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Ukrainian Museums Worth Following on Instagram

Ukrainian Museums Worth Following on Instagram: We fill the ribbons with art and history in order to get in touch with beauty even at lockdown. A small rural museum, an impressive collection of world art, or a huge sculpture park – this is a selection for every taste.

Parkhomovskiy Art Museum. Luneva 


We have already talked about the art museum in the village of Parkhomovka, Kharkiv region, which houses an amazing collection of works of art: the works of Taras Shevchenko, Repin with Shishkin, Kandinsky, Picasso, Malevich, Nadya Leger, Aivazovsky, and a bunch of famous masters. If you still can’t get to the museum (the light is really not close), we recommend at least subscribing to it on Instagram. The museum conducts its account very diligently: on the page, you can view some of the exhibits, read their history, or order nice merch.

Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Korsakov 


The Korsakov Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art is worthy of a special trip to Lutsk. In the exhibition space, which is located on the territory of the cultural and entertainment center “Adrenaline City”, you can see about 800 works of Ukrainian authors – and get a fairly complete picture of local art at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. Three thousand square meters of museum space is occupied by paintings, graphic works, sculptures, installations, and video art. It is convenient to follow the poster of exhibitions and other events on the museum’s Instagram.

Historical and Memorial Museum of Mikhail Hrushevsky


The museum of one of the most important historical characters of Ukraine is located on the pleasant Pankovskaya street in Kyiv. The coolest thing is to get here for one of the events of the series “Kavovi History” – there, in a relaxed atmosphere, you will hear stories about the life of Mikhail Hrushevsky. It is worth poking at following at least in order not to miss the next announcement. And besides the poster, interesting historical facts are periodically posted on the museum’s page.

National Art Museum of Ukraine


The National Art Museum of Ukraine (aka NAMU), which has undergone a large-scale rebranding and reconstruction, recently finally opened its doors again to all who yearn for beauty. If, due to the new work schedule,  you cannot have time to wander the halls in a relaxed mode, go to the museum at least online. On Instagram, you will find fascinating posts about some of the objects from the museum’s collection, facts from its history, and, of course, announcements of all important events. Ukrainian Museums



Technically PARK3020 is not really a museum, but who cares about convention if the place is so beautiful. A huge territory, over which hefty sculptures are generously scattered – here you can wander for a long time among the cool public art and slowly expand the boundaries of the usual. In general, feel free to add PARK3020 to your route in the Lviv region (registration is required to visit). Or at least take a look at the works of modern Ukrainian sculpture in the photo – it is still impressive.

Khanenko Museum


The Khanenko Museum in Kyiv is the largest collection of world art in Ukraine. Museum staff constantly come up with something like that: they will unite with the animal shelter and arrange an exhibition about cats and dogs, then organize some kind of lecture, or stir up Halloween. To keep abreast of all the movement, it is worth following their bouncy Instagram.

Bonus: @museumsofukraine  

If suddenly this collection is not enough for you, check out the @museumsofukraine account – here they collect cards from all museum institutions in Ukraine at once. You will definitely find a couple of travel ideas!

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