guests are close enough to the volcano to admire its ferocious beauty, but also far enough to feel as safe as a person in such a place can be. In addition, visitors can taste wine and olives freshly grown on landmarked with the special Etna DOC label.

  1. Sleep underground in silver mines – Sala Silvergrove, Sweden

This old silver mine has been a tourist destination since its closure in the 1950s. People who are not completely satisfied with a tour of the cave expanses may be given the rare opportunity to stay in the mine’s only hotel room.

  1. Geothermal springs at the foot of a snow-covered mountain – Frost and Fire Hotel, Iceland

This Scandinavian resort was built along geothermal springs leading up to the stunning Reykjafel mountain. Radiating heat, the springs are used to create outdoor spas, and even contribute to the creation of some restaurant dishes. And all this miracle is just a 30-minute drive from the capital of the country, Reykjavik.

  1. Underwater mirages on the lake – Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden

As you approach your destination, you will see only a small Swedish house on the surface of the water, but at a depth of three meters, there is a bedroom with two beds and large glass windows. Here guests sleep surrounded by fish that live in the lake.

  1. Ice palace – Ice Balea Lake Hotel, Romania

Since 2005, every winter has been a busy time for people living near Lake Balea in Romania due to the annual construction of the famous Ice Balea Lake Hotel.

Guests are greeted in ice rooms and igloos set on a frozen lake, warm with heavy blankets and plenty of warm drinks from the hotel’s ice bar.

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